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Montevideo, September 23rd 2018 - 05:01 UTC

Tag: Navy

  • Wednesday, June 28th 2017 - 17:21 UTC

    Chinese Navy launches 10,000-tonne destroyer

    The new Type 055 ship is comparable in size to the latest destroyers fielded in Asian waters by the United States, Japan and South Korea

    China's Navy Wednesday launched a new 10,000-tonne domestically designed and produced destroyer. The vessel, of the Type 055 class, is the first of a new generation of destroyers equipped with new air defense, anti-missile, anti-ship and anti-submarine weapons, and it is regarded as a challenge to naval rivals in Asia. The ship entered the water following a ceremony at Shanghai's Jiangnan Shipyard.

  • Friday, August 13th 2010 - 06:48 UTC

    Indian, Brazilian, South African navies in trilateral war games

    The Indian Navy Destroyer INS Mysore

    Four Indian warships are being dispatched for a two-month-long overseas deployment along the African coast this week, which will culminate in complex trilateral war games among Indian, Brazilian and South African navies.

  • Friday, June 4th 2010 - 01:26 UTC

    Argentina planning to develop nuclear powered vessels for the Navy

    Defence Secretary Nilda Garré on the path ‘back to rationality’

    Argentina is seriously considering incorporating nuclear powered vessels to the Navy and constructing topsides for naval ships and oil rigs. However this will have to be developed with Argentine technology, said Defence minister Nilda Garré.

  • Wednesday, June 2nd 2010 - 23:03 UTC

    Chilean navy upgrades communications in anticipation of future disasters

    The tsunami alert last February 27 failed

    Chilean Navy Commander in Chief Edmundo Gonzalez announced this week that the institution will be spending around 10 million US dollars on new, state of the art communications equipment for its SHOA (Hydrographical and Oceanographic Service) office.