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Montevideo, March 26th 2017 - 07:20 UTC

United States

  • Friday, March 3rd 2017 - 10:59 UTC

    Trump's UK state visit delayed: an option is Scotland, during parliament recess, says London media

    Trump and PM May agreed to postpone the trip during a phone call two weeks ago until controversy abates

    Donald Trump’s state visit to the UK is to be delayed until October and will take place mostly in Scotland, according to reports. The Daily Mail has reported that planners want to shift much of the US president’s trip - originally penciled in for the first week in June - to the Queen’s residence at Balmoral, Aberdeenshire, in a bid to deter protesters.The president could spend as little as one day in London before heading to Scotland.

  • Wednesday, March 1st 2017 - 17:03 UTC

    Trump addresses Congress with a speech of unity and hope

    “A new chapter of American greatness is now beginning. A new national pride is sweeping across our nation”

    United States president Trump declared on Tuesday that a “new chapter of American greatness is now beginning” as he made economic revival the centerpiece of his first address to Congress – issuing a clarion call to “restart the engine of the American economy” through tax cuts, better trade deals, immigration enforcement and a US$1 trillion infrastructure program.

  • Sunday, February 26th 2017 - 14:18 UTC

    A Latino, ex-Obama Labor secretary elected chairman of the Democrats

    “By getting back to basics, we can turn the Democratic Party around, take the fight to Donald Trump, and win elections from school board to the Senate”, said Perez

    Former Labor Secretary Tom Perez on Saturday was elected chairman of the United States Democratic National Committee, defeating top-rival Minnesota Rep. Keith Ellison, in their respective bids to chart the direction of the national party. Perez was elected after two rounds of balloting in Atlanta at the party’s annual winter meeting. He received 235 votes, crossing the threshold of 218 ballots.

  • Sunday, February 26th 2017 - 14:04 UTC

    “I prefer bridges to walls”, Kuczynski tells Trump at the White House

    “We're interested in the free movement of people ... I emphasized that to President Trump and we prefer bridges to walls”, said the Peruvian president

    The first Latin American leader to visit U.S. President Donald Trump at the White House said that he told Trump he prefers bridges to walls and favors the free movement of people across borders. However, Peruvian President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski declined to comment specifically on Trump's proposal to build a wall along the U.S.-Mexican border to curb illegal immigration and drug trafficking in a press conference following the meeting.

  • Saturday, February 25th 2017 - 11:30 UTC

    Pope Francis defends indigenous peoples' rights to their ancestral lands

    Francis said the key issue facing indigenous peoples is how to reconcile the right to economic development with protecting their cultures and territories.

    Pope Francis insisted that indigenous groups must give prior consent to any economic activity affecting their ancestral lands, a view that conflict with the Trump administration, which is pushing to build a US$3.8bn oil pipeline over opposition from American Indians.

  • Thursday, February 23rd 2017 - 10:17 UTC

    Donald Trump masks have become a hit of Brazil's Carnival

     With his blond hair and his orange-tinted face, a Trump mask is prominently featured in the display window of an enormous store selling all sorts of costumes

    President Donald Trump has become one of the new stars of Brazil’s Carnival, with masks of his face on sale in the costume stores in Sao Paulo and appearing everywhere at the street fetes preceding the “world’s biggest party,” which starts this weekend.

  • Wednesday, February 22nd 2017 - 18:36 UTC

    Trump toughens immigration policy: millions could be targeted for deportation

    Homeland Security Department memos signed by Sec. John Kelly include people arrested for shoplifting or minor offenses, or having crossed the border illegally.

    Millions of people living in the United States illegally could be targeted for deportation — including people simply arrested for traffic violations — under a sweeping rewrite of immigration enforcement policies announced Tuesday by the Trump administration.

  • Friday, February 17th 2017 - 10:25 UTC

    Mexico looking at Argentina and Brazil as an alternative for US corn

    Agriculture Secretary Calzada will be travelling to Argentina and Brazil and said that the Mexican government could explore quotas and changing the tariff regime

    Mexican politicians are saber rattling against the US agriculture sector, and it looks like Argentina is ready to fill the gap. In effect Mexico's agriculture minister said on Thursday he will lead a business delegation to Argentina and Brazil to explore buying yellow corn, part of a drive to lessen Mexico's U.S. dependence given uncertainty over President Donald Trump's trade policies.

  • Friday, February 17th 2017 - 09:58 UTC

    Trump nominates first Hispanic (anb traditional Republican) as Secretary of Labor

    Acosta has had a decades-long public service career, serving in three presidentially appointed and Senate-confirmed positions

    President Donald Trump on Thursday nominated former National Labor Relations Board member R. Alexander Acosta to serve as U.S. secretary of labor, one day after Trump's original choice withdrew. Acosta is dean of the Florida International University College of Law in Miami and is Trump’s first Hispanic nominee.

  • Friday, February 17th 2017 - 09:48 UTC

    Malcorra meets Tillerson to discuss bilateral agenda; Boris Johnson on Friday

     The Argentine minister meets her US counterpart Rex Tillerson in Bonn (Pic EFE)

    Argentine foreign minister Susana Malcorra met on Thursday in Bonn with US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and one of the issues addressed was organizing the coming summit of presidents Mauricio Macri and Donald Trump, following the invitation extended to the Argentine leader by the US president on Wednesday's phone exchange.