Saturday, July 11th 2015 - 07:53 UTC

Falklands/Malvinas UN resolution 2065 remembered in Ushuaia

Filmus proclaimed that “if we remain united, each of Latin America's causes will have a happy ending”

A group of lawmakers from six Latin American countries and Argentine officials met in Ushuaia in support of Argentine 'legitimate sovereignty rights over Malvinas, Georgia and South Sandwich Islands', in the framework of UN General Assembly Resolution 2065 fiftieth anniversary celebration, which called on the United Kingdom and Argentina to reach a peaceful negotiated solution over the Falklands/Malvinas dispute through bilateral discussions.

Saturday, July 11th 2015 - 07:22 UTC

Falklands and Welsh anniversary in Argentina: chronicle of a foretold debate

Minister Carwyn Jones will be the first top level British official in years to visit Argentina, and there is a diplomatic protocol to be respected by both sides

Next 28 July Wales First Minister Carwyn Jones will be attending celebrations in the province of Chubut in the framework of the 150th anniversary of the first Welsh settlement in Patagonia, 28 July 1865. An event which in an electoral year in Argentina could become a good opportunity for president Cristina Fernandez to press on the Falkland Islands dispute, according to speculation in the Buenos Aires media.

Saturday, July 11th 2015 - 07:14 UTC

Falklands: Ambassador Castro hopes for UK/Argentina friendly and meaningful dialogue

Ambassador Castro with Lord Wigley, a Welsh political figure and chairman of the organizing committee for 150th anniversary celebrations

The Embassy of Argentina in the UK celebrated Independence Day on Thursday, highlighting the importance of national sovereignty and Latin American unity. Before a packed audience of over four hundred people, the Argentine Ambassador Alicia Castro delivered a speech in which she recalled that the aim of the struggle for independence was to unite all the peoples of Latin America.

Friday, July 10th 2015 - 07:34 UTC

Argentine Supreme Court rules on patient's right to choose a dignified death

The decision breaks new ground because it draws sharp distinction between termination of medical treatment, and euthanasia

Argentina's Supreme Court upheld “the right of every patient to choose a dignified death,” drawing a sharp distinction between halting treatment and euthanasia. Justices confirmed a lower court’s decision to allow the end of extraordinary measures to preserve the life of a person, who had remained in a persistent vegetative state since 1995.

Friday, July 10th 2015 - 06:38 UTC

Cristina Fernandez campaigning hard to ensure the Kirchnerite legacy and 'Argentine independence'

“There have always been, and there will always be, attempts to reduce the state. Some will try to go back to neoliberal policies,” said Cristina Fernandez

Argentine President Cristina Fernández clearly on the campaign trail ahead of October's national elections, has warned economic and political opposition groups could attempt to force the country reintroduce “neoliberal policies,” dismantling the “inclusive state” built in the last twelve years. And beware because “now we can say that we are really an independent country”.

Thursday, July 9th 2015 - 01:01 UTC

Photo exhibition on Welsh settlers in Argentina, opened at Westminster

From left to right: David T. C. Davies MP, Argentine Ambassador Alicia Castro, and photographer Marcos Zimmermann

Parliament in London is hosting a week-long historic photographic exhibition dedicated to the Welsh settlement in Argentina, entitled: “Y Wladfa: Celebrating the 150th anniversary of the Welsh settlement in Argentina” which was officially inaugurated on Tuesday by Argentine Ambassador to the UK, Alicia Castro, and David T.C Davies MP, chairman of the House of Commons Welsh Affairs Committee.

Wednesday, July 8th 2015 - 07:02 UTC

Malvinas conflict former soldiers' claim to pension denied by Supreme Court for lack of combat evidence

The plaintiff in the case was stationed in Comodoro Rivadavia, but his unit was never in actions or participated in combat situations

Argentina's Supreme Court in what is considered a lead case on Tuesday ruled contrary to Malvinas war pensions for the former soldiers who served with the Eighth Mechanized Infantry regiment, based in Comodoro Rivadavia during the 1982 conflict, because they were never involved in combat or participated in the Military Operations Theatre.

Monday, July 6th 2015 - 08:49 UTC

Uruguay looking to increase trade and investments with India

President Tabare Vazquez is planning to visit India next year. Despite potential trade between Uruguay and India is minimal

Uruguay's president Tabare Vazquez is planning to visit India next year, while foreign minister Rodolfo Nin Novoa is scheduled to attend the India-Latin-American conference next October. The move is seen as an effort by Uruguay to increase its trade opportunities and access new markets, given the current difficulties to forge an agreement with the European Union.

Monday, July 6th 2015 - 07:22 UTC

“An outright victory of democracy and dignity” said Cristina Fernandez on the Greek vote

“Nobody can be asked to sign their own death certificate. The words of President Nestor Kirchner in 2003 still resound”, said Cristina Fernandez

Argentine President Cristina Fernández used her Twitter account on Sunday to celebrate the result of a Greek bailout referendum saying it was “an outright victory of Democracy and Dignity. The Greek people have said NO.”

Monday, July 6th 2015 - 06:57 UTC

Presidential hopeful Macri celebrates his successor's victory in Buenos Aires City

BA city Mayor Macri's chief of staff was winning the election with 45.62% of votes, followed by ECO's Martín Lousteau, with 25.6% of votes.

Saddled on eight years of Mauricio Macri as mayor of the city of Buenos Aires, his handpicked successor Horacio Rodriguez Larreta, won on Sunday Argentina's capital mayoral election, but not with the sufficient margin to avoid a run-off vote later this month. The winner needed to break the 50% mark in order to avoid the second round, which will take place July 19.


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