Wednesday, December 1st 2010 - 07:14 UTC

Food industry in Brazil unable to fill 3.000 jobs with competent staff

Marfrig is a leading world corporation in meats trade

In a clear signal of the lack of qualified labour which is suffering the booming Brazilian economy, the powerful Marfrig meats’ processing group admitted it was having difficulties to fill 3.000 vacancies with competent personnel.

Wednesday, December 1st 2010 - 03:35 UTC

Brazil plans to cut subsidized long term loans to combat inflation

BNDES has played a key role in boosting the Brazilian economy

Brazil plans to cut funding for its state development bank by 50% in 2011 in an effort to bring down the world’s second-highest inflation-adjusted interest rates. The reduction in loans the government provides to BNDES, as the bank is known, forms part of a plan to curb public spending, Finance Minister Guido Mantega said in an interview in Brasilia.

Wednesday, December 1st 2010 - 03:30 UTC

Brazil’s natural gas production record in October: 65 million cubic metres per day

 Massive deposits offshore are making Brazil an oil/gas superpower

Brazil's natural gas output reached a record 65 million cubic meters a day in October, up 9.3% from the same month in 2009, Brazil's National Petroleum Agency, or ANP, said Tuesday. The gas output was also 1.64% higher than in September, ANP said.

Tuesday, November 30th 2010 - 01:25 UTC

New Brazilian government ratifies Lula da Silva’s regional foreign policy

Garcia: what’s the use of a rich country full of hungry people?

Brazilian president-elect Dilma Rousseff has confirmed President Lula da Silva’s international affairs special advisor Marco Aurelio García in his post, another clear signal that the incoming administration wants to continue with the “good neighbour” policy towards Latinamerica and such organizations as Mercosur and Unasur.

Monday, November 29th 2010 - 22:31 UTC

Petrobras confirms major oil find onshore in the Amazon region

The exploratory well has a 2.500 bpd light oil capacity

Brazilian government controlled oil and gas corporation Petrobras announced the discovery of a new crude deposit in the Amazon region, where the energy company already is developing large natural gas reserves.

Monday, November 29th 2010 - 04:53 UTC

Brazilian forces expel criminal gangs from favels; promise to stay

Helicopters, armoured vehicles, sharp shooters, and the Brazilian flag flying at the summit of the Alemao favela

Public Security Secretary Jose Mariano Beltrame described the police raid on the Alemao Complex, known as “heart of the evil,” as a success. The criminals lost not only their territory, but also a huge amount of weapons, drugs, vehicles and other possessions, he said.

Friday, November 26th 2010 - 16:25 UTC

Mantega proposes “diluted” inflation index with no fuel or food items included

The confirmed minister promises a mother of all battles against high interest rates

Brazil Finance minister Guido Mantega is proposing a “dehydrated” inflation index with the purpose of reducing interest rates faster under the incoming administration of president-elect Dilma Rousseff, reports the influential O Estado de Sao Paulo.

Friday, November 26th 2010 - 15:04 UTC

Rio’s favelas war has full support and logistics from the federal government

Millions live in the favelas on the morros of the contrasting city of Rio

Brazilian president Lula da Silva promised full support from the federal government to Rio de Janeiro authorities involved in a clean-up operation to free the city’s shanty towns, favelas, from drug traffickers and organized crime.

Friday, November 26th 2010 - 14:55 UTC

Lula da Silva promises energy, communications and trade aid for Guyana

The Brazilian president and his Guyana peer Bharrat Jagdeo

Brazilian President Lula da Silva announced Friday an ambitious integration program for its northern neighbor Guyana, on the sidelines of a regional presidential summit taking place in Georgetown.

Thursday, November 25th 2010 - 20:44 UTC

“Favelas’ war” rages in Rio do Janeiro for fifth day running: 30 dead

Navy has supported with armoured vehicles and weapons but the battle is still waged by the police (Photo AP)

Armoured personnel carriers from the Brazilian navy rolled through smoke-filled streets in Rio de Janeiro on Thursday as police battled (favelas) slum-based drug gangs for a fifth consecutive day leaving at least 30 dead and almost 200 arrested.


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