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Montevideo, July 23rd 2018 - 10:05 UTC


  • Saturday, August 12th 2017 - 07:59 UTC

    Century old English fruitcake found in Antarctica: could belong to Scott's expedition

    The delicacy, made by British cake makers Huntley and Palmers, was still wrapped in paper.

    New Zealand scientists have found a 'perfectly preserved' 106-year-old fruitcake in a remote Antarctic hut. The delicacy, made by British cake makers Huntley and Palmers, was still wrapped in paper and encased in the remains of a tin-plated iron alloy tin, the researchers at the Antarctic Heritage Trust in Christchurch said in a statement on Thursday.

  • Thursday, July 13th 2017 - 08:53 UTC

    Huge iceberg breaks free from the Antarctica Larsen C ice shelf

    Larsen C is about 1100 feet thick and rests at the edge of West Antarctica, blocking the glaciers that feed into it.

    An iceberg the size of Delaware has broken free from an Antarctic ice shelf, leaving the rest of the shelf vulnerable to collapse and serving as a harbinger of future sea-level rise that could pose a serious threat to coastal communities such as the Falkland Islands.

  • Wednesday, July 12th 2017 - 06:02 UTC

    British couple will make history this weekend when they marry at Antarctica's Rothera Station

    “Getting married in Antarctica feels like it was meant to be” said Ms Baum. “I love snowy mountains and spending time in amazing places with awesome people.”

    British couple will make history this weekend when they become the first to tie the knot in the British Antarctic Territory. Bride-to-be Julie Baum and her groom Tom Sylvester will take their vows at the icy cold Rothera Research Station, almost 2,000 miles south of the Falkland Islands.

  • Thursday, July 6th 2017 - 04:07 UTC

    Antarctica Larsen C ice shelf about to spawn huge berg. In pieces it could reach as far as Falklands

    While waiting for Sentinel-1 to record when this 6000 sq km iceberg is spawned, CryoSat can reveal what the berg’s measurements will be.

    Antarctica’s Larsen C ice shelf deep crack continues to cut across the ice, leaving a huge chunk clinging on. When it eventually gives way, one of the largest icebergs on record will be set adrift, and whole or in pieces, ocean currents could drag it north, even as far as the Falkland Islands. And if so it could pose a hazard for ships in Drake Passage.

  • Sunday, June 4th 2017 - 12:34 UTC

    South Georgia working with UN Environment program on terrestrial protected areas

    Developing a suite of Terrestrial Protected Areas was identified as a high priority in the 2016-2020 strategy and GSGSSI values working UNEP-WCMC

    The Government of South Georgia & the South Sandwich Islands (GSGSSI) has embarked on an exciting new collaboration with the United Nations Environment Program World Conservation Monitoring Centre (UNEP-WCMC) to develop a series of protected areas for South Georgia & the South Sandwich Islands.

  • Thursday, June 1st 2017 - 20:57 UTC

    Antarctica largest iceberg ever, ready to break off from the Larsen C ice shelf

    The crack now has just 8 miles to go before an iceberg roughly the size of the state of Delaware breaks free into the Southern Ocean.

    The long-growing crack in the Larsen C ice shelf, one of Antarctica’s largest floating platforms of ice, appears to be reaching its inevitable end. Scientists with Project MIDAS, working out of Swansea University and Aberystwyth University in Wales and studying the shelf by satellites and through other techniques, have released a new update showing that the crack grew a stunning 11 miles in the space of just one week between May 25 and May 31.

  • Sunday, May 14th 2017 - 00:03 UTC

    UK/Uruguay confirm Antarctic cooperation with Montevideo visit of two BAS research vessels

    Icebreaker RRS James Clark Ross and RRS Shackleton coincided in Montevideo port  at the end of the Antarctic season

    Two British scientific research vessels coincided in Montevideo in early May at the end of the Antarctic season, in their way back to Southampton. Icebreaker RRS Shackleton and RRS James Clark Ross with sophisticated scientific research equipment and tens of experts in different disciplines spent months in Antarctica and returned to Montevideo, a traditional call port the British Antarctic Survey, BAS.

  • Friday, May 12th 2017 - 07:23 UTC

    IAATO appoints New Executive Director, Dr Damon Stanwell-Smith

    Damon began his career as a marine biologist, gaining a PhD with the British Antarctic Survey, later heading programs at UNEP-WCMC

    The International Association of Antarctica Tour Operators (IAATO) has announced the appointment of Dr. Damon Stanwell-Smith as Executive Director. Damon will lead the Secretariat and work with IAATO’s Executive Committee to ensure the association is functioning according to its mission of safe, environmentally responsible private-sector travel to Antarctica.

  • Friday, May 12th 2017 - 06:59 UTC

    IAATO members vote to develop an Antarctic conservation plan

    “This was an important decision that reflects our members’ ongoing commitment to sustainable Antarctic tourism.” said Terry Shaller Chair of IAATO’s ExCo

    Members of the International Association of Antarctica Tour Operators (IAATO) have agreed to develop a science based conservation plan for the Antarctic Peninsula in collaboration with the Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research (SCAR) to support decision making for tourism management.

  • Thursday, May 11th 2017 - 12:38 UTC

    Chile cuts steel for its new 13.000 tons icebreaker to be operational in 2022/23

     “It's a great day for Chile and a great honor for me to participate in the steel plate cutting ceremony of this new icebreaker”, said president Bachelet

    Chilean president Michelle Bachelet cut the first sheet of steel for the construction of the country's new icebreaker which is expected to be operational for the 2022/23 Antarctic season, replacing the ageing Almirante Oscar Viel. The US$ 200 million plus project based on a contract with naval architects and marine engineers Vard Marine, will be built at ASMAR Talcahuano, Shipbuilding & Ship Repair Company.