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Montevideo, March 23rd 2018 - 12:54 UTC

Tag: South Atlantic

  • Tuesday, March 13th 2018 - 09:03 UTC

    Canadian company develops all-natural calamari oil from squid

    FeelGood Omega-3 product, is an all-natural calamari oil sourced from Japanese flying squid, jumbo flying squid and South Atlantic short-fin squid

    Canadian company Dr. Dobias Natural Healing has acquired Friend of the Sea Certification for its FeelGood Omega-3 product, an all-natural calamari oil sourced from Japanese flying squid, jumbo flying squid and South Atlantic short-fin squid, fished in South East Pacific Ocean (FAO Area 87).

  • Monday, March 12th 2018 - 16:34 UTC

    Falkland Islands: It's Time for Adventure!

    The Falkland of the last great wilderness destinations on the planet, where your trip becomes an adventure. Four wheel drives are our mode of transport, and our little planes will take you to islands abundant with penguins, albatrosses and petrels that are there for you alone to discover and enjoy.

  • Tuesday, March 6th 2018 - 09:22 UTC

    Falklands' calamari fishery: vessels equipped with robust seal exclusion devices

    Castelo carried out a pre-recruitment survey of Loligo and reported that the seals which had caused problems last season no longer seemed to be present (Pic

    Falkland Islands Director of National Resources, John Barton, reported that after a slow start, fishery catches were beginning to pick up: trawlers had started operating and there were only a few jiggers still to collect their licenses.

  • Tuesday, March 6th 2018 - 09:10 UTC

    Drifting jigger towed outside the Falklands' Conservation zone

    The Taiwanese jigger on fire (Pic A. Miller/PN)

    The Taiwanese jigger Hung Shun 1 which on 24 February caught fire to the north of the Falkland Islands capital Stanley, last Sunday was towed outside the Islands Conservation zone. When the incident took place last month all 58 crew members were swiftly and safely evacuated to another fishing vessel Lung Soon Fa 1, which was in the area at that time.

  • Thursday, March 1st 2018 - 09:31 UTC

    Falklands: Spanish trawlers hope the Loligo season evolves with “no incidents”

    Last year the Loligo season around Beauchene island was cut short because of the high rate of accidental deaths with sea lions. Pic: .Lee Abbamonte

    Spanish trawlers involved in the Loligo squid catching season in the Falkland Islands are hoping that this year the operation will evolve with “no incidents”, recalling that the previous season was abruptly stopped because of accidental deaths of sea mammals caught in nets.

  • Tuesday, February 27th 2018 - 09:22 UTC

    Climate change will force King Penguins to move after food or face heavy losses

    For most colonies, the length of the summer trips by parents to get food will soon become so long that their offspring could starve while waiting

    Global warming is on track to wipe out 70% of the world's King penguins by century's end, putting the regal birds on a path towards extinction, researchers warned on Monday. As climate change drives away the fish and squid upon which the flightless creatures depend, the penguins must swim further afield to find sustenance for their hungry hatchlings on land.

  • Saturday, February 24th 2018 - 09:38 UTC

    Falklands issues public consultation for the oil industry

    FIG and MLA Roger Spink feel this is the right time to consult with Industry on oil taxation given the potential development opportunities in North Falklands Basin

    The Falkland Islands Government, FIG, has issued a public consultation document covering the taxation regime for oil companies operating in the Falkland Islands and their associated supply chain partners. This consultation will be open until Friday 6 April 2018 for responses from interested parties, which will be summarized and fed into final policy and legislative design later during 2018.

  • Friday, February 16th 2018 - 09:35 UTC

    Falklands angry with National Geographic; demands apology to the Islands and its people

    National Geographic images were taken for an article which could not have been produced without the explicit support of the Falkland Islands Government. Photo: Paul Nicklen / National Geographic

    Anger has been expressed in the Falkland Islands this week over a letter which was sent to the Argentine Governor of Tierra del Fuego, Rosana Bertone, by a representative of the National Geographic Foundation. The letter, dated February 8, contains an apology for the appearance of the label ‘Falkland Islands’ instead of ‘Malvinas Islands’ on photos published on Instagram, which were taken here.

  • Wednesday, February 14th 2018 - 10:04 UTC

    Falklands under the cone of a partial solar eclipse on Thursday

    When the moon passes from the orbit between the sun and the earth, the moon’s shadow appears over the sun. This phenomenon is called the solar eclipse.

    Everyone admired the rare phenomenon of the supermoon recently. Pictures of the lunar eclipse flooded the social media platforms. But for astronomy enthusiasts, there is another celestial event happening this week. On the 15th of February, a partial solar eclipse is going to take place. However, the celestial event will be seen over parts of Antarctica, southern parts of the Atlantic ocean and South America's Patagonia, including the Falkland Islands.

  • Thursday, February 8th 2018 - 11:21 UTC

    Busy cruise visitors week for Ushuaia: 20.000 landed during January

    Thursday will see the arrival of “Emerald Princess” with 3.000 visitors and 1.300 crew members. She is also on her third cruise calling Ushuaia this 2017/18 season.

    Ushuaia in the extreme south of Argentina is experiencing one of the busiest weeks of the current cruise season with six vessels and thousands of visitors calling at the capital of Tierra del Fuego. This includes the “Emerald Princess”, which is the largest to visit the End of the World city and will be completing its third call this season.