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Health & Science
Wednesday, March 9th 2016 - 05:08 UTC

Sambo fish to combat mosquitoes in the upcoming Olympic Games in Rio

This fish, native to El Salvador, is known for feeding on mosquitoes—the same insects that transmit the virus said to be causing physical deformities to babies.

Governments have been using various tools to fight the spread of the Zika virus in Latin America: fumigation, spraying of insecticides and even a plan to distribute mosquito repellents to athletes during the upcoming Summer Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Monday, March 7th 2016 - 14:33 UTC

UK/Uruguay training and academic exchange program in science and math's education

UK ambassador Lyster-Binns, with Education Minister Maria Julia Muñoz, and the head of the Education Training Council (CFE) Ana Lopater in Maldonado

The United Kingdom and Uruguay are implementing a program in science education and innovation, part of an ambitious umbrella project which consists of a series of training opportunities offered by British experts in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) for almost 100 teachers of primary and secondary school and teacher trainers, due to an agreement with CFE.

Saturday, March 5th 2016 - 10:33 UTC

Olympics organizers in Rio do Janeiro struggling with tickets, 50% remain unsold

Rio organizing committee spokesman Mario Andrada revealed that only about 47% of the 7.5 million tickets on offer have been sold so far.

With five months to go before the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Brazilian organizers are struggling to sell tickets for South America’s first games. The IOC president Thomas Bach said the locals will buy up tickets at the last minute.

Wednesday, March 2nd 2016 - 07:45 UTC

Brazil begins reconstruction of Antarctica base “Comandante Ferraz” lost to fire in 2012

 The new base will cost US$ 99.6m and will be built by a Chinese company which won the international bidding process.

A symbolic ceremony launching the reconstruction of Brazil's “Comandante Ferraz” Antarctic base was held at the Chilean Antarctic Institute in Punta Arenas with the attendance of top officials from both countries. The Brazilian base, located in King George Island was a total loss back in February 2012 caused by a fire that started at the power room.

Wednesday, February 24th 2016 - 05:53 UTC

Huge fireball plunged through the atmosphere into the Atlantic, off Brazil coast

As it burned up, the space rock released the equivalent of 13,000 tons of TNT. This makes it the most powerful event since Chelyabinsk in Russia in 2013.

The biggest fireball since the Chelyabinsk explosion has plunged through the atmosphere over the Atlantic Ocean. The event, which has only just come to light, occurred off the coast of Brazil at 13:55 GMT on 6 February.

Saturday, February 20th 2016 - 07:19 UTC

Francis admits contraception is morally acceptable in fighting Zika virus

“Abortion isn’t a lesser evil, it’s a crime,” said Francis. “Taking one life to save another, that’s what the Mafia does. It’s a crime. It’s an absolute evil.”

Pope Francis suggested that using artificial contraception may be morally acceptable in fighting the Zika virus. But the Argentine pontiff, speaking to reporters as he flew back to Rome from an exhausting visit to Mexico, categorically ruled out abortion as a response to Zika, comparing the practice to a “Mafia” killing.

Tuesday, February 16th 2016 - 07:55 UTC

President Rousseff with 200.000 troops leads the “Zika Zero” campaign

Aiming to reach 3 million families soldiers visited homes, parks and shopping malls in 350 cities with instructions on how to prevent accumulation of stagnant water

More than 200,000 troops fanned out across Brazil over the weekend to raise awareness about the mosquito that spreads the Zika virus, which has been linked to a surge in birth defects.

Tuesday, February 16th 2016 - 07:43 UTC

Brazil will hold Olympic Games despite Zika, says president Rousseff

”Zika will not compromise the organization of the Games. Certain cities, like Rio de Janeiro, will be given priority (in the fight against the disease)”

Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff said that the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro would take place despite the Zika virus, at a time when various athletes have expressed their fears about competing.

Friday, February 5th 2016 - 07:41 UTC

Brazil: health workers can enter private properties to crush Zika breeding grounds

Brazilian law expert Luiz Flavio Gomes sees no reason for people to be distressed, as Rousseff's mandate would play a huge role in curbing the spread of Zika virus.

Brazilian president Dilma Rousseff implemented a nationwide mandate this week allowing government health workers to enter private properties to crush Zika breeding grounds. Exterminators now have the right to inspect and disinfect households, even without the presence of its owners.

Wednesday, February 3rd 2016 - 06:32 UTC

US reports first known case of Zika virus transmission through sex

Dallas County Health and Human Services said it received confirmation of the case in Dallas from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The first known case of Zika virus transmission in the United States was reported in Texas on Tuesday by local health officials, who said it likely was contracted through sex and not a mosquito bite, a day after the World Health Organization declared an international public health emergency.

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