Saturday, October 11th 2014 - 06:04 UTC

Brazil testing patient suspected of Ebola infection; another 64 in quarantine

“All of the steps called for by protocol were effectively and very successfully carried out,” said Brazilian Health minister

Brazilian Health Minister Arthur Chioro said on Friday the results of tests on a patient suspected of Ebola infection would take 24 hours. At a press conference in Brasilia, the minister assured the situation was under control and that proper precautions had been taken to isolate the patient.

Friday, October 10th 2014 - 05:18 UTC

Rousseff and Neves in 'statistical tie' according to the latest opinion polls

Excluding undecided voters, spoiled and blank votes, the polls showed Neves would win the runoff by 51% of valid votes against 49% for Rousseff

Pro-business candidate Aecio Neves has a slight lead of 2 percentage points over President Dilma Rousseff ahead of the October 26 runoff in Brazil's presidential elections, according to two new polls released on Thursday.

Thursday, October 9th 2014 - 08:28 UTC

Brazil's Socialist party announces support for Neves on 26 October runoff

“I have become the candidate of change,” Neves said at the PSB's headquarters in Brasilia, where he paid homage to the party's late leader Campos.

The political party that launched environmentalist Marina Silva's unsuccessful presidential bid has thrown its support behind pro-business candidate Aecio Neves for Brazil's Oct. 26 runoff vote against populist President Dilma Rousseff.

Thursday, October 9th 2014 - 08:14 UTC

A blow for Dilma: Brazil's September inflation at its highest in three years

Food prices rose 0.78% after declining for three months in a row. Meat prices rose sharply after Russia stepped up imports of beef, chicken and pork.

Brazil's annual inflation rate in September rose way above the official target to the highest in nearly three years, giving fresh ammunition to opposition candidate Aecio Neves in a run-off vote later this month against President Dilma Rousseff.

Wednesday, October 8th 2014 - 08:38 UTC

Brazilian pollsters missed percentages but 'confirmed tendencies'

The main pollster anticipated 46% for Dilma, 27% for Neves and 24% for Marina; final results were: 41.5%; 33.35% and 21%

Although pollsters in Brazil got it right with President Dilma Rousseff victory and the growth tendency of runner up Aecio Neves in the last days leading to Sunday's presidential election, they failed dismally in percentage estimates.

Wednesday, October 8th 2014 - 03:50 UTC

Brazilian and Chinese banks support for Argentina in bonds litigation confirmed

The Dilma Rousseff administration seeks “maximum discretion” for this operation while keeping the Argentine government informed, Garcia admitted

Brazil’s PTG Pactual Bank and the China Construction Bank are at the forefront of the initiative to buy up the 1.6 billion dollars of debt which Argentina owes “holdouts” NML-Elliott and Aurelius, according to a report from Buenos Aires Ambito Financiero, the country's leading financial newspaper.

Wednesday, October 8th 2014 - 03:43 UTC

IMF lowers Latam growth forecasts: declining exports and domestic constraints

”These worse prospects are in turn affecting confidence, demand, and growth today,” said Olivier Blanchard, head of the IMF’s Research Department

The International Monetary Fund cut its global economic growth forecasts for the third time this year, warning of weaker growth in core Euro zone countries, Japan and big emerging markets like Brazil.

Tuesday, October 7th 2014 - 05:56 UTC

Brazilian markets clearly support challenger Neves: Bovespa up 4.7%

Neves also was quick in announcing his Finance minister in case of victory, Arminio Fraga, a much respected banker

The Sao Paulo stock exchange soared 4.7% on Monday with the Bovespa index reaching 57.115 points following Sunday's presidential election when no candidate managed 50% of ballots, opening the way for a runoff between pro-business Aecio Neves and president Dilma Rousseff.

Monday, October 6th 2014 - 21:17 UTC

Dilma retained majority in Congress, theoretically, given the volatility of Brazilian parties

Neves has the third strongest group in the Lower House, and seven Senators

The multi-party coalition that currently supports Brazilian president Dilma Rousseff lost ground in Sunday's election but will keep its majority in Congress following on the results released by the country' Superior Electoral Tribunal, TSE.

Monday, October 6th 2014 - 07:51 UTC

Sao Paulo state, Brazil's largest electoral district delivers solid win for Neves party

Governor Alckim won his fourth mandate as governor, and condemned Rousseff's party to a distant third

The social-democrat (PSDB) governor from the state of Sao Paulo, Brazil's largest electoral district, Geraldo Alckim was re-elected on Sunday with 57,7% of ballots, which ensures a strong spring board for the presidential runoff between president Dilma Rousseff and her PSDB challenger on 26 October, Aecio Neves.


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