Sunday, June 7th 2009 - 13:43 UTC

Fighting in the Peruvian Amazon turns ugly; death toll in the fifties

President García’s push to develop resources turning into a political storm

Nine Peruvian police officers were killed Saturday after security forces regained control of a petroleum facility in a remote jungle region from indigenous groups that are protesting against logging and oil exploration rights awarded by the government.

Saturday, June 6th 2009 - 14:52 UTC

Poll shows Uruguay’s ruling coalition repeating next October

Lacalle, Mujica and Bordaberry presidential hopefuls of the three main parties.

The Uruguayan ruling coalition could repeat in next October general election according to the latest public opinion poll released this week in Montevideo. Pollster Radar has the Broad Front of President Tabare Vazquez with a vote intention of 46.7% and the sum of the opposition parties with 40.1%.

Saturday, June 6th 2009 - 14:48 UTC

Nuclear sub joins Flight 447 search; Iberia tailing flight sheds some light

An Iberia plane, flying ten minutes behind AF 447 veered 60 km to avoid the storm

While France announced Friday it was sending a nuclear submarine to help find the flight data recorders of the Air France plane, which this week disappeared over the Atlantic, a press report in the Spanish press involving an Iberia plane on the same route but flying ten minutes behind could shed light into what really happened.

Saturday, June 6th 2009 - 14:38 UTC

Peru joins Odyssey/Spain dispute over recovered sunken treasure

“Nuestra Señora de las Mercedes” sank in 1804 with 17 tons of gold and silver shipped from the viceroyship of Lima

United States treasure hunters Odyssey Marine Exploration were dealt a heavy blow this week after a Florida judge ordered the company to hand thousands of silver and gold coins to Spain. The case however could be exposed to another demand, this time from Peru which claims the original gold and silver came from the colonial viceroyship of Lima.

Saturday, June 6th 2009 - 14:24 UTC

Clashes with police over minerals’ rights kill 34 in Peruvian Amazon

Indigenous groups determined to defend their rights and to be consulted, say Indian leader Alberto Pizango .

At least 34 people have been reported killed in clashes in Peru between the security forces and indigenous people in the Amazon region protesting oil and gas exploration on their lands.

Saturday, June 6th 2009 - 14:14 UTC

Right wing British National Party wins several county council seats

Labour humiliated in local elections across England could loose 300 seats.

Right wing British National Party has won its first county council seats in Lancashire and Leicestershire as Labour was humiliated in local elections across England. Elsewhere, Peter Davies of the English Democrats celebrated victory in Doncaster's mayoral election and Labour lost its four remaining county councils to the Tories.

Saturday, June 6th 2009 - 14:07 UTC

Chinalco “disappointed” with Rio Tinto’s decision to scrap deal

Chinalco determined to become global mining company with multi-metal products

Aluminium Corp. of China, or Chinalco, confirmed Friday that Australian mining firm Rio Tinto has scrapped the proposed 19.5 billion US dollars of investment by Chinalco, and Rio Tinto would pay a break fee of 195 million U.S. dollars to the Chinese aluminium maker.

Saturday, June 6th 2009 - 14:01 UTC

Rio Tinto decision was not “political” Australia assures Beijing

Australian PM Rudd had to reassure that “Chinese investment is welcome”

The Australian government reassured China on Saturday that miner Rio Tinto's decision to walk away from a 19.5 billion US dollars by investment by Beijing was not a political move.

Saturday, June 6th 2009 - 13:52 UTC

PM Brown and reshuffled cabinet cling on

Alan Johnson admits leadership ambition but backs PM Brown “to the hilt”

British Prime Minister Gordon Brown unveiled Friday a reshuffled cabinet and vowed to “fight on” with his “resilient” team to rescue the economy and clean up politics. He admitted Labour had suffered “a painful defeat” in Thursday's polls but added: “I will not waver. I will not walk away. I will get on with the job.” And he unveiled Glenys Kinnock as Europe minister in a surprise move.

Friday, June 5th 2009 - 13:35 UTC

Air France crash mystery deepens

The mystery surrounding the crash of an Air France plane off the coast of Brazil deepened after Brazilian officials said items they had pulled from the sea were not in fact debris from the downed Airbus.


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