Tuesday, August 2nd 2016 - 06:52 UTC

Mercosur in a state of disarray; Venezuela's presidency disavowed by Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay

“Venezuela is not going to preside over Mercosur, it simply does not have the conditions. Venezuela can't even take care of Venezuela”, said Jose Serra

Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay have announced they do not support Venezuela as the pro tempore presidency of Mercosur, further deepening controversy in the group which could even hinder ongoing trade negotiations with the European Union and closer links with the Pacific Alliance.

Tuesday, August 2nd 2016 - 06:43 UTC

As Olympics opening Day approaches, Brazilians take to the streets to protest

At the Rio rally some with Brazil's flag draped over their shoulders and  wearing the national colors of yellow and green, chanted “Out Dilma! Out corruption!”

Thousands of demonstrators took to the streets in Brazil on Sunday, some calling for the permanent ouster of suspended President Dilma Rousseff and others demanding her return to office.Rousseff was impeached and suspended in May for allegedly violating budget laws. A Senate trial on permanently removing her is expected in late August.

Tuesday, August 2nd 2016 - 06:35 UTC

Temer hails beef agreement with the US; expects sales to reach US$ 1b next year

“This agreement will help growth and to create one of the main social rights, which is the right to work”, said Temer at the ceremony announcing the pact

Brazil's acting president, Michel Temer, on Monday hailed the opening of the U.S. market to Brazilian beef, saying that it will help create new jobs and will expand trade for Latin America's largest economy.

Tuesday, August 2nd 2016 - 06:24 UTC

UBS optimistic about evolution of Brazilian economic activity in second half of 2016

Brazil's new political landscape with interim president Michel Temer has boosted the Real.

Things are looking up for the Brazilian economy - but it won't be due to the Olympic games starting this week, according to a UBS report published last Friday.

Tuesday, August 2nd 2016 - 06:19 UTC

US and Brazil agree to open each others' beef market

USDA acknowledged that for the first time since 1999 the U.S. will allow imports of fresh and frozen Brazilian beef.

The United States and Brazil have agreed to allow access to each other's beef markets after more than a decade of negotiations. Brazil's Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Food Supply has agreed to imports of U.S. beef for the first time in 13 years, USDA announced today. And the U.S. will accept Brazilian beef for the first time since 1999.

Monday, August 1st 2016 - 13:52 UTC

Temer inaugurates much delayed metro line in Rio to the Olympic events

The Olympic Games, whose opening ceremony is scheduled for August 5, have provided an opportunity “for improving all of Rio,” Temer said in a speech.

Brazilian interim President Michel Temer on Saturday inaugurated a new Rio de Janeiro metro line that runs from Barra da Tijuca, the neighborhood that is home to most of the Olympic venues, to the city's southern tourist zone.

Monday, August 1st 2016 - 13:27 UTC

Ecclestone's mother-in-law freed by Brazilian special anti-kidnapping division

Sao Paulo's elite anti-kidnap division negotiators had been working with the gang over the last few days before the police squad forced entry Sunday evening.

Formula One tycoon Bernie Ecclestone's mother-in-law has been freed without ransom after being kidnapped in Brazil last week, say police. Aparecida Schunk , 67, the mother of Ecclestone's Brazilian wife Fabiana Flosi, was snatched last Saturday near her home in Sao Paulo.

Monday, August 1st 2016 - 12:41 UTC

Roussseff's impeachment should be resolved by end of August, says Temer

“The world needs to know who is the president” of Brazil, interim president Michel Temer said.

Brazil's political uncertainty must be resolved by the end of August -- its Olympic-hosting month -- by reaching a verdict in the impeachment trial of suspended President Dilma Rousseff, her interim replacement has said. Michel Temer, the vice president who has been acting head of state since May, said he expected Rousseff would be definitively booted from office. That would make him president until the next elections in 2018.

Saturday, July 30th 2016 - 08:38 UTC

Olympics equestrian sports have to live with glanders scare in Rio

Highly contagious and incurable, glanders has prompted Brazilian agricultural officials to destroy hundreds of horses across the country over the past two years

Brazil's summer Olympics, scheduled to be opened in less than a week, have added another challenge to the long list of complaints and disease-scares, such as Zika, but this time the culprits are not mosquitoes but an alleged outbreak of glanders disease, a deadly equine respiratory condition. And this has surfaced when the world's top riders and their mounts prepare to compete in Rio de Janeiro events.

Saturday, July 30th 2016 - 08:15 UTC

“Keep mouths closed” aquatic athletes competing at Rio Olympics have been told

 Rio Olympics Games aquatic athletes will “literally be swimming in human crap” and could pick up heavy duty illnesses from the contaminated water.

Aquatic athletes competing in the forthcoming Rio Olympics Games have been advised to keep their mouths shut while competing because they will “literally be swimming in human crap” and could pick up heavy duty illnesses from the contaminated water.


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