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Health & Science
Sunday, August 17th 2008 - 21:00 UTC

“Fire-safe” cigarettes mandatory in the EU as of 2011

As of 2011 all cigarettes sold in the European Union will have to be self-extinguishing in a bid to combat thousands of fire-related deaths and injuries. EC officials said a meeting of experts from all 27 EU member states was expected to endorse proposals by Consumer Protection Commissioner Meglena Kuneva.

Wednesday, August 13th 2008 - 21:00 UTC

License for Amazon dam triggers controversy in Brazil

Brazil's environment minister Carlos Minc announced he had granted a license for an Amazon hydroelectric dam but attached stringent conditions to protect Indian reservations and nature preserves. However environmental groups anticipated a long legal battle.

Wednesday, August 13th 2008 - 21:00 UTC

Arsenal gain advantage in qualifying tie…

Austrian striker Marko Arnautovic

The English Premier League team Arsenal took a massive step towards qualifying for the group stages of the lucrative European Champions League after beating the Dutch club Twente Enschede 2-0 in the 1st leg game in Holland.

Monday, August 11th 2008 - 21:00 UTC

UK super “autosub” to explore deepest undersea volcanoes

The  Autosub6000

Scientists are set to explore the world's deepest undersea volcanoes, which lie 6km down in the Caribbean. Delving into uncharted waters to hunt for volcanic vents will be Autosub6000, Britain's new autonomously controlled, robot submarine.

Friday, August 8th 2008 - 21:00 UTC

Chilean court upholds contamination fine on Shell Oil company

A Chilean court this week upheld a decision fining Shell Oil Company US$676,000 for contaminating beaches three years ago in the northern Chilean city of Antofagasta.

Friday, August 1st 2008 - 21:00 UTC

FAO rescues Peruvian alpacas suffering from cold spell

The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) has provided urgently needed medical supplies to poor farmers in the Peruvian highlands whose livestock are suffering as a result of a severe unseasonable cold spell, known locally as “El friaje.”

Wednesday, July 30th 2008 - 21:00 UTC

Huge plaques break off from Canadian ice shelf in Arctic

An ice island about 1.5 kilometers long, 250 meters wide, and 30 meters thick moves into the Arctic after the fracturing of the Ward Hunt Ice Shelf

A chunk of ice spreading across 18 square kilometers has broken off a Canadian ice shelf in the Arctic, scientists say. The sheet broke away last week from the Ward Hunt Ice Shelf off the north coast of Ellesmere Island in Canada's far north.

Saturday, July 26th 2008 - 21:00 UTC

Bolivia to fight cocaine trade with its own funds

U.S. and EU aid to be modified

Bolivia, the world's No. 3 cocaine producer, will fund an anti-narcotics unit for the first time next year as it seeks to reduce foreign involvement in fighting trafficking, an official said yesterday.

Saturday, July 26th 2008 - 21:00 UTC

Southern Chile's Chaiten Volcano still erupting

Chaiten Volcano

Southern Chile's Chaiten Volcano, which erupted in early May for the first time in recorded history, is once again making its presence felt.

Friday, July 25th 2008 - 21:00 UTC

Environmentalists' concern with Chilean leg of Dakar rally

Chilean environmentalists and public figures this week expressed concern about potential environmental threats posed by the Dakar off-roading rally, scheduled to be held in Chile and Argentina in January.

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