Thursday, March 13th 2014 - 05:52 UTC

Falklands, trade, Mercosur/EU, oil and gas, in Swire's agenda in Uruguay

Foreign Office minister Swire with Vice-president and acting president Danilo Astori (Pic by Dpto Fotografia del Parlamento)

Bilateral trade, Mercosur/EU talks, oil and gas cooperation, and Falkland Islands, plus some audacious comments on the coming World Cup match Uruguay/England, were some of the issues addressed by Foreign Office minister for Latin-American Hugo Swire during his one day visit to Uruguay on Wednesday.

Tuesday, March 11th 2014 - 06:19 UTC

UN anti-drugs chief says 'legalization' is not a solution and points to Uruguay

Yury Fedotov questions Uruguay's legalization because it is not fully in line with drug control provisions

Legalization will not solve the world's narcotics problem, the UN anti-drugs chief said on Monday, indicating disagreement with a decision by Uruguay to allow the growing, sale and smoking of marijuana.

Tuesday, March 11th 2014 - 05:52 UTC

A '99% chance' that Venezuela's Maduro visits Uruguay later this week

Foreign minister Luis Almagro anticipated the possibility of such a visit to parliament last month

Despite strong criticism from the opposition the Uruguayan government said it is prepared to receive Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro on an official visit, and there is a 99% chance that this could occur next Thursday, said foreign minister Luis Almagro.

Monday, March 10th 2014 - 05:57 UTC

Alejandro Zaffaroni, Uruguayan biochemist developer of the birth control pill, dies at 91

Dr. Zaffaroni was awarded the National Medal of Technology and Innovation in 1995.

The following is an obituary published in The New York Times to honor a Uruguayan born scientist, graduated in Montevideo's Medicine School, who in his long career in the US is credited with having developed the birth control pill and the nicotine patches among other biotechnological advances.

Thursday, March 6th 2014 - 21:45 UTC

Foreign Office minister Swire will visit Uruguay on Wednesday 12 March

The minister will be meeting with acting president, vice-president Danilo Astori. President Mujica will be in Chile

Hugo Swire MP, FCO Minister for Latin America, will be visiting Uruguay on Wednesday 12 March where he is scheduled to hold several political and trade meetings. The minister will be returning from Santiago de Chile where he will attend the inauguration ceremony of Chilean president Michelle Bachelet.

Thursday, March 6th 2014 - 05:53 UTC

February confirmed that inflation remains Uruguay's main challenge

Exceptional wet weather caused fresh food prices to soar

Inflation in Uruguay during February reached 1.66% which is equivalent to 9.82% in the last twelve months, the third highest in South America behind Venezuela and Argentina.

Thursday, March 6th 2014 - 05:44 UTC

Malvinas opportunities and links for Uruguay, but mostly unknown to current generations

Uruguayan businessman Samuel Lafone helped introduce cattle to the Falklands

Lawmaker Jaime Trobo came out strongly is support of close links between the Falkland Islands and Uruguay in a column which he published in Mercopress underlining the ”interesting lesson of discovering a reality mostly unknown for Uruguayans despite the (Islands) geographic, cultural and historic proximity to Uruguay”.

Saturday, March 1st 2014 - 05:12 UTC

Uruguay approves IMF test, but inflation and the neighbors could bring surprises

IMF Deputy managing director Naoyuki Shinohara visited Montevideo

The International Monetary Fund lowered its forecast for economic growth in Uruguay this year to 3% from its previous estimate of 3.3%, the IMF's deputy managing director said on Friday in Montevideo. Naoyuki Shinohara told reporters that the revision is due to lower growth expected in Uruguay's neighbors Argentina and Brazil and lower prices for commodities and Uruguayan exports.

Saturday, March 1st 2014 - 02:29 UTC

Core-hole confirms conventional oil reservoir potential in north Uruguay

Petrel Energy Managing Director, David Casey said the exceptional permeability measurements have been surprising

Australia's Petrel Energy has confirmed the conventional oil reservoir potential of the San Gregorio and Cerrezuelo sandstones in Uruguay following detailed analysis of the Cardozo Chico core-hole samples. Petrel said that laboratory testing undertaken by Weatherford in Houston returned excellent permeability and porosity measurements.

Friday, February 28th 2014 - 05:09 UTC

Minister announces Maduro will inform Unasur on the Venezuela situation

Minister Jaua met with President Mujica (L) and thanked him for his efforts and knowledge of the Venezuelan people

Foreign minister Elías Jaua said that Caracas will not accept international mediation in the current situation faced by Venezuela but nevertheless thanked Uruguay's president Jose Mujica for his efforts and knowledge about what's going on in his country.


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