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Thursday, August 6th 2015 - 08:59 UTC

Sunday's vote, Argentina's first step to October's presidential election

Macri is the undisputed leader of PRO and he proved it with eight years running as head of the Argentine capital

Argentines will be going to the polls this Sunday to vote in the open, simultaneous, mandatory primaries (PASO) when the different parties will be choosing their one-candidate for the big prize on 25 October when the successor of Cristina Fernandez will be elected together with half of the Lower House (129 seats), a third of the Senate (24 seats) and 43 members for the Mercosur parliament.

Tuesday, June 2nd 2015 - 06:26 UTC

Argentine police video on Nisman's death shows experts working without latex gloves

According to PPT presenter Jorge Lanata, the number of people present in the apartment was like “Tokyo at two in the afternoon.”

The lead investigator in the mysterious death of special prosecutor Alberto Nisman, who had accused Argentina's president of wrongdoing, came under sharp criticism on Monday with a video showing police experts working without latex gloves at the apartment where the body was found last January.

Monday, February 23rd 2015 - 06:44 UTC

US Justice will release confidential information on a Kirchner´s family business associate

Public works tycoon Lazaro Baez, a close business associate of the Kirchner family is suspected of laundering US$65 million of funds for the Argentine government.

United States Justice authorized the release of confidential information on the investigation of 123 companies allegedly linked to Argentine public works tycoon Lázaro Baez, a close business associate of the Kirchner family and which holdout funds that are suing Argentina in New York court suspect were used to launder US$65 million of funds for the federal government.

Thursday, October 23rd 2014 - 05:39 UTC

Tax-office chief admits 'business links' between Cristina Fernandez and a controversial businessman

The super star public works contractor with his mentor Nestor Kirchner

Argentina's head of the tax office, Ricardo Echegaray admitted 'business links' between president Cristina Fernandez and businessman Lazaro Baez, who has been accused of money laundering and falsifying documents.

Tuesday, October 7th 2014 - 00:53 UTC

Holdouts insist they want to negotiate with Argentina a solution to bonds dispute

“The interest of my client is to negotiate a solution to the dispute with Argentina”, said Cohen in New York

Lawyer Robert Cohen representing NML, the main holdout fund in litigation with Argentina, insisted that his client is prepared and willing “to negotiate” but also questioned the government of President Cristina Fernandez attitude during the court hearings in New York over the restructured debt.

Thursday, August 14th 2014 - 05:41 UTC

US Nevada court grants 'holdouts' discovery rights into assets of Kirchner family friends

“Campagnoli authored a report stating that Baez laundered 65 million dollars through 15 Nevada corporations”

The hedge fund Elliott Management secured a victory on Tuesday in its pursuit of Argentine assets abroad, as a court in the US state of Nevada granted the corporation discovery rights to 123 companies allegedly linked to the Santa Cruz public works tycoon Lazaro Baez, and believed to be closely linked to the Kirchner family.

Tuesday, July 22nd 2014 - 08:02 UTC

“Calamitous” state of Argentine Armed Forces equipment

 The icebreaker Irizar caught fire in 2007 and is still in dry dock

Argentine investigative reporter Jorge Lanata, loathed by the current government of president Cristina Fernandez for his disclosure of the close business links of certain unscrupulous entrepreneurs (or most probably straw-men) who have become millionaires during the Kirchner years, has now exposed the 'calamitous' state of the Argentine armed forces equipment.

Thursday, June 19th 2014 - 06:12 UTC

Massive demonstration in support of prosecutor suspended for investigating Kirchner family dealings

Prosecutor Campagnoli was suspended for looking into the dealings of Lazaro Baez, closely linked to the Kirchner family

An Argentine prosecutor who was suspended for 'ill performance' in his investigation into the dealings of one of President Cristina Fernandez close business associates, received a massive support Wednesday evening from demonstrators who marched in downtown Buenos Aires to the Attorney General's Office.

Tuesday, August 20th 2013 - 01:50 UTC

Cristina Fernandez losing her nerve; furiously blasts journalist for exposing her trip to tax-haven Seychelles

CFK outbursts are making her lose control;  Lanata whose program, journalism for all, Sunday after Sunday is torpedoing Kirchnerism arrogance

The Argentine government replied furiously on Sunday night to the latest chapter of journalist Jorge Lanata program on corruption in Argentina which so far had exposed top officials and protected businesspeople of the Kirchner couple administrations but on this occasion targeted President Cristina Fernandez and her non disclosed two-day visit last January to the Seychelles islands a renowned tax haven.

Monday, May 27th 2013 - 08:26 UTC

Program on Kirchnerite corruption exposure beats football in Argentina

Lanata dressed as a football player with the Argentine colours

An Argentine investigative journalist program on alleged corruption involving former president Nestor Kirchner and his business cronies had a greater audience than a football match of Boca Juniors, the country’s most popular team disputing the Argentine premier league.


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