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Health & Science
Thursday, June 12th 2008 - 21:00 UTC

Pax survive aircraft crash and 5 days in southern Chile forest

A plane carrying 10 people that disappeared four days ago in Chile's frigid southern forests was found Wednesday with nine survivors who stayed alive by huddling for warmth, sharing food and sheltering in the plane's wreckage.

Monday, June 9th 2008 - 21:00 UTC

Scientific warning on carbon emissions impact on marine life

Natural carbon dioxide vents on the sea floor are showing scientists how carbon emissions will affect marine life. Dissolved CO2 makes water more acidic, and around the vents, researchers saw a fall in species numbers, and snails with their shells disintegrating.

Monday, June 9th 2008 - 21:00 UTC

Dead penguins and oil covered found on Uruguayan beaches

Dozens of dead penguins and others alive but with traces of oil appeared over the weekend along the east of Uruguay according to a marine life conservation non government organization.

Wednesday, June 4th 2008 - 21:00 UTC

River Plate vessels collision leaves 20 kilometers fuel trail

Merchant ships from Greece and Malta collided off the coast of Uruguay, dumping fuel oil from one of the vessels, Uruguay's Navy said on Wednesday in a statement. However no one was hurt in the accident which occurred late Tuesday night.

Saturday, May 31st 2008 - 21:00 UTC

“World No Tobacco Day ”. “Tobacco-Free Youth.”

Quit Smoking and Live Longer!

As a reminder to the public that there is a better life beyond tobacco, World No Tobacco Day is celebrated (today) on May 31.This year's theme is “Tobacco-Free Youth.”

Friday, May 23rd 2008 - 21:00 UTC

Overflowed rivers leave Santiago short of drinking water

Vast areas of metropolitan Santiago de Chile have no water or in short supply forcing education authorities to close schools, government and private.

Friday, May 23rd 2008 - 21:00 UTC

Dengue epidemic in Rio easing but 10.635 cases in May

The dengue epidemic in the Brazilian state and city of Rio do Janeiro added another 10.635 cases last week and totaled 110 deaths since the beginning of the year according to the latest report from the city's sanitary authorities.

Friday, May 23rd 2008 - 21:00 UTC

Santiago emergency: schools closed and short on drinking water

Santiago de Chile's mayor Alvaro Erazo criticized on Friday water supplier Aguas Andinas for having left the south side of the city without drinking water following on heavy storms that flooded many of Chile's capital main canals and drainage system.

Thursday, May 22nd 2008 - 21:00 UTC

UN warns about devastation of animal species

The extinction of animal species, as well as the reliance on a narrow range of crops, is a major threat to the planet's development and security, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said Thursday in a statement to mark the International Day for Biological Diversity.

Monday, May 19th 2008 - 21:00 UTC

Heart diseases and strokes, world's largest killers

Chronic conditions such as heart disease and stroke have taken over from infectious diseases as diarrhea, HIV/AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis as the leading causes of death around the globe, the United Nations World Health Organization, WHO, says in a new report.

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