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Montevideo, May 20th 2018 - 12:04 UTC


  • Thursday, February 8th 2018 - 11:24 UTC

    Venezuelan presidential elections for April 22

    The Head of the National Electoral Council, Tibisay Lucena, made the announcement Wednesday after talks broke down  in Dominican Republic

    Venezuela's questioned electoral council has set April 22 as the date for a controversial presidential election, which was supposed to occur late 2018. The opposition accuses President Nicolas Maduro of using to plan a second term for himself.

  • Thursday, February 8th 2018 - 09:26 UTC

    China confirms support for Venezuela and lashes out at “irresponsible” US

    Spokesman Geng Shuang said financial cooperation with Venezuela was set by companies and financial bodies in both nations on commercial, win-win principles.

    China’s support for Venezuela has benefited ordinary people and been broadly welcomed, the foreign ministry said after the U.S. Treasury accused China of aiding Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro’s government with murky oil-for-loan investments.

  • Wednesday, February 7th 2018 - 21:55 UTC

    Colombian government refuses to close its border with Venezuela

    There are at least 600,000 Venezuelans on Colombian ground. Many of whom are in transit to Chile, Ecuador or Peru

    At least 8,000 Venezuelans cross the border between Colombia and Venezuela daily to the department of Arauca, southeast of Colombia. Although the migratory flow at this point does not compare with the thirty or forty thousand Venezuelans who cross the Simón Bolívar bridge between Santander and Táchira every day, in Arauca the majority of migrants arrive in conditions of extreme vulnerability.

  • Wednesday, February 7th 2018 - 07:50 UTC

    Venezuela desperate after US dollars; greenback costs 228.000 Bolivars in the black market

    The central bank said the first auction of its new DICOM system yielded an exchange rate of 30,987.5 bolivars per euro, equivalent to around 25,000 per dollar.

    Venezuela’s central bank announced a devaluation of more than 99% of its official exchange rate with the launch of a new foreign exchange platform, a move critics quickly said would not create a functioning currency market.

  • Saturday, February 3rd 2018 - 16:31 UTC

    Venezuelan police radio recording reveals that Oscar Pérez would have surrendered before dying

    The audio reveals that the rebel pilot and his group negotiated their surrender with the Commander in charge of the capture. However, 3 hours later were all dead.

    In audio filtered to Univisión (1), the radio transmission among the Venezuelan police forces that participated on the morning of January 15 in the capture operation against a revolt pilot Óscar Pérez and six of his companions carried out outside of Caracas is revealed. In the revealed material, the commander of the operation, Major of the National Guard Rafael Bastardo confirms his surrender.

  • Saturday, February 3rd 2018 - 10:30 UTC

    Venezuela rejects UN decision to take Guyana border controversy to The Hague

    The administration of President Nicolas Maduro says it prefers another shot at the UN Secretary General Good Offices’ Process.

    Venezuela has rejected the decision made by the United Nations to refer the border controversy with Guyana to the International Court of Justice (ICJ). “The Government of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, faithful to its historical tradition and in accordance with the Bolivarian Diplomacy of Peace, reiterates its firm disposition to defend the territorial integrity of our Homeland and maintain political negotiation based on the 1966 Geneva Accord, as the only way to reach a peaceful solution, practical and satisfactory for both parties and in favor of our Peoples,” the Venezuelan government said in a statement on Wednesday.

  • Thursday, February 1st 2018 - 11:05 UTC

    Opposition denies pre-agreement in the dialogue

    Borges, Democratic Unity, said “There are many points that require further work to see if a final agreement on the crisis in the country is achieved. Today we have come build an agreement ”

    The pro-government representative in the negotiations in Dominican Republic, Jorge Rodriguez announced that a pre-agreement had been reached and that he was almost certain that on Wednesday the talks would come to fruition. However, the opposition came to deny it.

  • Wednesday, January 31st 2018 - 22:51 UTC

    Venezuela will hold pre-sale of the new “petro” cryptocurrenty on February 20

    “All the cryptocurrencies of the world have been revalued after Venezuela’s announcements about the creation of the petro,” said Maduro in a speech

    A “pre-sale” of Venezuela’s new ‘petro’ cryptocurrency will begin on February 20, President Nicolas Maduro said on Tuesday, a move that the government hopes will help pull the country out of a dire economic crisis.

  • Wednesday, January 31st 2018 - 09:33 UTC

    Unicef and Caritas confirm growing and extended malnutrition in Venezuela

    Venezuela has not published data on wasting, a low weight to height ratio in children, since 2009, when figure was 3.2%. Caritas put the figure at 15.5% in 2017. Photo: Meridith Kohut / New York Times

    The U.N. children's agency UNICEF said it was seeing clear signs of a growing malnutrition crisis in Venezuela, but it lacked data to give precise information and to tackle the problem effectively.

  • Wednesday, January 31st 2018 - 08:42 UTC

    Guyana/Venezuela border controversy referred to the International Court of Justice

    Secretary-General Guterres stated that he has chosen the International Court of Justice as the means to be used for the solution of the controversy.

    United Nations Secretary-General, António Guterres has referred the Guyana/Venezuela border controversy to the International Court of Justice (ICJ). In a statement which was published on the UN’s website on Tuesday, Stéphane Dujarric, spokesman for the Secretary-General stated that Mr Guterres has fulfilled the responsibility that has fallen to him within the framework set by his predecessor in December 2016, and has chosen the International Court of Justice as the means to be used for the solution of the controversy.