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  • Thursday, April 2nd 2009 - 10:50 UTC

    Tepid isolated signs of recovery from Brazil

    Brazil’s latest statistics revealed some encouraging numbers. The foreign trade surplus in March was 1.77 billion US dollars, the same as the February surplus and slightly higher than forecasted. Although expected, industrial production rose 1.8% in February over January boosted by a slight recovery in credit availability and the automotive sector.

  • Sunday, March 29th 2009 - 16:16 UTC

    Lula da Silva blames US, UK and Spain for current crisis

    Viña del Mar's leaders  picture

    Brazilian President Lula da Silva on Saturday at the Progressive Governance summit in Chile told representatives of the United States, Britain and Spain they had a major responsibility for causing the global economic crisis.

  • Sunday, March 29th 2009 - 16:05 UTC

    Brazilian minister fails geography test and is sacked

    Ms Maria Helena Guimaraes

    The governor of Brazil’s richest state Sao Paulo sacked the Secretary of Education following the printing of thousands of school books with maps of South America which ignored the existence of Ecuador, inverted geographically Uruguay and Paraguay and showed Bolivia sharing territory with Paraguay.

  • Saturday, March 28th 2009 - 08:31 UTC

    Paraguay-Brazil Itaipú energy dispute is “like Panama Canal negotiation”

    Paraguay rejected this week Brazil’s proposals regarding the non renegotiation of the Itaipú treaty which regulates energy production from South America’s largest hydroelectric dam shared by the neighbouring countries.

  • Friday, March 27th 2009 - 07:47 UTC

    UK and Brazil call for 100 billion USD trade-credit stimuli

    Pte. Lula da Silva welcome PM Gordon Brown at Presidential Palace

    British Prime Minister Gordon Brown and Brazilian President Lula da Silva agreed to call on G-20 to provide 100 billion US dollars in trade credit, a quick completion of global trade talks and for countries breaking free-trade agreement to be named.

  • Thursday, March 26th 2009 - 17:58 UTC

    UN underlines HIV-tuberculosis link

    The head of the United Nations agency charged with coordinating the fight against HIV/AIDS is in Brazil this week promoting awareness of the link between the epidemic and tuberculosis and the necessity to address discrimination in the South American country’s response to HIV.

  • Wednesday, March 25th 2009 - 07:57 UTC

    Brazil begins to cut natural gas dependency from Bolivia

    Brazil imports a daily average of 30 million cubic metres of natural gas from Bolivia

    President Lula da Silva said that Brazil can’t depend for its natural gas solely on Bolivia and anticipated that with the recent opening of a liquid gas plant, the fuel can be imported from the Caribbean. Anyhow “we will continue to purchase Bolivian gas until at least 2019”.

  • Tuesday, March 24th 2009 - 13:43 UTC

    Brazil’s future as emerging power “linked to regional situation”

    Brazil’s future as an emerging power is closely linked to the regional situation according to President Lula da Silva’s international affairs advisor Marco Aurelio García.

  • Tuesday, March 24th 2009 - 13:14 UTC

    Vietnam targets Brazil and Chile as seafood markets

    Vietnamese businesses are looking to South America for new market opportunities for a range of competitive products, including seafood, trade officials said. Brazil has authorized 60 Vietnamese companies to export fish products to the country the Vietnam Trade Office in Brazil confirmed, reports Vietnam Net.

  • Monday, March 23rd 2009 - 08:48 UTC

    Petrobras guarantees fuel supply ahead of five day strike

    Brazil’s government managed oil and gas corporation Petrobras said there is “no chance” a planned strike by its workers beginning Monday will limit the country’s fuel supply.