Tuesday, May 31st 2011 - 22:46 UTC

Brazil approves system to elect representatives for Mercosur parliament

The Mercosur Parliament operates from Montevideo <br />

The Brazilian congress passed the rules for the election by political parties of Mercosur parliament representatives, which beginning 2014 are to be chosen by popular vote.

Tuesday, May 31st 2011 - 08:43 UTC

Uruguay and Brazil pledge full support for Mercosur and Unasur

The two leaders at the Ministry of Foreign Affaire

Uruguay and Brazil pledged Monday to continue strengthening the bilateral relation and regional integration through Mercosur and Unasur, after presidents Jose Mujica and Dilma Rousseff delegations signed fifteen cooperation agreements in Montevideo.

Tuesday, May 31st 2011 - 08:35 UTC

Lagarde pledges in Brazil to give emerging economies more clout in the IMF

The French Finance minister Lagarde is on a world tour in support for her candidacy

French Finance Minister Christine Lagarde pledged to push reforms to give Brazil and other emerging economies more influence at the International Monetary Fund as she kicked off a worldwide tour to win support for her candidacy to lead the global lender.

Tuesday, May 31st 2011 - 08:22 UTC

Industry ministers meet in Brasilia to address Argentina/Brazil trade differences

Thousands of Argentine cars remain delayed in the Brazilian border

Argentine Industry Minister, Debora Giorgi, and her Brazilian counterpart Fernando Pimentel will meet this Thursday in Brasilia in order to discuss a possible solution for the trade conflict currently affecting Brazil and Argentina

Tuesday, May 31st 2011 - 08:13 UTC

Fiat was saved from collapse by sales in Latin America admits CEO Marchionne

Marchionne announced Chrysler’s expansion in Latin America based on Fiat’s expertise

Fiat and Chrysler Group president Sergio Marchionne said on Monday that car sales in Latin America saved the corporation’s balance sheet last year and announced an overall increase in car sale operations in accordance with regional demand.

Tuesday, May 31st 2011 - 08:06 UTC

Strong tendency to lower inflation in coming months is forecasted in Brazil

Central Bank head of Monetary Policy Aldo Mendes: ‘inflation and interest rates help contain demand’

Brazil Central Bank head of Monetary Policy Aldo Mendes anticipated Monday that inflation in the coming two/three months will be almost flat, close to zero and supported his forecast on the food prices inflexion tendency.

Tuesday, May 31st 2011 - 07:58 UTC

Hyundai Group signs agreement to build industrial lifts plant in Brazil

Hyun Jeong-eun, chairwoman of Hyundai Group, and Governor Tarso Genro (L)

The first Asian factory of industrial and residential lifts in Brazil will be built in the southern state of Rio Grande do Sul, it was announced Sunday in Seoul, Korea by the Hyundai Group.

Tuesday, May 31st 2011 - 07:47 UTC

Brazil plans massive infrastructure investment in next four years

Luciano Coutinho, head of the BNDES, Brazil’s pivotal bank in support of Brazilian corporations

Brazil’ president of the Economic and Development Bank, BNDES, Luciano Coutinho said that the country’s investment rate in the coming four years will be equivalent to 23% of GDP, sufficient to ensure a sustained robust long term growth of Latin America’s largest economy.

Monday, May 30th 2011 - 22:46 UTC

President Rousseff’s visit to Uruguay according to the Sao Paulo media

“Brazil dependency” is a growing concern in Uruguayan political and economic circles

President Dilma Rousseff’s Monday visit to Uruguay will try to ease growing concerns in South America’s smallest country political and economic circles about “Brazil-dependency” and obstacles to bilateral trade, according to reports in the Sao Paulo media previous to her departure.

Monday, May 30th 2011 - 17:14 UTC

Deep differences surface in Brazil’s Dilma Rousseff ruling coalition

Illegal logging and Palocci at the heart of the latest irritations

Brazilian Vice-president admitted publicly “differences” inside the administration of President Dilma Rousseff following a serious, ‘high voice’ exchange he had with cabinet chief and political coordinator Antonio Palocci who in under investigation for over-night enrichment.


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