Tuesday, March 22nd 2016 - 01:40 UTC

Obama and Castro agree to disagree, but determined to advance in “a new day”

“This is a new day,” Obama said, standing alongside Castro after their meeting at Havana's Palace of the Revolution.

Cuban President Raul Castro directly challenged President Obama on the heels of their historic meeting in Havana on Monday to lift more restrictions on the island and return land used for the U.S. naval base at Guantanamo Bay – as the visiting U.S. president, in turn, chided the Cuban government on democracy and human rights

Tuesday, March 22nd 2016 - 01:35 UTC

“Give me the name of a political prisoner, he will be released before tonight” Castro challenges US reporter

“Please give me the name of a political prisoner,” Castro said repeatedly, with President Barack Obama standing by his side.

Cuban President Raúl Castro sparred with US reporters on Monday over Cuba’s human-rights record, saying at one point that it was not fair to ask about prisoners in general and at another point that he would release by the end of the day anyone named as a political prisoner by a reporter.

Monday, March 14th 2016 - 23:36 UTC

Argentina not planning a trade deal with the US, “it's a joint task for Mercosur”

“Mercosur as such could advance on this kind of trade deal, and we're talking about it but the reading of the talks is so say the least, hasty”, said Malcorra

It would be 'hasty' to consider that Argentina is ready to sign a trade agreement with the United States, but in any case the issue must be addressed by Mercosur, and it's the whole group that should advance in that direction, said Argentina's foreign minister Susana Malcorra.

Monday, March 14th 2016 - 11:35 UTC

Falklands experiences steady growth in cruise visitors and leisure tourists

Tony Mason said the industry will continue to grow as the Falklands has made strategic investments with relevant partners around the world to ensure sustainability.

By Joshua Peck - The number of cruise passengers visiting the Falkland Islands is projected to increase for the third season in a row. Each tourist season, lasting from October to March, sees numerous cruise vessels arrive in the Falklands, with passengers typically disembarking for a single day onshore. The last cruise vessel for the current season is scheduled to arrive on 31st March.

Monday, March 14th 2016 - 11:33 UTC

Argentina's February inflation 4.8%; minister anticipates 1% during second quarter

Renewal Front lawmaker Marco Lavagna warned the latest hikes on electricity bills had “an important role” representing two points of the index.

February’s inflation in Argentina reached 4.8% and has accumulated 33.9% in the last twelve months, according to the so called “congressional inflation index” released laast week. But Finance minister Alfonso Prat-Gay from Chile anticipated that consumer prices will fall to nearly 1% during the second quarter.

Sunday, March 13th 2016 - 23:17 UTC

Mercosur/EU will exchange trade proposals in April, is announced in Argentina

“We are working hard in the EU and Mercosur for a positive exchange of offers to happen in April. It’s an ambitious but realistic goal”, Mogherini said

Mercosur and the European Union will exchange trade proposals in April, a key step for the long delayed trade and cooperation agreement between the two blocks and which has gained strength since the change of administration in Argentina with president Mauricio Macri.

Sunday, March 13th 2016 - 22:49 UTC

Argentina's government release of 2015 fiscal results triggers strong controversy

The Macri government said that 291 billion pesos were registered as 2015 deficit, 1.6 percentage points more of GDP when compared to the 3.8% of GDP in 2014.

Argentina's Finance Ministry finally released its fiscal results for the 2015 period, which showed a deficit amounting to more than 5% of GDP. The figure is likely to be subject to much controversy and discussion, as the government of president Mauricio Macri introduced new methodology to calculate its figures.

Sunday, March 13th 2016 - 22:40 UTC

Oil at US$ 67 in Argentina has all the Majors converging

With the crash in prices since mid-2014, the effect of the regulation has reversed: motorists are now effectively subsidizing the oil industry.

By Nick Cunningham of

Argentina offers one of the few places on earth where oil companies are not suffering from the full force of the collapse in prices. Argentina regulates oil prices, a policy originally intended to insulate the public from the whims of the market, protecting people from triple-digit crude prices. But with the crash in prices since mid-2014, the effect of the regulation has reversed: motorists are now effectively subsidizing the oil industry.

Sunday, March 13th 2016 - 16:50 UTC

Brazil's largest party agrees that if Rousseff is forced out, Temer will replace her

The party also re-elected as its leader Vice President Michel Temer, the man who would take over as president if Rousseff is forced out.

Brazil's largest political party and decisive member of the ruling coalition said on Saturday it will take 30 days to decide whether to break with President Dilma Rousseff as she faces an impeachment battle. Calls within the Brazilian Democratic Movement Party, PMDB, to ditch the coalition have been growing as Rousseff faces a bruising recession, a spiraling corruption scandal and a probe of alleged electoral violations, as well as possible impeachment.

Saturday, March 12th 2016 - 07:21 UTC

France's Total ready to begin drilling offshore Uruguay: risky project but it could be AN ”elephant''

Uruguay’s offshore potential has triggered a spurt of deal-making in recent months even as benchmark oil prices trade at 12-year lows.

France’s Total SA announced it is preparing to begin drilling one of its most important offshore exploration wells in the Americas this year as it hunts for a giant oil field in Uruguayan waters. A discovery could extend an exploration boom in a country that currently imports all of its oil and gas needs.


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