Friday, May 27th 2011 - 22:42 UTC

Brazil/Argentina relations not contaminated by trade spat, in spite of industry worries

Foreign Affairs minister Antonio Patriota, ‘these conflicts are common between trade partners’

Robert da Fonseca, director of the Sao Paolo Industry Federation, FIESP admitted on Friday that Brazilian businessmen are “worried” with the commercial conflict that Argentina and Brazil face.

Friday, May 27th 2011 - 22:21 UTC

Brazilian government promises tax breaks in support of industry

Vice-president Michel Temer made the announcement before industry bosses and organized labour unions

Brazil will respond to the requests from industry and unions to reduce taxes to help boost local manufacturing and thus cut into the growing impetus of imports, promised Vice-President Michel Temer during a seminar sponsored by the powerful São Paulo Federation of Industries, FIESP, together with the two main organized labour unions.

Friday, May 27th 2011 - 12:38 UTC

Impact investment fund targeting low-cost housing in Brazil launches in London

David Palumbo, Director of Origen Private Equity Ltd.

Origen Private Equity Ltd., a boutique investment firm headquartered in London, is launching in June what is set to be the first impact investment fund developing low-cost housing in north-east Brazil in conjunction with the Brazilian government's Minha Casa Minha Vida programme.

Friday, May 27th 2011 - 09:24 UTC

Pimentel anticipates more ‘active measures’ to defend Brazil’s industry

“We will make use of any defence mechanism available”, Pimentel

The Brazilian Government announced that it is considering additional import restrictions on top of the ones already applied to vehicles, as a measure to defend their national industry.

Thursday, May 26th 2011 - 07:10 UTC

Argentine/Brazil trade talks stalled but ‘technical negotiations’ were good

Brazilian Industry Secretary Fernando Pimentel optimistic a deal will be reached

Brazilian Industry Secretary Alessandro Teixeira said on Wednesday that no progress has been made so far regarding the trade impasse over Brazil’s import delays for Argentine cars and auto parts, but denied any crisis with Argentina since negotiations are on-going.

Wednesday, May 25th 2011 - 22:49 UTC

Brazil’s Vale to invest 2.9bn USD in the country’s largest port by volume

Vale Brasil, the world’s largest ore carrier leaves Ponta de Madeira with 391.000 tons of iron ore for China

Brazil’s Vale Doce, the world’s biggest iron-ore producer, said it will invest 2.9 billion US dollars to increase the capacity of the Ponta da Madeira terminal in northern Brazil, making it the largest port in the country by volume.

Wednesday, May 25th 2011 - 07:20 UTC

Brazil/Argentina agree monthly trade meetings and gradual liberation of licences

Argentina’s Eduardo Bianchi and his Brazilian counterpart Alessandro Teixeira during a break in talks

Brazil and Argentina agreed to monthly meetings on commerce, Argentina said, as the neighbouring countries try to overcome tensions that flared earlier this month over car imports.

Wednesday, May 25th 2011 - 06:44 UTC

Brazil plans to invest heavily in wind farms natural gas fired plants

Brazil currently has 1 Gigawatts of wind capacity in operation.

Brazil which gets about 80% of its energy from hydroelectricity is considering a record investment of 4.1 billion Real (2.5 billion USD) for wind farms this year to diversify its power supply.

Tuesday, May 24th 2011 - 22:15 UTC

Sexual health and safe sex tags could be mandatory in Brazilian underwear

Bras tags encourage self examination for early detection of breast cancer (AP)

Brazil's congress has passed a law that -- if approved by President Dilma Rousseff -- would require sexual health messages to be placed in underwear manufactured and sold in Brazil.

Tuesday, May 24th 2011 - 18:55 UTC

Rousseff administration first scandal takes off in Congress and with prosecutors

Antonio Palocci was Lula da Silva’s first ultra orthodox Finance minister but had to step down following a corruption scandal

Brazil's young government faces its first scandal involving presidential chief of staff Antonio Palocci who is under fire for revelations that, while in Congress between 2006 and 2010, his net worth multiplied 20 times.


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