Tuesday, April 1st 2014 - 03:45 UTC

Conflict with government over violence in Uruguayan football could have FIFA consequences

The match between Nacional and Newell's Boys and following violence triggered the current situation

Uruguayan Football Association (AUF) president Sebastián Bauza and the entire body's board of directors have tendered their resignations, as a fierce conflict sparked by President José Mujica's decision to remove police officers from the country's two most popular teams' matches (Peñarol and Nacional) generally marred by violence and destruction.

Monday, March 31st 2014 - 19:42 UTC

Uruguay and Peru in line for a possible upgrading, according to Moody's

Uruguay central bank with sufficient reserves to cover 18 months of debt payments plus contingent funds

Uruguay and Peru are the first Latin American countries in line for a possible credit rating hike by Moody's Investors Service, at a moment when sovereign upgrades are expected to become more scarce in the region, a senior analyst with the ratings firm said.

Friday, March 21st 2014 - 01:20 UTC

Mujica confirms Uruguay will accept Guantanamo prisoners as 'refugees'

The Uruguayan president made the revelation on Thursday

President Jose Mujica confirmed that Uruguay has agreed with the United States to accept some prisoners held in the much-criticized detention center at the US military base of Guantanamo Bay, but he also cautioned that “everything has a bill”.

Wednesday, March 19th 2014 - 07:30 UTC

A Vazquez victory forecasted in Uruguay but with 'orthodox economics' threatened

The former president will face the greatest challenges from inside the coalition

The Economist Intelligence Unit anticipates a 2015 scenario in which Tabaré Vazquez from the ruling coalition will most probably be president, but in a situation quite different from that of his first mandate (2005/2010) if he insists in implementing orthodox economics.

Wednesday, March 19th 2014 - 07:07 UTC

Mercosur has been 'a good deal' for Uruguay, 'it could have been better'

Mujica admitted that all the 'added value' of Uruguayan exports is sold in the region

President Jose Mujica said that Mercosur even with all its problems “has been a good deal” although it “could have been better”, and it is imperative that the group signs trade agreements with Europe and China, which has become the main trade partner of the region.

Tuesday, March 18th 2014 - 06:41 UTC

Unasur delegation begins dialogue-contacts next week to help with Venezuelan situation

Uruguayan foreign minister Luis Almagro made the announcement in Montevideo

Uruguayan foreign minister Luis Almagro confirmed that next week a delegation from Unasur (Union of South American Nations) will be ready to sponsor dialogue and help de-compress the situation in Venezuela as was agreed at the recent foreign ministers meeting held in Santiago de Chile when the inauguration of president Michelle Bachelet.

Saturday, March 15th 2014 - 08:25 UTC

Despite inflation Astori argues that cutting government spending is not the solution

The Uruguayan Vice-president insists that government spending is needed to finance infrastructure and social policies

It is a mistake to blame government expenditure for the increase of prices, as is the concept that inflation can be defeated by cutting government spending, said Uruguayan Vice-president and economist Danilo Astori, who argued that in many cases these funds are essential to finance public investments and social policies.

Saturday, March 15th 2014 - 08:13 UTC

Uruguay combats inflation with price agreements and reducing taxes on public utilities rates

Minister Bergara was present at the final meeting which sealed the agreement

The Uruguayan government finalized on Friday a prices agreement with commerce and trade organizations to help bring down the third highest inflation of the region which is advancing at an almost two-digit pace. The package is to be completed with government fiscal 'sacrifice' such as the elimination of taxes on some public utilities rates.

Friday, March 14th 2014 - 09:00 UTC

Farm land sales in Uruguay last year totaled a record 1.3bn dollars

The average hectare price was 3.519 dollars but the best land sold at over 6.500 dollars

Farm land sales in Uruguay totaled a record 1.3bn dollars in 2013, involving 1.868 operations and 370.927 hectares, which is 10% more than in 2012, according to the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Food ministry's Stats Office, DIEA. Uruguay's farmland covers approximately 17 million hectares and the most dynamic buyers are the pensions funds, says the report.

Thursday, March 13th 2014 - 22:51 UTC

UK prefers to discuss Malvinas with Massa or Macri says Swire, according to Telam

Foreign Secretary minister Hugo Swire was interviewed by Telam in Montevideo

British Minister of State for the Foreign Office Hugo Swire has stated London would rather sit at the negotiating table with Argentine opposition presidential hopefuls Sergio Massa or Mauricio Macri to discuss Falklands/Malvinas Islands sovereignty.


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