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Montevideo, December 9th 2016 - 13:30 UTC


  • Saturday, October 1st 2016 - 11:53 UTC

    A 32.8 feet Anaconda found in Brazil, largest snake in the world

    A footage showing how the workers lifted the anaconda from the rubbles with a crane has been circulating online.

    Construction workers in Brazil have stumbled upon one of the most frightening creatures in the planet a ten meters long anaconda. The snake measuring 32.8 feet and weighing over 400 kilos, was discovered after the workers set off a controlled demolition explosion to destroy a cave in Belo Monte Dam to make way for their project.

  • Friday, September 30th 2016 - 08:09 UTC

    RRS James Clark Ross sails to Falklands collecting Mid-Atlantic Ridge data

    As the ship slowly navigates its way following the contour of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, data is being continually collected

    British Antarctic Survey ship, the RRS James Clark Ross, set sail on its long voyage from Immingham in the UK to Stanley in the Falkland Islands last 20 September. The ship, which carries out important scientific research in the Southern Ocean during the Antarctic summer months, is conducting survey work as it makes its passage south.

  • Thursday, September 29th 2016 - 11:30 UTC

    Scientists trying to determine the increase of whales' beaching all along Chile's coastline

    Last weekend a 14-meter fin whale was found dead on rocks at a beach in the city of Coquimbo, which prompted experts from Sernapesca to investigate.

    Several huge whales have washed up dead over recent months on beaches in northern Chile, where scientists suspect they are moving in increasing numbers due to climate change. After the beaching of hundreds of dead whales in the south last year, the trend has now shifted to areas where the phenomenon was previously rare.

  • Thursday, September 22nd 2016 - 17:00 UTC

    St Helena airport “too dangerous to use” opens prospect of £285m compensation claim

    The airport was to be opened last May but test pilots said it was too dangerous to use, and it remains closed to commercial flights.

    Britain faces the prospect of compensation claims over a disastrous overseas aid project to build an airport on the remote island of St Helena, according to reports in the UK media. The £285million flop became a symbol of Britain’s aid waste this year after experts warned it might never open because of severe problems with wind conditions on the British Overseas Territory in the South Atlantic Ocean.

  • Friday, September 16th 2016 - 07:21 UTC

    UK Overseas Territories Marine Protection Areas to double in four years

    “Protecting four million sq kms of ocean is a fantastic achievement, converting our historic legacy into modern environmental success” said Sir Alan Duncan.

    Speaking ahead of “Our Ocean” conference in Washington DC, Foreign Office Minister Sir Alan Duncan announced plans to double the area of ocean under marine protection around the UK Overseas Territories to around four million square kilometers, greater than the landmass of India.

  • Thursday, September 15th 2016 - 10:30 UTC

    Bayer and Monsanto confirm merger in a $66bnm mega-deal; activists ready to protest

    Bayer said it will spearhead the mega all-cash buyout in history in hopes of taking over Monsanto, world’s largest supplier of genetically modified seeds.

    Seed and chemical giants Bayer and Monsanto said on Wednesday that they will merge to become one of the world’s biggest agriculture giants, a 66 billion-dollar mega-deal that could reshape the future of farming and enhance their influence over the planet’s food supply.

  • Wednesday, September 14th 2016 - 21:02 UTC

    Falklands mine clearance project receives a new £20m UK commitment

    MLA Mike Poole said UK commitment's to clear the Islands of mines is ”a welcome move and we remain willing to assist practically and logistically where we can.”

    The Falkland Islands Government, FIG, and Falkland Islanders have welcomed the announcement of a new £20m landmine clearance commitment by the UK which will make safe dozens of areas which have been unusable for residents and visitors. The project financed by the Foreign Office and Ministry of Defense will clear 46 minefields over the next two years and prepare for clearance another 27. So far more than 30 minefields have been cleared in the Falklands in recent years and this is in line with the UK obligations under the Ottawa Treaty.

  • Wednesday, September 14th 2016 - 17:56 UTC

    Falkland Islands Government welcomes better relationship with Argentina

    MLAs Gavin Short, Barry Elsby, Phyl Rendell and Mike Summers address questions from the media this morning.

    The Falkland Islands Government (FIG) has welcomed the agreement made between the Argentine and United Kingdom Governments, laid out under this morning’s joint statement. Speaking to the media, Members of the Falkland’s Legislative Assembly stated they “looked forward to a better relationship with Argentina”, especially in the areas of hydrocarbons, fisheries, shipping and tourism.

  • Friday, September 9th 2016 - 06:07 UTC

    Argentina promises 'respectful' cooperation over Falkland Islands

     Argentina is willing to consider resuming direct flights to and from the Falklands and joint UK-Argentine exploration of hydrocarbons around the Islands

    The Guardian's diplomatic editor Patrick Wintour caught up with Argentine foreign minister Susana Malcorra in London and interviewed her on UK-Argentina relations and the Falklands/Malvinas dispute. Ms Malcorra said Argentina wants to end the era of confrontation over the South Atlantic islands.

  • Wednesday, September 7th 2016 - 12:53 UTC

    Dr. Lisa Kelley, top expert in polar operations, named IAATO's Operations Manager

    Lisa has worked in the polar tourism industry for over 15 years, successfully leading expeditions since 2007 for IAATO member operator, Lindblad Expeditions.

    The International Association of Antarctica Tour Operators (IAATO) announced the appointment of Lisa Kelley as Operations Manager. IAATO Executive Director Dr. Kim Crosbie said, “Lisa has a strong background in polar operations and has actively contributed to IAATO for many years.