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  • Thursday, June 7th 2007 - 21:00 UTC

    Argentina: excellent squid season but weak foreign demand

    Cleaned Illex Squid Tube

    The current Illex squid season for Argentina has been one of the best in the last five years but exports have not been as dynamic: in the first quarter of this year overseas sales were a modest 37.300 tons, (36 million US dollars) according to Chubut province press reports.

  • Thursday, June 7th 2007 - 21:00 UTC

    Argentina estimates annual inflation in the range of 9.5 to 10%

    Argentine Economy minister Felisa Miceli estimated inflation this year will range between 9.5 and 10%, following the release of the May index, 0.4%. She also announced that the issuing of a bond in local currency to soak liquidity from the money market was very successful

  • Tuesday, June 5th 2007 - 21:00 UTC

    OAS unanimous support for Argentina's Falklands' claim

    Taiana during his speech at OAS sumit held in Panama

    As has been the rule the 37th Organization of American States Foreign Secretaries summit unanimously approved a declaration in support of Argentina's claim to the Malvinas/Falklands islands while Argentina pounded Britain for its unilateral actions ignoring cooperation understandings.

  • Monday, June 4th 2007 - 21:00 UTC

    Repsol looking to divest 45% of Argentine unit YPF

    Spanish-Argentine oil company Repsol YPF SA admitted Monday that it's looking to divest a stake of around 45% of its Argentine unit YPF which it purchased in 1999 for the sum of 15 billion US dollars when Argentina was ruled by President Carlos Menem.

  • Monday, June 4th 2007 - 21:00 UTC

    Kirchner joins the Buenos Aires run off with heavy ammo

    Less than 24 hours after the Buenos Aires City elections results were made official, Argentine president Nestor Kirchner jumped into the run off dispute scheduled for next June 24 between the Conservative winner of the first round Maruicio Macri (46%), and his protégé and Education Minister Daniel Filmus (24%).

  • Sunday, June 3rd 2007 - 21:00 UTC

    Buenos Aires Sunday vote signals start of electoral calendar

    Macri is leading and is forecasted to win the first round

    Today Argentina's capital will be voting for a new mayor (governor) and given the political significance of Buenos Aires City June 3 will be signaling the beginning of five long months of electoral battling culminating October 28 with the election, most probably, of another Kirchner (Mr. or Mrs.)

  • Sunday, June 3rd 2007 - 21:00 UTC

    Winter, Sweden and soccer in the race for Buenos Aires City

    Macri thanked Buenos Aires residents for their votes

    Buenos Aires City Conservative candidate Mauricio Macri on Sunday night was almost doubling the votes of his runner up but still short of the 50% plus one needed, and will therefore have to face a run off nest June 24 in the election for mayor of Argentina's capital.

  • Saturday, June 2nd 2007 - 21:00 UTC

    Buenos Aires: Candidates compete for the last word

    Candidates Mauricio Macri, Jorge Telerman and Daniel Filmus

    Brutal government intervention,“ is what mayoral candidate Jorge Telerman blamed for the fact that his rival Daniel Filmus had managed to climb a few percentage points in the polls for Sunday's City elections. He made his remarks as the curtain fell on the 2007 mayoral campaign — after 8am yesterday morning all campaigning was banned.

  • Saturday, June 2nd 2007 - 21:00 UTC

    Antarctic Chill Kills 31 In Argentina

    Temperatures reach less 17C in some provincies

    The cold spell that gripped Argentina since early this week has left 31 dead, the Spanish news agency EFE reported.

  • Wednesday, May 30th 2007 - 21:00 UTC

    False passport of Nazi Eichmann found in Buenos Aires court

    Eichmann's passport was issued by the Italian Red Cross

    The false passport used by high-ranking Nazi Adolf Eichmann in 1950 to escape to Argentina was accidentally discovered in an old court record in Buenos Aires.