Monday, August 1st 2011 - 06:21 UTC

Brazil ready to announce 30bn dollars tax relief for industry

US default or no default, Brazil is prepared say Rousseff and Mantega

Brazil is prepared for the event of a United States default if no agreement is reached in the US congress on the debt ceiling and will also implement a 30 billion dollars tax relief program to prop Brazilian industry competitiveness, announced Finance minister Guido Mantega.

Monday, August 1st 2011 - 06:08 UTC

After one year in office Colombia’s Santos has a strong 71% approval rating

For 50% of Colombians President Santos has the country “on the right track”

Close to his first year in office Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos has an approval rating of 71%, according to the findings of a public opinion poll released Sunday in the Bogotá media.

Monday, August 1st 2011 - 05:53 UTC

The most tragic year in two decades for Latin America journalists

Head of IAPA press freedom committee Robert Rivard

Journalists in Latin America are suffering through their “most tragic year in two decades,” with 19 reporters murdered in nine nations so far in 2011, the Inter-American Press Association said in its latest release.

Monday, August 1st 2011 - 05:44 UTC

Argentine police on the track of two French tourist packers killed in Salta

Judge Martín Pérez confirmed evidence from the bodies of the murdered women would enable to run DNA tests

Police in the Argentine north-west province of Salta reported to have two suspects following a wide search Sunday across the local area of San Lorenzo for the killer of the two French tourists whose bodies were found on Friday, officials reported.

Monday, August 1st 2011 - 05:36 UTC

Re-elected Bs. As. City mayor to meet all presidential candidates, even CFK

Marci celebrates at party headquarters with Deputy Mayor María Eugenia Vidal (L) (Photo Perfil)

Re-elected Buenos Aires City Mayor Mauricio Macri gave his victory speech after defeating Kirchnerite Daniel Filmus on Sunday, and said his party (PRO) would begin the process of deciding which of the presidential candidates to support in Argentina’s general elections of next October.

Saturday, July 30th 2011 - 22:43 UTC

South America as a region to discuss measures to counter global financial crisis

Rousseff concerned with the massive inflow of cheap imports mainly from Asia

South America’s top economic and monetary authorities will be meeting in Lima and later in Buenos Aires to agree on “joint and specific actions” to address the flush of global liquidity distorting regional currencies and of unsold manufactured goods threatening jobs and industry.

Saturday, July 30th 2011 - 22:40 UTC

Paraguayan president in good health with lymphatic cancer in remission

Lugo was rushed to Sao Paulo on his doctors’ orders

Paraguayan President Fernando Lugo's lymphatic cancer is still in remission, one of his doctors said on Friday a day after the leader cancelled a trip to Peru and went to Brazil for early routine medical tests.

Saturday, July 30th 2011 - 22:33 UTC

Cristina and Dilma reaffirm ‘strategic alliance and commitment to Mercosur

Lady Presidents and former leader Lula da Silva at the opening of the Argentine embassy in Brasilia

Argentina and Brazil reaffirmed on Friday their strategic alliance and commitment to Mercosur and regional integration during a summit in Brasilia, where President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner together with her Brazilian peer Dilma Rousseff inaugurated the new Argentine Embassy in the Brazilian capital.

Saturday, July 30th 2011 - 22:12 UTC

Cuba allows more charter flights from the US; 350.000 visited the island in 2010

President Obama believes the people-to-people policy will further open the regime

Air travel between the United States and Cuba will become easier with the opening of charter flights to the island from an additional nine US cities announced by Cuba authorities on Friday.

Friday, July 29th 2011 - 18:56 UTC

Rio-Paris flight crash report opens legal battle between Airbus and Air France

Apparently pilots were unable to cope with ‘stall, stall’ warnings

French investigators said on Friday that the crew of Air France's Rio-Paris flight which crashed into the Atlantic two years ago ignored repeated stall warnings and failed to follow textbook procedures.


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