Stories for January 8th 2013

Tuesday, January 8th 2013 - 21:13 UTC

Sub-prime mortgage scandal: several US banks agree compensations totalling 20bn

Bank of America will pay US government mortgage agency Fannie Mae 11.6bn

Bank of America has agreed to pay US government mortgage agency Fannie Mae 11.6bn dollars to settle claims relating to residential home loans. The bank will pay 10.3bn to settle claims relating to the loans and 1.3bn in compensation to the agency.

Tuesday, January 8th 2013 - 20:41 UTC

Euro-zone unemployment up for 19th month running; Spain with record 26.6%

European Commissioner Employment Laszlo Andor warns of the widening North/South gap

The unemployment rate across the troubled Euro zone hit 11.8% in November, up from 11.7% in October, with the number of people out of work in the 17-nation single currency area now nudging 19 million. Spain again recorded the highest with 26.6% and 57% for the under-25s.

Tuesday, January 8th 2013 - 20:37 UTC

Record year for car sales in Brazil, but production was down 1.9% in 2012

Exports also slumped considerably last year from 553.000 to 442.100

Brazil, the world's fourth largest car market, sold a record 3.8 million vehicles last year, according to industry data released this week. Brazil's National Association of Motor Vehicle Manufacturers (ANFAVEA) reported that sales were up 4.6% on the previous year despite a 1.9% drop in production, the first decline since 2002.

Tuesday, January 8th 2013 - 20:27 UTC

Economic weakness and environmental challenges in the WEF annual report

Among the greatest risks: consequences of climate change such as catastrophic flooding in China and Hurricane Sandy in the US East Coast

With rising economic strains on one side and ever more environmental concerns on the other, the world could soon find itself in “the perfect global storm”, the World Economic Forum warned in a report on Tuesday.

Tuesday, January 8th 2013 - 20:21 UTC

Corn-seed sales in Brazil, Argentina and Mexico help Monsanto with record earnings

Hugh Grant, Monsanto CEO, a third consecutive year of significant growth

US agricultural giant Monsanto Tuesday posted a large increase in quarterly earnings on strong results in corn seed sales in the US and Latin America and better sales of pesticides. The St Louis-based corporation said net income for the first quarter was 339 million dollars, up from 126 million a year earlier.

Tuesday, January 8th 2013 - 20:12 UTC

Cristina at the helm for ARA Libertad grand welcome party in Mar del Plata

The Argentine president in epic posture leading through the storm

The frigate ARA Libertad is already in Argentine waters and is scheduled to arrive Wednesday to the port of Mar del Plata, escorted by dozens of yachts and other vessels, to a huge reception ceremony headed by President Cristina Fernandez, ministers and top officials.

Tuesday, January 8th 2013 - 20:06 UTC

Top animal health organization calls on countries to lift ban on Brazilian beef

OIE chief Bernard Vallat: one atypical BSE case in a herd of 200 million does not justify a change of status

The head of the World Animal Health Organization (OIE) called on countries that are banning Brazilian beef imports, following a case of mad cow disease last month, to lift restrictions as soon as possible, saying they were not justified.

Tuesday, January 8th 2013 - 19:50 UTC

British Gas plays the Brazil card and begins oil production in pre-salt Santos basin

BG plans to extract a third of its world oil production from Brazil by 2020

British Gas started oil production at the Sapinhoa field off Brazil, one of the “Big Five” discoveries in the pre-salt Santos Basin. Along with Petrobras and Repsol, BG plans to pump an initial 25.000 barrels a day from the deposit in BM-S-9 Block, the England-based producer said in a statement.

Tuesday, January 8th 2013 - 19:40 UTC

Brazil prepares to be a great World Cup host: sensual sexy words, in English pls

Prostitutes in Belo Horizonte are lining up for free English classes

Taxi drivers and bellboys aren't the only ones going back to school to learn a little English ahead of the 2014 World Cup to be hosted in various cities across Brazil.

Tuesday, January 8th 2013 - 07:19 UTC

Chavez “virtual taking office” next Thursday in Caracas with leaders from friendly countries

Diosdado Cabello has called on the Venezuelan people for a grand gathering next to the Miraflores Palace

The Venezuelan government is organizing a massive turnout for Thursday January 10 in support of re-re-elected president Hugo Chavez with the attendance of several Latinamerican leaders in what has been described as a “virtual taking office” ceremony.


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