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Daniel Scioli
Monday, August 31st 2015 - 07:34 UTC

Argentine opposition agree on reform but not on an electoral alliance

Sergio Massa ruled out the possibility of establishing a broader alliance ahead of October’s elections with Buenos Aires City mayor Mauricio Macri.

Argentine opposition presidential candidates despite the encouraging mathematics which emerged from early August primaries, and despite having sat at the same table to call for electoral reform, insisted that any ongoing cooperation between the two rival candidates on electoral matters should not be confused with an electoral alliance.

Monday, August 31st 2015 - 07:11 UTC

Falklands/Malvinas: Sarkozy willing to bring sides together to address the issue

“I met with Nicholas Sarkozy who said he was willing to help bring sides together regarding the Argentine claim over the Falklands”, wrote Scioli

Former French president Nicholas Sarkozy, visiting Buenos Aires, has offered to bring sides together regarding the Falklands/Malvinas Islands dispute between Argentina, the United Kingdom and the Islanders, according to the incumbent presidential candidate Daniel Scioli.

Thursday, August 27th 2015 - 05:23 UTC

Scioli-Macri the most probable run-off in Argentina's presidential race

“Until a week ago, Scioli was up 2 points and Macri also 2 points. The difference remains, both are growing evenly”, explained Giacobbe.

The scenario of a runoff in Argentina's coming presidential election next October 'remains' strong, according to public opinion analyst Jorge Giacobbe. The two candidates who are expected to dispute a second round in November are the incumbent Daniel Scioli and conservative Mauricio Macri.

Thursday, August 13th 2015 - 07:05 UTC

Rain and floods in Buenos Aires province become a political challenge

In the north of the province, around 11,000 remained evacuated as a result of the rise of the Lujan, Arrecifes, Salto, Areco and Matanza rivers

Over 20.000 people are estimated to have been evacuated or suffering flooding because of continued rains in Buenos Aires province where a wind alert for the River Plate area and coastal zones is hampering draining possibilities, a situation which started last week and is expected to last until Sunday.

Monday, August 10th 2015 - 07:28 UTC

Argentine primaries added more expectations to October 25 first round vote

Daniel Scioli, according to the first results and tendencies, and despite celebrations did not reach the 40% floor targeted

The Cristina Fernandez administration candidate Daniel Scioli, as anticipated, was the presidential hopeful with most votes in Argentina Sunday's open, simultaneous and mandatory primaries, (PASO), in which the different parties chose those who will lead them into the 25 October election to elect the head of the Executive, half the Lower House and a third of the Senate.

Monday, August 3rd 2015 - 09:29 UTC

Argentine farmers at Palermo show opening: “please don't vote for 'populist adventures'”

“In a few days, democracy will be putting into the hands of all Argentines a powerful tool, a weapon loaded with future,” said Etchevehere next to Macri

Argentine farmers have taken sides decisively ahead of events leading to the presidential election in October and the primaries next weekend. At the opening of the country's major Palermo agriculture show in Buenos Aires, the head of the Argentine Rural Society Luis Etchevehere called on his fellow citizens to avoid supporting “democratically elected leaders but intoxicated with authoritarianism” and “populist adventures”.

Monday, July 27th 2015 - 06:30 UTC

Argentina's incumbent ticket leads comfortably ahead of August primaries

Buenos Aires governor Scioli and his running mate have 38% of vote intentions. Macri and Gabriel Michetti, of the Cambiemos coalition, 26.6%.

Argentina's Victory Front presidential ticket of Daniel Scioli and Carlos Zannini is set to win the coming August PASO primary elections by almost 12 points over nearest challenger Mauricio Macri, a new poll published two weeks before the vote has predicted.

Thursday, July 23rd 2015 - 06:40 UTC

Scioli meets Raul Castro in Havana and praises political and economic opening of Cuba

“I admire and respect Raul's influence for having defended the Cuban people and his ideals, and for the updating of the socialist economic model” said Scioli

Argentina's presidential hopeful and Buenos Aires governor Daniel Scioli was received on Wednesday by President of Cuba Raul Castro for an official audience in Havana, making the incumbent candidate the first foreign politician to meet the head of state since the normalising of relations with the United States.

Thursday, July 23rd 2015 - 06:21 UTC

Cristina Fernandez' candidates for October's general elections have a clear lead

Daniel Scioli and Carlos Zannini have a solid lead of 18 points over its main competitor: PRO party with hopefuls Mauricio Macri and Gabriela Michetti

Argentina's current government presidential ticket for October's ballot, Daniel Scioli and Carlos Zannini has a solid lead of 18 points over its main competitor, the PRO party with hopefuls Mauricio Macri and Gabriela Michetti, according to the latest public opinion poll released by Aresco.

Tuesday, July 14th 2015 - 05:29 UTC

Barrage of accusations following a Judge's order to raid Maximo Kirchner's real estate agency

Judge Claudio Bonadio formally requested information from Idea SA and Valle Mitre, companies which administrate hotels owned by Cristina Fernandez.

The raid ordered by an Argentine Federal Judge at a real estate agency which belongs to president Cristina Fernandez' son, Maximo Kirchner's in Rio Gallegos, triggered a barrage of accusations from government officials, just a few days ahead of decisive primaries in August, in anticipation of the October presidential elections.


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