Falkland Islands

Falkland Islands
Saturday, June 21st 2014 - 08:19 UTC

Cristina Fernandez took time to pick on the Falklands at her 'dialogue' speech

“Someday our Malvinas  will be recovered. There is no colonialism that lasts so many centuries” (Pic Telam)

Cristina Fernandez on her Friday Flag Day speech in which she lowered usual rhetoric and asked US Judge Thomas Griesa for negotiations with the holdout hedge funds, picked on the Falkland Islands sovereignty dispute to channel her fury and forecasted there “is no colonialism that can last so many centuries, eventually they fall”.

Thursday, June 19th 2014 - 01:43 UTC

Ambassador Castro on an official visit to Ulster; McGuinness said he supports “Argentina” in the Cup

According to the Argentine embassy release, “McGuinness expressed Sinn Féin's support for Argentina's rights over the Malvinas”

The Argentine Ambassador to the United Kingdom, Alicia Castro made an official visit to Northern Ireland where she was received by Deputy First Minister Martin McGuinness. They agreed on stressing the importance of dialogue and called for ties between both parties to be strengthened.

Wednesday, June 18th 2014 - 08:15 UTC

Falklands gas condensate discovery shows potential for wider distribution

Borders & Southern Petroleum has three production licences in the South Falkland Basin

Borders & Southern Petroleum PLC said on Tuesday that new data on the Darwin gas condensate discovery in the Falkland Islands show the potential for wider hydrocarbon distribution.

Tuesday, June 17th 2014 - 06:37 UTC

Argentina pressing Francis over Falklands' dispute, says Vatican expert

Ambassador Castro has asked for a private audience with Pope Francis, which was scheduled for last week

Vatican officials are becoming increasingly irritated with the Argentine government after its ambassador to Britain, who is a vocal critic of the UK policy regarding the Falkland Islands, requested a private audience with the Argentine born pontiff, reports a piece by Edward Pentin, published by Newsmax.com.

Tuesday, June 17th 2014 - 06:22 UTC

HMS Clyde marks liberation of Falklands with key role in ceremonies

His head bowed in reverence, HMS Clyde’s AB Gaiger honors the 255 Britons killed 32 years ago to liberate the Falklands. (Pic RN)

Sailors from HMS Clyde joined other protectors of the Falkland Islands as the British Overseas Territory marked the 32nd anniversary of its liberation. The ship’s company took part in a memorial service and parade, and hosted veterans of the 1982 conflict on Liberation Day in the Islands’ capital, Stanley.

Monday, June 16th 2014 - 05:38 UTC

Support for Argentina's 'Malvinas question' in the G77 plus China summit

Cristina Fernández attended the two-day summit which also included UN Ban Ki moon

The G77 plus China extraordinary summit which took place in Bolivia over the weekend approved two statements in support of Argentina's position in the 'Malvinas Islands question' and a second referred to the current conflict with holdout hedge funds, a long running litigation that has reached the US Supreme Court. Argentine president Cristina Fernández attended the Santa Cruz de la Sierra event.

Saturday, June 14th 2014 - 09:13 UTC

“Malvinas son Argentinas” sparks FIFA disciplinary proceedings

The controversial banner previous to the Eslovenia-Argentina match

FIFA can confirm that disciplinary proceedings have been opened against the Argentina Football Association (AFA) relating to an incident that occurred at the friendly match between Argentina and Slovenia on 7 June in La Plata, Argentina.

Saturday, June 14th 2014 - 08:44 UTC

Falklands on Liberation Day pledges to preserve 'our homeland' despite Argentina's efforts

The 2013 referendum sent an unequivocal and powerful message to the world about our determination to steer our own future

The Falkland Islands on Liberation Day pledged to continue developing its economy “for the benefit of our people, and for the preservation of our homeland”, despite the Argentine government's concerted efforts “to stifle our economic and political development over the last ten years”.

Friday, June 13th 2014 - 07:21 UTC

Falklands Atlantic patrol honors shipmates of vessels sank during 1982 conflict

HMS Portland’s junior engineer Lyndin Burger salutes the Royal Navy’s fallen a few dozen miles from the spot where the wreck of HMS Coventry lies. (Pic RN)

A small party from Atlantic patrol tasking (South) HMS Portland have made a pilgrimage to First Mountain as part of a week of commemorations in the Falkland Islands to those who made the ultimate sacrifice in the 1982 conflict.

Wednesday, June 11th 2014 - 06:42 UTC

Cristina Fernandez opens Malvinas museum, a living commitment to end colonialism

The Argentine president during the official opening of the museum

Argentine President Cristina Fernández had strong words for the UK government, as she headed on Tuesday the inauguration of the Malvinas Museum at the ex-ESMA detention centre, where thousands were illegally held prisoners and tortured during Argentina’s 1976-1983 military dictatorship.


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