Stories for April 8th 2014

Tuesday, April 8th 2014 - 22:20 UTC

Memorial unveiling to commemorate the Battle of the River Plate

HMS Ajax one of the three Royal Navy vessels involved in the battle

Survivors of the first major naval battle of the Second World War will gather at Britain's National Memorial Arboretum to unveil a memorial commemorating the event. The Battle of the River Plate took place 75 years ago (December 1939), and less than a dozen veterans are still alive from this, the only episode of the war to take place in South America.

Tuesday, April 8th 2014 - 22:05 UTC

Falklands fiscal regime and stability remain attractive for oil and gas industry

Wells to the north of the Islands cost around 50 million dollars to drill and those to the south and east can cost upwards of 100 million

With the Falkland Islands' upstream oil and gas industry still in its infancy, the country's attractive fiscal regime, which boasts a low government take, is expected to remain stable through the short and medium term, says a new report from research and consulting firm GlobalData.

Tuesday, April 8th 2014 - 19:10 UTC

China and East Asia expected to grow at slower pace this year, says World Bank

Chinese reforms are expected to have a profound impact on land, labor, and capital markets,

The World Bank has trimmed its growth forecast slightly for China, citing a “bumpy start to the year”. It now expects the Chinese economy to grow by 7.6% in 2014, down from its earlier projection of 7.7%. A slew of disappointing figures has triggered concerns of a slowdown in the world's second-largest economy.

Tuesday, April 8th 2014 - 18:17 UTC

Airport chaos anticipated for Brazil's World Cup as terminals remain unfinished

A temporary canvas terminal will be used instead of a planned airport expansion to receive fans in Fortaleza

As if problems with the delayed stadiums was not enough, and with less than 10 weeks until the start of the World Cup, work on crucial new airport terminals has fallen behind in most of the dozen Brazilian host cities, heightening the risk of overcrowding and confusion during the tournament.

Tuesday, April 8th 2014 - 07:46 UTC

Record breaking downpour causes flashfloods and mudslides in seven Argentine provinces

In some places rainfall registered was almost the annual average

More than 3.000 people have been forced to abandon their homes in Argentina as torrential rains and flash floods in the last 24 hours hit at least seven provinces. Classes have been suspended, as well as public transport and so have some of the main highways.

Tuesday, April 8th 2014 - 07:38 UTC

UK minister arrives in Brazil to ramp trade with generous export financing

Chancellor of the Exchequer Osborne is scheduled to meet Mantega and Tombini

At the start of a three day trade trip to Brazil, the Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne announced the next stage in the UK government’s fundamental overhaul of finance for exporters which should move the UK to the top of the global league for export support.

Tuesday, April 8th 2014 - 07:35 UTC

March inflation in Buenos Aires City, 3.6% and 37.5% in the last 12 months

Fresh vegetables and fruit was the item with the highest incidence according to FIEL

Consumer prices in the City of Buenos Aires increased 3.6% during March compared to February according to the latest release from the economic consultants FIEL. This is the first drop this year following the increases in January and February which were above 5%.

Tuesday, April 8th 2014 - 00:21 UTC

Rolls-Royce marine facility in Rio to support Brazil's oil industry

The announcement was made by visiting Chancellor of the Exchequer Osborne

Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne MP on a three-day visit to Brazil announced on Monday that Rolls-Royce is to build a new £ 22 million Marine facility in Duque de Caxias, Rio de Janeiro.

Tuesday, April 8th 2014 - 00:14 UTC

Brazil will launch massive investment plan next August, two months ahead of election

Rousseff's announcement should help her with her re-election bid

Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff announced that the third stage of an investment plan, Growth Acceleration Program (PAC) will be launched in August, just two months ahead of an October presidential election in which she will seek re-election.


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