Friday, August 22nd 2014 - 23:48 UTC

Don't blame Columbus: TB in the Americas already was seals

Scientists have unearthed ancient Peruvian skeletons that contain DNA from TB strains. The 1,000-year-old remains predate Europeans' arrival about 500 years.

The long-held idea that Europeans were the first to bring tuberculosis to the Americas when they arrived in the 15th Century has been thrown into doubt. Instead, a study suggests that the deadly disease was present in the area hundreds of years before Christopher Columbus made landfall.

Friday, August 22nd 2014 - 23:36 UTC

WTO rules against Argentina in trade dispute with world powers

The three trade powers argued that Argentina did not grant licenses to importers automatically as required by WTO rules

The World Trade Organization (WTO) dispute panel ruled on Friday against Argentina in a 2012 case brought by the United States, European Union and Japan against Argentine import licensing rules used to restrict imports.

Friday, August 22nd 2014 - 13:19 UTC

Two first patients treated for Ebola virus in US hospital have been released

After thanking God for his recovery, Dr. Brantly said he was glad for the attention his sickness has attracted to the plight of the West Africa epidemic

The two United States aid workers who were the first patients ever to be treated for the Ebola virus at a hospital in the US have been released, capping a transcontinental medical drama that stirred public debate about whether citizens with the virus or exposed to the virus should have been allowed to return.

Friday, August 22nd 2014 - 13:07 UTC

Unlikely bedfellows: mines that run on solar or wind power

 Brazil's Vale has formed a joint venture with Australian company Pacific Hydro to build and operate two wind farms in Brazil's northeast.

Mining companies are often seen as dinosaurs when it comes to making changes that will benefit the environment, but that perception may be shifting as some companies turn to renewable energy to cut costs and lighten their carbon footprint.

Friday, August 22nd 2014 - 08:20 UTC

Nobel Prize Stiglitz sides with Argentina in reopening the debt swap

“From a global perspective, it is not possible to understand why a magistrate gets to have the right to judge about any bond in the world”, said Stiglitz

In an interview with Argentina’s daily 'Ambito Financiero', Nobel Economics laureate Joseph Stiglitz considered the Argentine government’s move to reopen the debt swap and replace the Bank of New York Mellon with local Banco Nacion as trustee a “good call” saying the reopening would not be mandatory, “voluntarily” inviting bondholders to join the strategy.

Friday, August 22nd 2014 - 07:33 UTC

European holders of swapped Argentine bonds willing to accept removal of the RUFO clause

“We are working with Deutsche Bank to make progress as fast as we can during negotiations” according to Latham & Watkins

European investors holding 5.2 billion dollars of restructured Argentine bonds are negotiating the removal of the Rights Upon Future Options (RUFO) clause that Argentina claims prevents them from negotiating with holdout funds, it was reported in the Buenos Aires media.

Thursday, August 21st 2014 - 07:55 UTC

Falklands war vessel in which Argentina surrendered South Georgia, to the scrap yard

HMS Plymouth was one of the first to arrive to the South Atlantic and later to the Falklands, where she suffered damage during San Carlos landings

The Royal Navy man-o-war on which Argentina formally surrendered the island of South Georgia during the 1982 Falklands War began its final journey on Wednesday before being scrapped. HMS Plymouth could not be saved despite years of attempts to find a permanent home for the frigate.

Thursday, August 21st 2014 - 06:58 UTC

Italian bondholders' representative supports Argentina decision to change debt's jurisdiction

“I care about the money reaching bondholders’ pockets” stressed Zembo

The Italian legal representative of Argentine bondholders, Tullio Zembo praised the Sovereign Public Debt Payment Law announced by President Cristina Fernandez, saying the decision to change the debt’s jurisdiction to Buenos Aires is “probably the most appropriate.”

Thursday, August 21st 2014 - 06:26 UTC

Soccer fan Pope Francis receives San Lorenzo, South America's best team

“In a very special way, I greet South America's champions San Lorenzo. They are part of my cultural identity,” said the pope

Soccer took center stage at the Vatican Wednesday morning when members of Argentina's San Lorenzo visited their most famous fan, Pope Francis, to share the joy of winning the Copa Libertadores last week.

Wednesday, August 20th 2014 - 21:24 UTC

Red tide devastates mussel growing and canning industry in Galicia

“It has pretty much stopped all activities at the 67 plants in Galicia because we only process local production” said Juan Manuel Vieites from ANFACO.

The presence of the lipophilic toxin in the Galician estuaries, (northwest Spain) has caused the closure of almost all Galician mussel polygons and forced the closure of activities in the local canning industry. The red tide is currently blocking 90% of the rafts production, since only two polygons located in Betanzos and four in Redondela are open, reported Atlantico news.


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