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Montevideo, February 19th 2018 - 01:49 UTC

Tag: Alexander Arkhipkin

  • Friday, September 15th 2017 - 07:23 UTC

    Falklands: Substantial progress with seal mitigation in Calamari fishery

    Fur seals photographed on Beauchene Island

    By Senior Fisheries Scientist Dr Alexander Arkhipkin - The Department of Natural Resources (Fisheries) has reported that seal mortalities were brought to negligible levels thanks to recent mitigation measures. Since the end of August, all Loligo trawlers were required to have seal exclusion devices (SEDs) in their trawls.

  • Friday, August 18th 2017 - 09:24 UTC

    Falklands: Outwitting canny fur seals feasting on abundant Loligo

    Seal exclusion device with escape hatch at the top of net

    Falkland Islands Senior Fisheries Scientist Dr Alexander Arkhipkin explains the habits of fur seals and the efforts undertaken to reduce by-catch in the Loligo fishery. Stocks of Falkland calamari (Loligo) are very prolific this year.

  • Friday, August 11th 2017 - 20:26 UTC

    Falklands' SAERI lead in Ascension Island tropical marine research

    Cleaner shrimp with Apolo damselfish (Picture SMSG);

    The Journal of Marine Biological Association of the United Kingdom (*) has this month released a special issue focussing on Ascension Island’s marine biodiversity. Falklands' based SAERI Director Dr Paul Brickle explained that 20 papers reported on the results of 202 sampling events, comprising a mixture of quantitative SCUBA surveys involving belt transects for fish and mobile fauna and quadrat photography for sessile fauna.

  • Friday, August 17th 2012 - 06:38 UTC

    Falklands working on finfish and loligo fishing gear to reduce by-catch

    Scientist Alexander Arkhipkin, world expert in squid

    The Falkland Islands Fisheries Department scientists are currently investigating whether changes in fishing gear used in the finfish and loligo fleets can reduce by-catch, Fisheries Scientist Alexander Arkhipkin told Penguin News.

  • Friday, January 28th 2011 - 21:33 UTC

    Poor Start to Falklands Illex Season

    Fisheries research vessel Venturer

    VESSELS fishing for the squid species Illex argentinus in Falklands waters have been reporting poor catches of around two and five ton per day so far this season, confirmed Falkland Islands Fisheries Scientist Alexander Arkhipkin.