United States

United States
Friday, October 9th 2009 - 11:09 UTC

Who is to replace US consumer as the global growth engine?

Robert Zoellick, World Bank president looking out to China and Brazil

Since the United States consumer is no longer the main global growth engine, experts are expecting China to take over the role, although they are also looking for other locomotives in other regions of the world to help with economic recovery.

Friday, October 9th 2009 - 05:33 UTC

Career diplomat nominated as US ambassador in Montevideo

David D. Nelson is currently Acting Assistant Secretary

President Barack Obama has announced his intent to nominate David D. Nelson to the post of United States Ambassador to Uruguay. His nomination has to be approved by Congress.

Thursday, October 8th 2009 - 11:14 UTC

All time US budget deficit record in 2009, equivalent to 9.9% of GDP

CBO says spending in fiscal 2009 was equivalent to 25% of GDP

The US budget deficit more than tripled to a record 1.4 trillion US dollars in the fiscal year to 30 September, according to US Congress estimates. Congressional analysts had previously predicted a deficit of 1.6 trillion but revised their latest estimate, which comes after the end of the fiscal year.

Wednesday, October 7th 2009 - 09:27 UTC

US wishes to improve trade relations and cooperation with Uruguay

Walter Bastian has met with Uruguay’s two leading presidential candidates

United States wishes to improve and expand trade relations with Uruguay as well as scientific cooperation, was the message from the United States Barack Obama administration to the country’s ruling coalition presidential ticket for this month’s general election.

Monday, October 5th 2009 - 13:20 UTC

US economic power declining because of financial crisis, says World Bank

World Bank president Robert Zoellick said a multi-polar economy will be more stable for the world

United States economic power is declining as a result of the financial crisis, the head of the World Bank has said. “One of the legacies of this crisis may be recognition of changed economic power relations,” said World Bank president Robert Zoellick.

Saturday, October 3rd 2009 - 08:40 UTC

US shocked by rising unemployment; fears of consumer confidence erosion

Have a buck to spare? Number of US jobless totals 15.1 million.

The United States economy lost 263.000 jobs in September, which was more than had been expected, according to official non-farm payrolls figures. The jobless rate rose to a fresh 26-year high of 9.8% from August's figure of 9.7%.
The number in employment has now fallen for 21 consecutive months.

Friday, October 2nd 2009 - 17:15 UTC

US top commander admits insurgency is winning in Afghanistan

General McChrystal wants 40.000 more troops

Success in the struggle against the Taliban cannot be taken for granted and time is running out, the commander of the international forces in Afghanistan has warned. US General Stanley McChrystal said the situation in the country was “serious” - and in some respects deteriorating - with increasing violence and a growing insurgency.

Friday, October 2nd 2009 - 09:21 UTC

Gay penguins and Harry Potter’s witchcraft in US banned books list

“And Tango Makes Three” has had the most ban requests

Authors, artists and musicians are due to gather at a library in San Francisco to protest against the banning of books in schools and libraries in the United States. The event, part of the 27th annual Banned Books Week, has been organised by the American Library Association.

Friday, October 2nd 2009 - 09:18 UTC

US Congress agrees 350 million USD for small dairy farmers

Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack

The United States Congress has agreed to provide 350 million US dollars to struggling dairy farmers following a compromise during negotiations on a 23.3 billion USD agriculture bill.

Thursday, October 1st 2009 - 16:01 UTC

US government relaxes control over internet

The US government has relaxed its control over how the internet is run. It has signed a four-page “affirmation of commitments” with the net regulator Icann, giving the body autonomy for the first time.


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