Wednesday, June 22nd 2011 - 00:44 UTC

Cristina Fernandez announces re-election bid: “I always knew what I had to do”

CFK promised to become a bridge between the order and newer generations (Photo DYN)

Argentine President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner announced Tuesday evening she will be seeking re-election in the next October presidential elections. “I always knew what I had to do but I decided to wait until today to announce it” she said.

Tuesday, June 21st 2011 - 20:24 UTC

Ban Ki-moon appointed to a second term as Secretary General

UN Secretary General twitting supporters for his re-election  (Photo UN)

The United Nations General Assembly agreed Tuesday to appoint Ban Ki-moon to a second consecutive term as the Secretary-General of the 192-member Organization.

Tuesday, June 21st 2011 - 19:27 UTC

Falklands publicly invites Decolonization Committee president to visit the Islands

Former C24 chairman Donatus Keith St Aimee visited Argentina but not Falklands

Falklands’ representative publicly invited the president of the UN Decolonization Committee to see for himself the reality of the self-sufficient and self-governing Islands, and called on C24 to recognize “the primacy of our right to self determination above anything and everything else”.

Tuesday, June 21st 2011 - 17:44 UTC

Argentina reaffirms Malvinas sovereignty rights; invites UK to “good faith” negotiations

Timerman claimed before C24 that “British descendent born in the Malvinas Argentine citizen” James Peck has received death threats (Photo Argentine Foreign Affairs)

Foreign Affairs minister Hector Timerman addressing the United Nations Decolonisation Committee reiterated Argentina’s “unrenounceable and imprescriptible” sovereignty rights over the Malvinas Islands and extended a “formal invitation” to the British government “to sit to a table and resume, in good faith, negotiations” to solve the long standing dispute.

Tuesday, June 21st 2011 - 16:49 UTC

Bolivia legalizes 76.000 cars smuggled or stolen from neighbouring countries

Long queues in La Paz to legalize the smuggled cars

Owners of 70.000 cars that were smuggled into Bolivia, most of them stolen in neighbouring countries have presented their cases in the Customs office taking advantage of an amnesty to legalize their situation decreed by the administration of President Evo Morales.

Tuesday, June 21st 2011 - 15:37 UTC

Falklands calls on C24 “to open its mind” and support Islanders desire to determine their future

MLA Sawle: “sovereignty is not a question of ownership and control over a country”

The Falkland Islands called on the UN Decolonization Committee to open its mind to both sides of the sovereignty dispute with Argentina, underlining “legitimate sovereignty is a self-determined desire to live under a government of one’s own choice”.

Tuesday, June 21st 2011 - 07:52 UTC

Andean Aymará people celebrate the coming of New Year 5519

The citadel of Tiwanacu and the Gate of the Sun

Accompanied by Andean highlands rituals in the citadel of Tiwanacu, to the north of Bolivia’s capital La Paz the indigenous Aymará will celebrate on Tuesday the coming of the Aymará New Year, 5519.

Tuesday, June 21st 2011 - 05:50 UTC

UK Deputy PM arrives in Brazil to promote trade and investment

Nick Clegg arrives in Sao Paulo with a delegation of 45

British Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg arrives Tuesday in Brazil with a numerous delegation of business leaders, academics and sports figures to promote bilateral trade with Latin America’s largest economy.

Tuesday, June 21st 2011 - 05:08 UTC

Falklands born James Peck has no plans to give up his British passport

CFKcelebrates the dual citizenship of James Peck

The Falkland Islands born artist James Peck who last week was handed personally by President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner Argentine citizenship papers in a much publicized event, revealed in an interview with The Times that he had been threatened.

Tuesday, June 21st 2011 - 03:57 UTC

Struggling to preserve Falklands’ self-determination in the South Atlantic

MLAs Dick Sawle and Roger Edwards: A message to America

(*) By Roger Edwards and Dick Sawle
Visiting the United States, with its bustling streets in Washington and Manhattan, is always a bit of a culture shock for a Falkland Islander. While we have much in common – a shared ancestry and language, and the democratic values that underpin our societies – we have a few differences too.


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