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Latin America

  • Friday, June 1st 2007 - 21:00 UTC

    Diplomatic incident brewing between Brazil and Venezuela

    Brazilian President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva instructed the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to summon Venezuela's ambassador Julio Garcia Montoya “for the indispensable clarification” of President Hugo Chavez' reference to the Brazilian Senate as “a parrot that repeats whatever Washington says” adding that the Brazilian Congress was “controlled by the right wing”.

  • Thursday, May 31st 2007 - 21:00 UTC

    Shipments to Chile resumed

    Argentina resumed shipments of crucial natural gas to Chile's populous central region yesterday, Chilean energy officials said, easing fears that an acute energy shortage could worsen.

  • Wednesday, May 30th 2007 - 21:00 UTC

    Chile to double financing of Antarctic scientific research

    Chile is planning to double Antarctic scientific research funds this coming season 2007/08 revealed this week in Punta Arenas Jose Retamales, director of the Chilean Antarctic Institute.

  • Tuesday, May 29th 2007 - 21:00 UTC

    Chile's gas crisis intensifies

    Chile is looking to acquire Uruguay's unused natural gas permits with Argentina in order to secure a steady supply of gas for Santiago. This proposal comes on the heels of an intensifying energy crisis, with the country's capital city facing possible residential and commercial gas cuts.

  • Tuesday, May 29th 2007 - 21:00 UTC

    Venezuelans protest as TV station shuts

    Largest of several protests  broke out across Caracas

    Venezuelan police fired tear gas and plastic bullets Monday into a crowd of thousands protesting a decision by President Hugo Chavez that forced a television station critical of his leftist government off the air.

  • Tuesday, May 29th 2007 - 21:00 UTC

    Chavez threatens to sanction another television network

    Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez threatened Tuesday to sanction Globovision television station if they continue “to incite a murder attempt on his life” and insisted that the students' rioting allegedly to protest the taking out of the air of another network was part of a “de-stabilization plan”.

  • Monday, May 28th 2007 - 21:00 UTC

    Bachelet travels to Northern European Nations

    President Michelle Bachelet left Chile late Sunday evening for a state visit to northern European nations where she will meet with Finnish President Tarja Halonen, Norwegian Prime Minister Jens Stotltenberg and Swiss President Micheline Calmy-Rey. Bachelet will return to Chile on June 4.

  • Monday, May 28th 2007 - 21:00 UTC

    Venezuelan TV Station Goes Off the Air

    Supporters of RCTV took to the streets to vent their anger at Pte. Hugo Chavez's decision to close it.

    Venezuela's oldest private television station went off the air just before midnight Sunday as thousands banged on pots and pans in protest against a decision by President Hugo Chavez that did away with a popular opposition-aligned channel.

  • Sunday, May 27th 2007 - 21:00 UTC

    Paraguayan general elections scheduled for April 2008

    Paraguay will be going to the polls to elect the successor of President Nicanor Duarte Flores on April 20 next year, confirmed this week the country's Electoral Tribunal.

  • Saturday, May 26th 2007 - 21:00 UTC

    Sunday countdown test for Venezuelan media and Chavez

    Some said they did not like RCTV but defended its right to broadcast

    The countdown has begun for Venezuela's oldest private television station: midnight Sunday Radio Caracas Television, the most widely watched channel, will be forced off the air after President Hugo Chávez's government decided not to renew its licence.