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Wednesday, August 14th 2013 - 02:38 UTC

Peru Shinning Path leaders killed in shoot out with Army, says president Humala

“It's a severe blow to terrorism, and good news for Peru”, said the president

The number two leader of Peru's Shining Path is believed to have been killed with two other top ranking guerrillas in a battle with government forces, President Ollanta Humala announced.

Monday, November 5th 2012 - 12:53 UTC

Peruvian ambassador in Argentina resigns after meeting with ‘terrorist group’

Nicolas Lynch met with the alleged political arm of Shinning Path

Peruvian Ambassador to Buenos Aires, Nicolás Lynch, resigned to his post after he met with members of an organization suspected to be linked with guerrilla group Shining Path, the Peruvian Foreign Ministry informed.

Saturday, November 3rd 2012 - 03:49 UTC

Peru reminds Argentina Shinning Path terrorists are an illegal group

Foreign Minister Roncagliolo deplored Shinning Path political arm was received by human rights groups in Argentina

Peru slammed reports that Movadef, the nascent political wing of the Shining Path armed group, had met with representatives of human rights groups in Argentina, including the Mothers of Plaza de Mayo Association, with the aim of gaining political credibility.

Tuesday, August 28th 2012 - 05:53 UTC

Peruvian prosecution insists former guerrilla leaders must pay compensations

Prosecutor Galindo, “one way or another we are going to collect that money”

The Peruvian anti-terrorist Attorney General Office said that civil compensation to the tune of 1.4 billion dollars with be collected from members of the guerrilla groups Shinning Path and the leaders of Tupac Amaru Revolutionary Movement, MRTA.

Saturday, July 7th 2012 - 01:57 UTC

Relief for Humala: major Army victory over Shinning Path, dilutes anti-mining violence

Humala has asked a Roman Catholic leader to mediate in the mines’ dispute

Peruvian police captured 11 Shining Path rebels and freed 10 children thought to be in combat training, President Ollanta Humala said on Friday after a string of military setbacks and a week of anti-mining violence.

Monday, May 21st 2012 - 06:33 UTC

Guerrillas’ outbreak eroding Peruvian president’s approval rating

Humala replaced his Defence and Interior ministers after a serious setback in fighting Shinning Path (Photo AFP)

Peruvian President Ollanta Humala's approval rating fell to 5% in May due to public outrage over deadly clashes between security forces and Shining Path rebels, an Ipsos Apoyo poll showed on Sunday.

Wednesday, December 7th 2011 - 22:03 UTC

Wing of Peru’s terrorist group Shinning Path admits defeat and wants peace talks

Abimael Guzman, leader of the group has been sentenced to life and is locked up in a high security compound

”Comrade Artemio” head of one of the two remnant groups of the Peruvian armed terrorist Shinning Path movement admitted defeat and called on the government in Lima to begin a dialogue process to reach a peace accord.


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