Wednesday, December 18th 2013 - 07:05 UTC

Kimberlite rocks found in Antarctica could mean the territory is rich in diamonds

Even if found they can't be exploited because of Antarctic treaties specifically banning mining

The prospect that Antarctica could be rich in diamonds was published in the scientific journal Nature Communications, following the discovery by a team of a telltale rock called kimberlite in the Prince Charles Mountains in East Antarctica.

Tuesday, December 17th 2013 - 17:51 UTC

West Antarctic ice sheet loss, one of the multi-year projects to be started this year by BAS

British Antarctic Territory Commissioner Peter Hayes has sent his well wishes to UK base commanders

With the Antarctic Summer well underway, British Antarctic Territory Commissioner Peter Hayes has sent his well wishes to British Antarctic Survey staff (BAS) working on the continent over the coming months. In a recent letter to UK Base commanders Dr Hayes commented:

Saturday, December 14th 2013 - 05:56 UTC

Prince Harry and team of 'Walking with the wounded' reach South Pole

“A half-day on Friday and we get to the South Pole on Friday 13th, unlucky for some, lucky for us” anticipated the prince (Pic. Getty Imagine)

Prince Harry and his fellow adventurers in the Walking With The Wounded expedition have arrived at the South Pole, the organizers have said. The group stood at the bottom of the world at 12:00 GMT Friday after more than three weeks of pulling sleds.

Friday, December 13th 2013 - 09:11 UTC

Ice loss pushing Antarctica side-wards half an inch per year, according to GPS recordings

Researchers said they always anticipated Antarctica would be different but they never expected this difference to be so huge

Heavy ice loss in West Antarctica has weakened it mantle underneath, allowing the stronger East Antarctica mantle to push it around, according to Ohio State University researchers. The discovery was made after recording GPS measurements, which clearly showed that the West Antarctic bedrock is being pushed at an alarming rate of half an inch per year.

Wednesday, December 11th 2013 - 03:58 UTC

IAATO names Amanda Lynnes part-time Operations and Communications Assistant

Amanda is a penguin biologist with a long career in Antarctica

The International Association of Antarctica Tour Operators (IAATO) has announced the appointment of Amanda Lynnes to the part-time position of Operations and Communications Assistant. Amanda is responsible for communicating IAATO’s key messages and will assist in the development of the environmental and operational components of the Association.

Thursday, November 28th 2013 - 22:36 UTC

Argentina again contracts Russian vessels and choppers for the Antarctic 2013/2014 season

Polar vessel Golovnin has been contracted by Argentina in previous occasions since the fire that consumed Almirant Irizar still undergoing repairs

Argentina has again contracted Russian polar vessel “Vasily Golovnin” for the supply of its Antarctica bases and stations this coming summer season. The 24.4 million dollars package also includes ice-breaker 'Dranitsyn' and two heavy load helicopters Kamov KA32 which will making most the hardest work in the extreme south outposts

Monday, November 25th 2013 - 19:33 UTC

Fossils in south Chile reveal close interaction with once connected Antarctica

In February, a team of 11 scientists discovered the largest collection of dinosaur bones discovered in Chile

Three years of study in Patagonia have produced what researchers describe as most important paleontological findings in Chile in the last 10 years. The discovery of leaf and dinosaur fossils in South America has revealed the continent was connected to Antarctica 20 million years more recently than previously believed.

Thursday, November 14th 2013 - 19:20 UTC

Two UK scientists keeping track of Manhattan size iceberg moving in the Southern ocean

Professor Bigg is a leading iceberg expert from the University of Sheffield

An Iceberg, the size of Manhattan in area, was derived from the Pine Island Glacier, and is currently moving through the Southern Ocean. To keep track of its movements and melting Professor Grant Bigg of UK's University of Sheffield has been awarded a £50,000 grant from the Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) for the 6 month project.

Wednesday, November 6th 2013 - 01:53 UTC

South Atlantic patrol HMS Richmond calls at Tristan da Cunha doubling the local population

HMS Richmond entering at Tristan da Cunha

The beauty and ruggedness of the world’s most remote inhabited island has been captured in a series of photos during a recent visit from a Royal Navy warship.

Sunday, November 3rd 2013 - 12:07 UTC

Russia, Ukraine, China block plans in CCAMLR to create Antarctica marine reserves

Dr Fleming says Australia will keep trying to convince CCAMLR to protect the area.

Russia, Ukraine and China are being blamed for a failure of plans to protect almost 3 million square kilometers of ocean in Antarctica. After two weeks of discussions behind closed doors, the Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources (CCAMLR) has failed to come to an agreement on new marine reserves.


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