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Health & Science
Monday, October 20th 2008 - 20:00 UTC

Italy discovers containers of Chinese milk with melamine

Italy has discovered two containers of milk and one of yogurt containing melamine, the industrial chemical that contaminated milk powder in China and hospitalised thousands of babies, the Health Ministry announced Sunday.

Thursday, October 16th 2008 - 20:00 UTC

Chinese government recalls all dairy products over a month old

The Chinese Government ordered this week the recall of all dairy products more than a month old in its latest move to contain the contaminated milk scandal that has triggered domestic and world-wide concern.

Thursday, October 16th 2008 - 20:00 UTC

Drug related crime, biggest threat in the Americas says UN

Costa: ”Americas face the world?s biggest drug problem,?

Drug trafficking and the violence committed by its associated organized crime is the biggest threat to public safety in the Americas, according to the Executive Director of the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC).

Wednesday, October 15th 2008 - 20:00 UTC

IMO agrees guidelines to contain shipping emissions

The United Nations International Maritime Organization, IMO has reported major progress on efforts to cut polluting and global warming emissions from ships, achieve more environmentally friendly recycling of vessels and prevent contamination from harmful organisms in ballast.

Monday, October 13th 2008 - 20:00 UTC

More chemicals added to UN Persistent Organic Pollutants list

Stockholm Convention on Persistent Organic Pollutants

Scientists started on Monday reviewing some everyday and industrial chemicals used in such products as carpets and medical equipment to determine whether they should be added to a United Nations-backed major treaty banning hazardous chemicals.

Tuesday, October 7th 2008 - 21:00 UTC

Airbus accident in flight has made an emergency landing

Qantas Airbus A330-300

A passenger plane has made an emergency landing in Western Australia after 40 people were injured following a “sudden change in altitude”, police have said.

Monday, October 6th 2008 - 21:00 UTC

Nobel in Medicine to cancer linked discoveries: HPV, HIV

Luc Montagnier , Francoise Barre-Sinoussi and  Harald zur Hausen

This year's Nobel Prize in Medicine honors three Europeans who discovered viruses that cause deadly diseases, and whose findings have led to major medical advances.

Thursday, October 2nd 2008 - 21:00 UTC

Argentina bans sale of Made in China 48 milk related products

Nestle Dairy Farm UHT Pure Milk

Argentina joined a long list of Latinamerican countries which have banned the import of Chinese milk and related products such as sweets, chocolate bars, cookies, instant tea and coffee with powder milk, etc.

Wednesday, October 1st 2008 - 21:00 UTC

Milk scandal: Chinese dairy industry on the verge of collapse

Chinese police have arrested 22 people suspected of producing melamine - the chemical found in milk products which have made thousands of babies ill. The arrests took place on 17 September, but were only reported widely on Monday evening.

Tuesday, September 30th 2008 - 21:00 UTC

Melamine milk scandal hits Cadbury Chinese products

British confectionary maker Cadbury said Monday it is recalling 11 types of Chinese-made chocolates found to contain melamine, as police in northern China raided a network accused of adding the banned chemical to milk.

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