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Silvio Berlusconi
Saturday, October 19th 2013 - 15:50 UTC

Italian Senate votes in November to expel Berlusconi and bar him from politics for six years

The Senate is dominated by Berlusconi opponents and is expected to vote to strip him of his seat

Milan court ruled that former Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi should be barred from holding public office for two years following a conviction for tax fraud. But, since Berlusconi is a senator, the court's decision will have no immediate effect and his expulsion from the Senate will depend on a separate vote in the upper house of parliament, expected to take place next month.

Thursday, October 3rd 2013 - 06:39 UTC

Berlusconi U turn saves Italian coalition but could mark the beginning of his demise

After making his short speech, Il Cavaliere holds his head in his hands as he is consoled by close allies

Silvio Berlusconi backed away from his threat to topple Italy’s coalition government in a humiliating political climb down on Wednesday that could fatally weaken his 20-year grip on Italian politics. The billionaire former prime minister was forced into the last minute U-turn by a revolt that threatened to shatter his conservative party.

Wednesday, October 2nd 2013 - 07:22 UTC

Divided Berlusconi party could save PM Letta’s coalition in confidence vote

Angelino Alfano, Berlusconi's deputy and secretary of People of Freedom, urged the party to unite behind PM Enrico Letta on Wednesday

Leading figures in Silvio Berlusconi's own party have defied him by calling on MPs to back the Italian coalition government in a confidence vote. Angelino Alfano, Berlusconi's deputy and secretary of People of Freedom, urged the party to unite behind Prime Minister Enrico Letta on Wednesday.

Monday, September 23rd 2013 - 19:05 UTC

Francis meets with unemployed and blasts the global economic system based on a “god called money”

The celebrated mass for 300.000 people in Cagliari

Francis has made one of his strongest attacks yet on the global economic system, saying it could no longer be based on a “god called money” and urged the unemployed to fight for work.

Tuesday, September 10th 2013 - 00:23 UTC

Silvio Berlusconi’s fate has the Italian coalition (and economy) on the edge

The former PM party questions support for the coalition if Berlusconi is expelled

Silvio Berlusconi continues to prevail in Italian politics as a close ally warned on Monday that his party could pull out of Prime Minister Enrico Letta's government if a Senate committee refuses to delay a decision on whether to expel the media mogul from parliament.

Sunday, August 4th 2013 - 21:04 UTC

Berlusconi supports coalition despite his court setback and conviction for tax fraud

Undefeated politically, Berlusconi remains the main sustentation of the current coalition

Centre-right leader Silvio Berlusconi has affirmed that Italy's shaky government, a coalition of his party with the centre left, must continue despite severe tensions after the Supreme Court confirmed his conviction for tax fraud.

Monday, April 29th 2013 - 06:15 UTC

Technician Saccomanni will be responsible for Italy’s economy

An independent Saccomanni was until now president of the Central Bank

Italy's new government line-up brings together personalities from across the political spectrum, from Silvio Berlusconi's apparent successor to a crime fighter and a militant feminist from the radical party. Some of the key names of the ‘grand coalition’ members tasked with tackling the social and economic crisis in recession-hit Italy-.

Friday, April 26th 2013 - 07:29 UTC

Berlusconi emerges as the great saviour of the current Italian political stalemate

‘Il Cavalieri’ has outsmarted his rivals and favours a coalition headed by Letta

Silvio Berlusconi, the three-time prime minister and two-time convicted lawbreaker seems to be the great victor in Italy by out-manoeuvring rivals during an eight-week political stalemate and becoming the key figure in talks for a new coalition government.

Monday, April 22nd 2013 - 08:06 UTC

Berlusconi master-minds right-left agreement in support of President Napolitano’s re-election

Napolitano now has the power to call a snap election (Photo Reuters)

The leader of Italy's anti-establishment 5-Star Movement, Beppe Grillo, criticised the re-election of President Giorgio Napolitano as a desperate attempt to retain power by a discredited establishment.

Friday, April 19th 2013 - 02:35 UTC

Italy’s political stalemate extends to the election of a new president

In two votes Bersani's candidate Franco Marini fell far short of the required majority

Italy's parliament failed to elect a new state president in the first two votes on Thursday with a centre-left rebellion against leader Pier Luigi Bersani torpedoing his official candidate and prolonging a political stalemate.


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