Tuesday, May 18th 2010 - 18:00 UTC

Chile and Peru leaders move to improve “rocky” bilateral relations

Presidents García and Piñera are both attending the Madrid summit

Chilean President Sebastian Piñera and Peruvian President Alan Garcia Perez met Sunday in the lead up to the European Union, Latin American, and Caribbean Summit in Madrid. The meeting represented a big step forward in improving the current rocky relations between Chile and Peru.

Tuesday, May 18th 2010 - 15:39 UTC

HMS Scott back in Davenport after six months tour in Antarctica

HMS Scott completed operations in Antarctica

The Royal Navy survey ship HMS Scott returned to Devonport this week after six months on deployment in the southern hemisphere. The deep-water survey ship deployed on 26 October 2009 replaced stricken HMS Endurance in Ice patrol duties.

Tuesday, May 18th 2010 - 04:57 UTC

“We must help the US manage its retreat as the only global boss”, says Mujica

President Mujica resting from over stress and meditating on world affairs

“We must help the United States because they are on retreat, and they must manage that retreat”, said Uruguayan president Jose Mujica in an interview with a new Argentine newspaper “Tiempo Argentino” launched last Sunday. This is the first interview of the Uruguayan president to an Argentine daily.

Tuesday, May 18th 2010 - 04:43 UTC

Brazil is “well prepared” for possible Euro debt crisis spill over

Central bank president Henrique Meirelles

Brazil is well prepared for any negative spillover effects from the EU debt and Euro crisis, although things “could be worse”, according to Brazilian Central Bank president Henrique Meirelles currently in New York.

Tuesday, May 18th 2010 - 04:40 UTC

Chilean officials reluctant to review poverty definition fearing higher percentages

Alicia Bárcena: poverty also means social exclusion

An international conference held last week in Santiago de Chile by the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (CEPAL) took a hard look at how poverty is defined in Latin America and gave Chileans attending the event an opportunity to sound off about how poverty is measured here.

Tuesday, May 18th 2010 - 04:14 UTC

Chile/EU agree to improve energy cooperation and increase trade

Chilean president Sebastian Piñera

Within the framework of the European Union/Latam leaders’ summit held in Madrid, the EU and Chile agreed to “improve and strengthen relations,” with a special focus on energy and trade, five years after the launch of the Association Agreement.

Tuesday, May 18th 2010 - 01:20 UTC

Surprises in the genetic makeup of US Hispanic/Latino populations

Mexicans and Puerto Ricans are the two largest Hispanic/Latino groups

A new study from researchers at New York University Langone Medical Center found that the imprint of European colonialism and imperialism is evident in the genetic makeup of today's Hispanic/Latino American populations.

Tuesday, May 18th 2010 - 01:00 UTC

EU countries divided over extent of agriculture talks with Mercosur

French Agriculture Minister Bruno Le Maire, the leading voice against further concessions to Mercosur

While in Madrid the re-launching of trade European Union/Mercosur trade talks was announced, in Brussels, a meeting of the Agriculture Council showed how sensitive the issue is and how divided EU members are on market access for highly competitive produce from the South American block.

Tuesday, May 18th 2010 - 00:40 UTC

HMS Portland on South Atlantic patrol after successful visit in Brazil

The Type 23 frigate HMS Portland launched in 1999

HMS Portland has taken up station in the British Forces South Atlantic Islands Joint Operations Area in the Falkland Islands. The Type 23 frigate took over from HMS York South Atlantic patrol duties.

Tuesday, May 18th 2010 - 00:20 UTC

Black list for governments that violate press freedom

The bill is named after US journalist David Pearl

President Barack Obama has signed a law that requires the US State Department to compile a public list of foreign governments that violate press freedom.


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