Tuesday, May 14th 2002 - 21:00 UTC

Mexico closer to Mercosur

México will propose Mercosur a free trade agreement in the coming months according to Mexican Trade Representative Fernando de Mateo.

Monday, May 13th 2002 - 21:00 UTC

Uruguay announces measures to counter effects of Argentine crisis

Uruguayan President Jorge Batlle yesterday night announced a series of austerity measures to counter the repercussions of the Argentine economic crisis, which he said he considered to be the “most ferocious financial attack” in Uruguayan history.

Saturday, May 11th 2002 - 21:00 UTC

Argentine: 18 million below poverty line

Half of the Argentine population of 36 million live below the poverty line according to the latest census figures, reported Juan Carlos Del Bello head of the National Census and Statistic Institute, INDEC.

Friday, May 10th 2002 - 21:00 UTC

Hot News: Mercosur and European Union closer

Mercosur and European Union closer / Massive subsidies to US farmers / “Black Thursday” in Brazil

Thursday, May 9th 2002 - 21:00 UTC

Brazil feels the pinch

The Argentine situation, lower international commodity prices and a reduction in aircraft industry sales will have a considerable impact in Brazil's foreign sales and trade balance.

Thursday, May 9th 2002 - 21:00 UTC

The “global” Chilean

Globalization has had an accelerated and strong social and cultural impact in Chilean society according to a preliminary report from the United Nations Development Program, PNUD.

Wednesday, May 8th 2002 - 21:00 UTC

Chilean Navy ready to shop

Following the suspension of a billion US dollars plan to renew the surface fleet, the Chilean Navy is now preparing to purchase second hand frigates intended to replace its aging vessels, the newest of which is 28 years old.

Wednesday, May 8th 2002 - 21:00 UTC

36 million Argentines

The Argentine population according to preliminary data from the November 2001 national Census numbers 36,223,947, an 11% increase over the previous 1991 census, of which 51,22% women and 48,77% men.

Wednesday, May 8th 2002 - 21:00 UTC

Argentina: IMF's three points

The controversial International Monetary Fund, IMF, Deputy Director General Ann Krueger presented Argentina a three points recipe which she believes will help overcome the country's current financial crisis and free much needed fresh funds.

Tuesday, May 7th 2002 - 21:00 UTC

Dismal forecast

Latinamerica is expected to end 2002 with a dismal growth of 0,2%, a depressing global outlook for some of the leading economies of the region, according to the latest report from CEPAL, United Nations Economic Commission for Latinamerica.


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