Thursday, March 12th 2015 - 00:12 UTC

Greece demands reparations from Germany for Nazi occupation crimes, loan and destruction

The debt-ridden Greek government of PM Tsipiras is already calling for Germany to pay billions of Euros in wartime reparations

The Greek government has threatened to seize German property as compensation for a Nazi atrocity in World War Two. Justice Minister Nikos Paraskevopoulos said he was ready to approve a Supreme Court ruling from 2000 backing payment to relatives of the 218 victims.

Wednesday, March 11th 2015 - 23:42 UTC

Online petition for reinstatement of Top Gear's Clarkson close to half a million signatures

The online petition, set up by political blogger Guido Fawkes, was nearing half a million signatures less than 24 hours after it was launched on Tuesday

Jeremy Clarkson made light of his suspension by the BBC on Wednesday as an online petition for him to be reinstated topped 500,000 signatures. The Top Gear presenter told reporters he was “just off to the job centre” as he left his home in London on Wednesday. Asked if he had any regrets about what had happened, he replied “yes”.

Wednesday, March 11th 2015 - 06:02 UTC

BBC announced the suspension of Top Gear's Clarkson because of a fracas with a producer

Clarkson last October was involved in serious incidents in Patagonia when the plate numbers used in the Top Gear allegedly referred to the Malvinas war

Britain's BBC announced on Tuesday it had suspended Jeremy Clarkson, the presenter of the globally popular 'Top Gear' show, after he was involved in a fracas with one of the broadcaster's producers. Clarkson last October was involved in incidents in Patagonia over alleged mocking of the Falklands' war according to Argentina.

Wednesday, March 11th 2015 - 02:21 UTC

Falklands Historic Dockyard Museum shortlisted in Museums/Heritage Awards for Excellence 2015

Ms Roberts said “we are all absolutely thrilled to have been short-listed in the M+H Awards – it is far more than we would have dared dream of”.(Pic BBC)

The Falkland Islands Museum & National Trust is very proud to announce that the Historic Dockyard Museum has been shortlisted in the International category of the Museums + Heritage Awards for Excellence 2015.

Wednesday, March 11th 2015 - 02:08 UTC

British architects will design Lusail stadium, master piece of the Qatar 2022 World Cup

The 80,000-seat stadium will be built in a newly-built Lusail City, 15km north of Doha, which will be home to 400,000 people

British architects Foster & Partners has been appointed to design Qatar’s Lusail Stadium, venue for the Qatar 2022 World Cup opening match and final. The London-based firm won the international tender competition for the project, Qatar’s Supreme Committee for Delivery & Legacy announced on Monday.

Tuesday, March 10th 2015 - 08:34 UTC

Spain insists in blocking Gibraltar from EU single sky measures

García-Margallo has been pressing for Gibraltar to be excluded from a new trench EU Single Sky measures, currently frozen because of the row

Spanish Foreign Minister Jose Manuel Garcia Margallo has renewed his bid to have Gibraltar excluded from the European Union aviation measures. According to Spanish wire reports he raised the issue in Riga during a conference of foreign ministers which was intended to focus on the crisis with Russia and Ukraine.

Tuesday, March 10th 2015 - 06:17 UTC

Saudi Arabia largest importer of defense equipment in 2014, and probably 2015

Moores said “the Middle East is the biggest regional market and there are USD110 billion in opportunities in coming decade.”

Saudi Arabia has replaced India as the largest importer of defense equipment worldwide and took the top spot as the number one trading partner for the US in 2014, according to IHS’ annual Global Defense Trade Report.

Tuesday, March 10th 2015 - 06:12 UTC

Former French Olympic sports' figures die in helicopter collision in Argentina

“Apparently, the two helicopters collided as they were filming. There are no survivors,” said La Rioja government spokesperson Horacio Alarcón.

Two helicopters have collided in mid-air in northern Argentina, killing 10 people including cast members filming a French reality show, officials said. The crash happened Monday afternoon in a mountainous part of La Rioja, a scenic area popular with tourists, around 1,100 kilometres north of the capital Buenos Aires.

Tuesday, March 10th 2015 - 06:02 UTC

Commonwealth Day 2015: Message from The Queen, Head of the Commonwealth

The Queen attends the Commonwealth Observance at Westminster Abbey

One simple lesson from history is that when people come together to talk, to exchange ideas and to develop common goals, wonderful things can happen. So many of the world's greatest technological and industrial achievements have begun as partnerships between families, countries, and even continents. But, as we are often reminded, the opposite can also be true. When common goals fall apart, so does the exchange of ideas. And if people no longer trust or understand each other, the talking will soon stop too.

Tuesday, March 10th 2015 - 03:21 UTC

Argentina's top tax official attends HSBC hearings at UK Parliament

AFIP chief Ricardo Echegaray and the Argentine ambassador Alicia Castro outside Parliament

Argentina wants HSBC Holdings Plc to repatriate 3.5 billion dollars the bank's Argentine branch moved offshore to help clients evade taxes and move capital abroad, the country's tax chief Ricardo Echegaray said on Monday during a hearing which took place at the House of Commons in London, where top executives of HSBC were present.


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