Saturday, May 9th 2015 - 10:02 UTC

Strong support for Supreme Court and members from Argentina's main private sector organizations

The attacks are centered on Chief Justice Lorenzetti and Justice Fayt

Some twenty private organizations representing commerce, agriculture and other activities openly supported in a Friday release Argentina's Supreme Court and Judiciary, rejecting what was described as “hostile expressions” from some government officials.

Saturday, May 9th 2015 - 09:57 UTC

Argentina will file complaints against speculative funds in Belgium

Minister Kicillof making the announcement and describing speculative funds as “despicable and repugnant”

Economy Minister Axel Kicillof confirmed the Argentine government will be filing a complaint against speculative or 'vulture' funds for seeking to seize the accounts of the Argentine embassy in Belgium, and the Argentine mission before the EU in Brussels, adding hedge funds are the most “despicable and repugnant” of the world financial system.

Friday, May 8th 2015 - 07:57 UTC

Argentine government denies 'persecution' of Supreme Court Judges but insists in pouncing on Justice Fayt

“Every time the Supreme Court tries to clear up things, justices dig themselves deeper into the hole” Cabinet Chief Anibal Fernandez told reporters

The Argentine government denied on Thursday it was 'persecuting' Supreme Court Justices but kept the pressure on by insisting the process to re-elect Chief Justice Ricardo Lorenzetti was full of irregularities and members could have committed 'ideological falseness'.

Friday, May 8th 2015 - 07:37 UTC

Argentina denies as 'inexact' any embargo on embassy bank funds in Belgium

Axel Kicillof's ministry was responsible for the release

The Argentine government in a late release on Thursday strongly denied an 'inexact information' related to alleged embargos by speculative funds (or vulture funds) on bank accounts from the Argentine embassy and its staff, in Belgium, and said that the attempts to freeze 'embassy funds' are but a new extortion attempt and a clear procedure abuse which could be sanctioned by Belgian tribunals.

Thursday, May 7th 2015 - 07:05 UTC

Argentine Justice shrugs off impeachment threat: “I'm used to this kind of attacks”

“There are no grounds to remove Judge Fayt from his post” and described the impeachment as just another attack against that he is used to”, said Rizzo.

Argentina's Justice Carlos Fayt, the oldest member of the Supreme Court (97) and questioned by the government of president Cristina Fernandez, which demands evidence of his health and mental conditions, has said through his lawyer, Jorge Rizzo that he is not concerned about a possible impeachment hearing raised against him, since 'he is used to this kind of attacks'.

Thursday, May 7th 2015 - 06:55 UTC

Brazil wants to review Mercosur 'liberty' rules; sends strong public message to Argentina

“We want to send a clear strong signal, particularly to Argentina, of the urgency to reach a trade agreement with the European Union”, underlined Monteiro

Brazil has proposed reviewing Mercosur rules so that its members can enjoy more 'liberty' to negotiate trade agreements with other blocks or third parties, because even when “Mercosur is an indissoluble marriage, this does mean that relations can't be discussed” and thus a 'different speeds' group should not be discarded.

Thursday, May 7th 2015 - 05:22 UTC

US for third year running main wheat supplier for Brazil displacing Argentina

Argentina is expected to have a surface reduction of 10%. Uruguay, a drop of nearly 17%; Paraguay 10% and Brazil anywhere from 10% to 20%.

For a third year in a row the United States will be the top wheat supplier for Brazil, displacing Argentina from its historic position, according to the latest release from Brazilian consultancy Trigo & Farinhas. This piece of information is significant given the world prices for grains and wheat planting prospects in South America.

Wednesday, May 6th 2015 - 06:42 UTC

Argentine S. Court ratifies Chief Justice; Cristina Fernandez wants to impeach a second Justice

Supreme Court issued a statement on Tuesday ratifying Ricardo Lorenzetti as Chief Justice for three more years starting in 2016

In another chapter of the ongoing dispute between Argentine president Cristina Fernández and a non-submissive Judiciary, the country's Supreme Court issued a statement on Tuesday ratifying Ricardo Lorenzetti as Chief Justice for three more years starting in 2016, following versions that he was pushing to leave the SC on yet unclear “moral fatigue” grounds.

Tuesday, May 5th 2015 - 09:52 UTC

Mercosur main partners' bilateral trade stalled for the last six years

“Argentina's foreign trade policy has become to the say the least, confusing”, points out the consultant's report.

Bilateral trade between Mercosur main partners Argentina and Brazil, has stalled at an annual 30bn dollars during the last six years (2008/2014), with no prospects of a recovery during 2015, according to Finsoport consultants from Buenos Aires.

Tuesday, May 5th 2015 - 09:35 UTC

Mujica admits his 'most intimate respect' for Cristina Fernandez, but...

The Uruguayan former president at the presentation of a book, a portrait of his life written by two journalists

Uruguayan former president Jose Mujica expressed in Buenos Aires his “most intimate respect” for Argentine president Cristina Fernandez and revealed that on occasions he came across her when “she was annoyed as a bad, cornered spider”.


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