Wednesday, June 4th 2014 - 08:37 UTC

Brazilians pessimistic about the economy and benefits from the World Cup

Since a year ago there have been recurrent protests and strikes from government employee's including police forces

Brazilians pessimism about the future of the economy has increased considerably with just a few days left for the opening of the World Cup, according to a public opinion poll released by Pew Research.

Wednesday, June 4th 2014 - 08:30 UTC

Another 180,000 tickets for the World Cup will be put on sale on Wednesday

Sales occur on a first come, first served basis”, explains Thierry Weil, FIFA’s Marketing Director.

Football fans have one more chance to experience the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil live in the 12 stadiums. announced FIFA. As of 00.01 Brazilian time on Wednesday, 4 June 2014, about 180,000 tickets will be up for sale on www.FIFA.com/tickets, in addition to those tickets that are currently available. There will be tickets for all 64 matches.

Wednesday, June 4th 2014 - 00:47 UTC

UK Minister Simmonds to visit Miami and Sao Paulo to support the English team

Simmonds concerned with the safety and security of those travelling to the tournament in Brazil

UK Foreign Office Minister Mark Simmonds is scheduled to visit Sao Paulo and Miami to promote the travel safety 'Be On The Ball' campaign, preparing fans for the World Cup and to support the English team.

Tuesday, June 3rd 2014 - 06:03 UTC

With help from FIFA, the stadium opening the World Cup approved the test

Itaquerao or the Corinthians Arena will host the opening match of Brazil with Croatia on June 12

A less-than-capacity crowd at Sunday’s final World Cup test event at the Itaquerao venue in Sao Paulo means it will host a full crowd for the first time at the tournament opener.

Tuesday, June 3rd 2014 - 05:39 UTC

Rio mayor: be sure when you arrive in Brazil it's not England or London

Mayor Paes slips of the tongue are quite famous according to Rio's media

Those travelling to Brazil imagining they have arrived in England or those coming to Rio imagining to be in London “will undergo a frustrating experience” said Eduardo Paes, mayor of Rio do Janeiro, one of the cities to host the World Cup and the 2016 Olympics.

Monday, June 2nd 2014 - 07:48 UTC

.Qatar vehemently denies corruption claims in the bid for hosting 2022 World Cup

Jim Boyce, a FIFA vice-president said that if allegations are true he favors a re-running the vote for the 2022 host nation

Qatari organizers of soccer's 2022 World Cup have “vehemently” denied accusations their successful bid was corrupt, saying its lawyers were looking into claims made by a British Sunday newspaper.

Friday, May 30th 2014 - 22:11 UTC

End protests against the World Cup, “whatever money has gone has been spent or stolen already”

 ”I want to see a beautiful Brazil. My protest against the World Cup will be during the (October general) elections” said Joana Havelange Teixeira

The grand-daughter of former FIFA president Joao Havelange has stepped into the war of words over Brazil's World Cup preparations unabashedly telling protestors angry at the tournament's massive budget to get over it because some money had already been “spent” or “stolen” or “robbed.”

Friday, May 30th 2014 - 22:02 UTC

Brazuca ball less erratic than the Jabulani used at South Africa, say Japanese scientists

Using wind tunnels and robots, they concluded that the Brazuca had a stable flight trajectory due to its shape and having only six panels

Scientists in Japan say the Brazuca 2014 World Cup ball will be less erratic than the Jabulani used at South Africa 2010. The Brazuca is the 12th World Cup match ball designed by Adidas. The Jabulani was criticized for its light weight and unpredictability.

Thursday, May 29th 2014 - 22:06 UTC

Rousseff sends the Army to safeguard airports and hotels hosting national teams

The decision follows the hounding of the Brazilian national team bus by striking teachers

Brazilian president Dilma Rousseff ordered the Army, which already occupies several of the favelas (shanty towns) in Rio do Janeiro to move in and take responsibility for airports and hotels that will be hosting the 32 national teams competing for the World Cup.

Wednesday, May 28th 2014 - 08:24 UTC

State of emergency because of floods in Manaus, where England plays Italy

Manaus spokesperson Jacira Oliveira said the 180-day emergency is 'preventive'

Brazilian World Cup host city Manaus has declared a state of emergency as the waters of an Amazon River tributary swell, although officials say they do not expect it to flood.

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