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Montevideo, February 20th 2018 - 14:02 UTC

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  • Monday, February 12th 2018 - 13:18 UTC

    Climate change is increasingly notorious and alarming

    According to the World Bank, the losses linked to natural disasters will amount to 520 billion dollars a year and will drag 26 million people into poverty annually.

    The global climate perspective is darkened by a climate change that has accelerated in recent years and is becoming increasingly difficult to reverse. The ambitious temperature limits established in the Paris agreement are about to be overcome. Among its consequences, it is revealed that at least 26 million people will be dragged into poverty annually due to climatic causes and the retreat of the ice in the poles and mountain glaciers accelerates exponentially.

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  • Saturday, February 10th 2018 - 09:26 UTC

    New British ambassador presents Letter or Credentials to President Maduro

    Ambassador Andrew Soper and presidente Nicolas Maduro at the Miraflores Palace

    The British Ambassador to Venezuela, Andrew Soper, presented his Letter of Credentials to President Nicolás Maduro during a ceremony at the Miraflores Presidential Palace in Caracas.

  • Saturday, February 3rd 2018 - 16:31 UTC

    Venezuelan police radio recording reveals that Oscar Pérez would have surrendered before dying

    The audio reveals that the rebel pilot and his group negotiated their surrender with the Commander in charge of the capture. However, 3 hours later were all dead.

    In audio filtered to Univisión (1), the radio transmission among the Venezuelan police forces that participated on the morning of January 15 in the capture operation against a revolt pilot Óscar Pérez and six of his companions carried out outside of Caracas is revealed. In the revealed material, the commander of the operation, Major of the National Guard Rafael Bastardo confirms his surrender.

  • Monday, January 22nd 2018 - 20:35 UTC

    VIDEOS - Clashes between protesters and officials in Venezuela

    The clashes continued during the afternoon between the Bolivarian National Guard and hooded demonstrators. Photo: Vanessa Tarantino

    Security officials are dispersing with pellets and tear gas opposition concentration in front of the Central University of Venezuela in Caracas, after the opposition convened a peaceful demonstration in protest against the government. So far at least 3 people have been injured by pellets in the confrontation. The protesters were refuging at the University and erected barricades in the street, facing with stones and molotovs the officials while they shoot and throw tear gas bombs inside the university headquarters, according to ReporteYA

  • Monday, January 15th 2018 - 21:08 UTC

    Venezuelan rebels killed in operative against Oscar Pérez

     Oscar Pérez led a group of rebels of the Venezuelan armed forces since last year, when he flew over Caracas in a helicopter of the Bolivarian police intelligence  firing on the interior ministry

    An operation started at dawn on Monday in El Junquito, Caracas left 2 police and an undetermined number of dead rebels, the government announced. From his social networks, Oscar Perez, bloody and with detonations in the background, repeatedly reported on video that although he and his team had already surrendered, they did not stop receiving shots, missiles and grenades in the house where they were hiding.

  • Thursday, June 29th 2017 - 01:41 UTC

    Mystery police helicopter pilot jumps into the limelight in Venezuela... and vanishes

    Oscar Pérez reads a statement alongside his fellow “nationalist” men.

    It is still unclear whether Oscar Perez is either a revolutionary officer standing up against Nicolás Maduro's régime or part of a government-sponsored montage as he drops grenades onto the Supreme Court building from his hijacked helicopter and makes video announcements that he and his fellow “nationalist” men will defend their country.

  • Friday, February 20th 2015 - 03:54 UTC

    Maduro's agents arrest metropolitan Caracas mayor on charges of coup attempt

    “I just saw how they took Ledezma out of his office as if he were a dog,” twitted  legislator Ismael Garcia. “They broke down the doors without an arrest warrant.”

    Venezuelan intelligence agents arrested on Thursday opposition leader and Caracas metropolitan mayor Antonio Ledezma, witnesses said, after accusations he was involved in a coup attempt against President Nicolás Maduro.

  • Monday, April 7th 2014 - 06:21 UTC

    UN 'deep concern' over violence in Venezuela; supports people's right to protest peacefully

    For weeks protestors have camped outside UN offices in Caracas

    The United Nations office in Venezuela expressed deep concern over the “high human cost” of anti-government protests which have left 39 people dead during two months of unrest. Hundreds more have been detained or injured in clashes with security forces.

  • Tuesday, May 14th 2013 - 06:08 UTC

    Venezuela’s only opposition television network sold to a group close to the government

    The channel's editorial line will move towards the center in the interest of maintaining viewer ship and advertisers, said the new owners

    Globovision, Venezuela's only opposition television network which had a long history of clashes with the populist government of deceased President Hugo Chavez and his Bolivarian revolution, was sold Monday and will change its critical coverage, network officials said.
    “This channel already has been sold off,” the network's website said in a statement.

  • Thursday, March 7th 2013 - 07:17 UTC

    Hundreds of thousands turn out to honour President Hugo Chavez

    Mourners parade by the coffin of Chavez

    Hundreds of thousands of Hugo Chavez's supporters paraded his coffin draped in Venezuela’s blue, red and yellow national flag through the streets of Caracas on Wednesday in an emotional outpouring.

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