United States

United States
Thursday, December 2nd 2010 - 01:50 UTC

US was concerned about Argentine reactions to Falkland Islands exploration round

Former Argentine Foreign Affairs minister Jorge Taiana: “read the small print”

New cables released by the website Wikileaks and published by the Spanish newspaper El País state the US Secretary of State worries in June 2009 about the sudden change in the language of Argentine President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner's government in Antarctica and Falkland/Malvinas Islands case.

Wednesday, December 1st 2010 - 22:14 UTC

Lula da Silva’s 8 years marked by corruption and crime, says a Wikileak cable

The Brazilian government has been unable to address public opinion’s main concern, crime

Brazilian president Lula da Silva concludes his eight years in office with a performance marked by open corruption “among his closest political allies”, with a “plague” of vote-buying in Congress and the ruling party, and without having given a reply to the issue of crime.

Wednesday, December 1st 2010 - 08:05 UTC

Argentina “surprised” US intelligence gathering was done by diplomatic channels

Former cabinet chief Massa described the late Kirchner as a “psychopath” and said Cristina Kirchner “followed orders”

In what is considered to be the first official statement by the Argentine government in the Wikileaks scandal, Argentine ambassador to the UN Jorge Argüello said on Tuesday that the released documents “are a delicate matter that will put the US at least in an embarrassing position.”

Tuesday, November 30th 2010 - 06:27 UTC

US State Department obsessed curiosity with Argentina’s “First couple”

Mrs. Clinton extreme curiosity or a presidential couple mirror?

Amongst the 250,000 documents released by the WikiLeaks organization is a cable that shows the intention of the White House of “preparing a written product examining the interpersonal dynamics between the Argentine governing tandem” (“ruling couple” or First couple”) Cristina and Nestor Kirchner, according to the published material.

Tuesday, November 30th 2010 - 05:31 UTC

Hillary praises US diplomats: “they are doing the work we want them to do”

The US Secretary of State is scheduled to meet Russia PM Putin and President Medvedev (Batman and Robin)

US Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, gave a press conference Monday in which she responded and charged against online whistle-blower Wikileaks after the worldwide diplomatic repercussions over the contents of 250,000 classified documents.

Monday, November 29th 2010 - 22:27 UTC

Obama begins to attack budget deficit: freezes federal workers pay for two years

The US president faces a renewed Republican opposition

Amid expectations over President Barack Obama's comments on the Wikileaks scandal, he instead offered a speech to announce a two-year freeze on the pay of federal workers, as he seeks to show he is committed to reining in the ballooning US budget deficit.

Thursday, November 25th 2010 - 20:58 UTC

World corn production slightly lower; lowest inventory in four years

Hot weather in August in the US seared fields in the world’s biggest corn exporter.

World corn production will be 0.5% lower than forecast last month as reduced U.S. and Brazilian crops result in smaller-than-estimated inventories, the International Grains Council reported on Thursday.

Wednesday, November 24th 2010 - 20:55 UTC

US on the path of Japan’s stagflation of 18 years ago, says Nobel Prize

Paul Krugman: Obama faces unsolved economic downturn and an adverse Congress

Economics 2008 Nobel Prize Paul Krugman said the United States is heading along a path of stagnation and deflation similar to that of Japan 18 years ago given the critical economic situation and the uncertain political scenario following the recent mid term elections that brought to Congress diehard Republicans.

Wednesday, November 24th 2010 - 00:54 UTC

The Fed cuts US economy growth estimate for 2011 and ups unemployment

Thomas Hoenig of the Kansas City Federal Reserve Bank voted against pumping more money into the economy

The Federal Reserve has cut its 2011 growth forecast for the US economy, newly released minutes of its last policy committee meeting reveal. The Fed expects growth of 3-3.6% next year, down from its previous 3.5-4.2% estimate. It also forecasts higher unemployment and lower inflation than before.

Tuesday, November 23rd 2010 - 19:23 UTC

US economy grows faster than estimated in the third quarter: 2.5%

However unemployment remains at a solid 9.6%

US economy grew faster than previously estimated in the third quarter, government data showed, but still not enough to address stubbornly high unemployment. GDP growth was revised up to an annualized rate of 2.5% from 2% as exports together with consumer and government spending were stronger than initially thought.


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