United States

United States
Thursday, July 2nd 2009 - 08:21 UTC

US car sales drop in June but Ford shows stabilization signs

Japan’s Toyota US sales fell 31.9% and Honda, 29.5%

United States vehicle sales dropped in June, but there were signs of stabilisation as Ford saw its smallest fall in a year. Ford, the only one of the so-called “Big Three” carmakers not to have gone bankrupt, had the smallest drop, with sales down 10.7% from a year earlier. General Motors said sales fell 33.6%, while Chrysler sales fell by 42%.

Wednesday, July 1st 2009 - 13:07 UTC

Leading Senator calls for US trade benefits to Uruguay, “bypassing” Mercosur

Lugar’s proposal linked to Mercosur junior members’ frustration with Brazil and Argentine dominance

United States Senator Richard Lugar, the ranking Republican on the Foreign Relations Committee is urging the US to extend trade benefits to Uruguay, bypassing Mercosur, a move he says would also increase pressure on Brazil to deepen commercial ties.

Wednesday, July 1st 2009 - 12:50 UTC

US Democrats consolidate control of the Senate with 61 seats

Former comedian Al Franken and Senator Arlen Specter

The state of Minnesota's Supreme Court declared Democrat Al Franken the winner of the disputed 2008 US Senate race thus giving the Democrats their 60th vote.

Thursday, June 25th 2009 - 09:49 UTC

Washington and Venezuela agree to re-establish their ambassadors

Chavez and Obama’s premonitory handshake in Trinidad Tobago.

Venezuela and United States will be re-establishing their ambassadors in the coming days, confirmed on Wednesday Venezuelan Foreign Affairs minister Nicolas Maduro Ambassadors Bernardo Alvarez and Patrick Duddy were withdrawn last September when hostility between President Hugo Chavez and former President George Bush climaxed following years of disagreements and diplomatic clashes.

Thursday, June 25th 2009 - 06:16 UTC

US recession “slowing” but economy is expected to remain weak, says Fed

In spite of the impressive injections of liquidity Fed anticipates inflation will remain subdued for some time

The United States Federal Reserve kept interest rates unchanged on Wednesday and said that the recession in the US is “slowing” but “economic activity is likely to remain weak for a time”.

Wednesday, June 24th 2009 - 15:25 UTC

Obama praises Bachelet and Lula da Silva as “model relations”

Presidents Bachelet and Obama at the White House

United States president described his Chilean peer Michelle Bachelet as “one of the most compelling leaders” of Latinamerica and together with Brazil’s Lula da Silva they are an “example” of the kind of relations Washington wants with the region.

Monday, June 22nd 2009 - 07:59 UTC

Test for “new US policy”: Chile’s Bachelet meets President Obama

The two presidents will address bilateral and hemispheric relations.

Chilean president Michelle Bachelet begins on Tuesday an official two-day visit to the United States where she will be meeting with President Barack Obama at the White House, members of Congress and the Organization of American States Secretary General.

Thursday, June 18th 2009 - 14:50 UTC

US unveils major banking shake-up since the 1930s

President Obama: “this recession is not a result of one failure but of many”.

The US government has announced a major reform of banking regulation to prevent future financial crises. The overhaul will require big banks to put more money aside against future losses to curb excessive risk taking.

Tuesday, June 16th 2009 - 10:56 UTC

US government proposes sweeping reforms to financial regulation

The Federal Reserve is set to play a greater role in the programmed reform

The US government is planning a major overhaul of the system of financial regulation to avoid future crises. The broad outlines of the plan were revealed on Monday by US Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner and White House economic adviser Larry Summers.

Wednesday, June 10th 2009 - 07:34 UTC

US banks ready to repay bail-out money, but fears of further credit crunch

Ten of the largest US banks will be able to repay 68 billion US dollars in government bail-out money, the US Treasury says, a sign the financial crisis is easing. President Barack Obama welcomed the move but said it was not a sign that “our financial troubles were over”.


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