Monday, November 16th 2015 - 08:15 UTC

Cristina Fernandez overspending to the last Peso and credit before leaving

Congress approved a “fiscal deficit of approx 50.000 million Pesos for the twelve months, but in the first six months it already stands at 100.000 million Pesos”

Outgoing Argentine president Cristina Fernandez will be leaving not only the Central bank reserves exhausted but also a budget deficit which is estimated at 7% of GDP by the end of the fiscal year, equivalent to 400.000 million Pesos, according to the country's National Auditing Office, AGN.

Monday, November 16th 2015 - 07:49 UTC

Presidential debate: not much substance but a clear fading of the Kirchnerite confrontation spirit

The two candidates stood by their guns and strategy: not many questions were answered but it was a civilized debate

With a repeat of their respective campaign strategies, not much content, and less replies Argentina's presidential candidates, incumbent Daniel Scioli and opposition hopeful Mauricio Macri debated during 75 minutes in four main blocks following clearly established rules of two minutes presentations and one minute question and answer.

Monday, November 16th 2015 - 06:36 UTC

Argentina's Kfir contract questioned by Air Force: they lacked “a weapons' system” and radar

 Brigadier Mario Roca argued that the fighters to be supplied by Israel did not have the weapons system and only six of them would be equipped with radars

The number three man in the Argentine Air Force refused to sign the purchase of 14 Israeli refurbished Kfir fighter jets, an operation involving 360 million dollars, and which supposedly would have given the depleted service a breath of fresh air.

Saturday, November 14th 2015 - 12:48 UTC

Argentine analyst says 8% decide their vote on Election Day

The clue are the five million votes of Sergio Massa, third ranked in the 25 October first presidential round

There is an 8% of voters who decide on ballot day whom they prefer and will support, and “they definitively decide the election, even more when it's a runoff”, according to Jorge Giacobbe an Argentine political pollster and analyst.

Saturday, November 14th 2015 - 12:29 UTC

The economy and the role of the state expected to be center piece of Argentina's Sunday presidential debate

“They need to clarify what they mean when they speak about change,” Lavagna said. “A change that leads to austerity is a non vote.”

Sunday's presidential debate in Argentina will most probably concentrate on economic policy mainly for two reasons: one that the current system with a dollar clamp, export duties, heavy influence of the government and wild spending has the economy on the verge of collapse; but the option of orthodox policies with drastic cuts in spending, salaries and possibly jobs and consumption is also seen as fearsome.

Saturday, November 14th 2015 - 11:52 UTC

Argentina needs confidence and positive expectations to attract investment and develop

Argentina can't continue with “a 7% GDP budget deficit, a manipulated exchange rate or a trade deficit, we simply have to be competitive” said Brito

Any country, any economy needs confidence and positive expectations, and that is what is lacking, and has been lacking in Argentina for many years, said Jorge Brito, head of the Association of Argentine banks, who nevertheless warned about the impacts of a 'rough' adjustment on the economy.

Friday, November 13th 2015 - 08:09 UTC

Argentina the 'main obstacle' in reaching a trade accord with the EU, claims Uruguay

Uruguay Economy minister Astori said Argentina has been “the main obstacle” faced by Mercosur in reaching trade agreements

It's a fact, Argentina is the 'main obstacle' for Mercosur to advance in reaching a trade agreement with the European Union, and Venezuela, the latest incorporation to the group, is also hindering efforts, revealed Uruguay's Economy minister Danilo Astori during a conference on the country's investment prospects.

Friday, November 13th 2015 - 07:46 UTC

The new Argentine congress will have a dominating 'Kirchnerite' presence

 Macri if elected, can muster 90 lawmakers in the Lower House out of 257, while his support in the Senate is even weaker

The recently elected members of Argentina’s new congress will be taking the oath on 3 December, and numbers show that the current coalition of president Cristina Fernandez, Victory Front, will retain the first minority in the Lower House, while it will enjoy a comfortable majority in the Senate.

Thursday, November 12th 2015 - 08:44 UTC

Sunday's presidential candidates' debate decisive for Argentina's runoff on November 22

“There are still 6% of voters which remain undecided, and much will depend on the result of Sunday's presidential debate”, said Alejandro Catterberg

The director of one of the most reliable pollster organization in Argentina anticipated that the 22 November presidential runoff is still an open race despite the fact the incumbent candidate Daniel Scioli is running several points behind his rival and opposition candidate Mauricio Macri.

Thursday, November 12th 2015 - 08:29 UTC

Kirchners' ex minister claims poverty in Argentina is similar to that of the 2001/02 crisis

“People are simply fed up; in a democracy you can't have a stats office, Indec,  systematically manipulating percentages”, said Nun a distinguished academic

Argentina's former Secretary of Culture José Nun said that “current poverty” in the country “is similar to that which preceded the 2001/02 crisis”, and underlined that he “would never vote” for the presidential incumbent candidate Daniel Scioli, who was handpicked by outgoing head of state Cristina Fernandez.


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