United States

United States
Thursday, August 13th 2009 - 14:36 UTC

Uribe will be present at Unasur summit in Bariloche

According to Colombian military forces commander Freddy Padilla the agreement with the US and reconditioning of bases is 99% agreed.

The Unasur (Union of South American Nations) extraordinary summit to address the US forces in Colombian bases controversy, and which was agreed in Ecuador, will take place in Bariloche at the end of the month announced the Argentine presidency.

Thursday, August 13th 2009 - 14:29 UTC

Zelaya and Lula da Silva call on Obama to solve Honduras political crisis

Massive protests in Tegucigalpa while Zelaya meets Chile’s Bachelet on Thursday

Ousted Honduran President Manuel Zelaya and Brazilian President Lula da Silva called on Wednesday on the United States to use more political influence to help solve the Honduran crisis.

Thursday, August 13th 2009 - 08:34 UTC

Fed says US economy “levelling off” although activity likely to remain weak

Fed will continue to pump liquidity by purchasing up to 1.25 trillion USD of agency mortgage-backed securities and up to 200 billion of agency debt.

The Federal Reserve left US interest rates un changed between 0% and 0.25% describing the current situation as “levelling off” although economic activity is “likely to remain weak for a time”.

Thursday, August 13th 2009 - 08:29 UTC

A second bubble? US homeowners face mortgage debts higher than house value

According to a Deutsche bank report 41% of prime conforming loans will be “underwater” by the first quarter of 2011.

The percentage of US homeowners who owe more than their house is worth will nearly double to 48% in 2011 from 26% at the end of March, portending another blow to the housing market, Deutsche Bank said on Wednesday.

Thursday, August 13th 2009 - 08:22 UTC

Soros optimistic about recovery of the US economy in third quarter

The billionaire financier said that no more stimulus money is needed in the US

The United States economy has hit the bottom and the current quarter will see positive growth because of the government's stimulus spending, according to billionaire financier George Soros.

Tuesday, August 11th 2009 - 11:20 UTC

Obama calls “hypocrites” those who demand US direct action in Honduras

Harper, Calderon and Obama support OAS efforts and Costa Rica president Arias mediation.

United States President Barack Obama said it was hypocritical for critics of Washington's response to a coup against Honduran President Manuel Zelaya to demand a more forceful US role in returning him to power.

Saturday, August 8th 2009 - 14:17 UTC

Obama denies the US plans to set military bases in Colombia

The US president exposed the irony of those who complain about US interference and want him “to press a button and suddenly reinstate Zelaya”

President Barack Obama joined Friday a controversy boiling in South America by denying the United States is planning to set up military bases in Colombia as part of an upgraded security agreement with Bogotá. “There have been those in the region who have been trying to play this up as part of a traditional anti-Yankee rhetoric. This is not accurate,” Obama told Hispanic media reporters.

Saturday, August 8th 2009 - 13:40 UTC

US job losses soften and fall to 9.4%, first drop since April 2008

A cautious Obama said “the worst of the recession may be behind us”

The United States economy lost 247,000 jobs in July, far fewer than analysts had expected, official figures show. With fewer workers being laid off, the unemployment rate fell to 9.4%, down from 9.5% in the previous month, the first drop since April 2008.

Friday, August 7th 2009 - 11:45 UTC

Senate confirms first Hispanic woman to serve on the US Supreme Court

Sonia Sotomayor grew up in the housing projects of New York’s Bronx.

The United States Senate confirmed Sonia Sotomayor as the third woman and first Hispanic to serve on the US Supreme Court, a major victory for President Barack Obama. The Thursday vote by a margin of 68 to 31 was hailed as “a wonderful day for America” by President Barack Obama.

Friday, August 7th 2009 - 07:19 UTC

US financial support for Brazil to develop massive offshore pre-salt oil deposits

China had previously loaned Petrobras a similar sum

United States is prepared to provide up to 10 billion US dollars in loans to finance the development of massive hydrocarbon reserves off Brazil’s coast, revealed Brazil’s Planning Minister Paulo Bernardo da Silva.


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