Stories for November 2009

Tuesday, December 1st 2009 - 07:35 UTC

Mercosur, India and African nations begin trade and investment talks

Celso Amorim chairs trade talks on the sidelines of the stalled Doha round.

Brazil launched this week in Geneva a round of negotiations to further liberate trade between Mercosur, India and the Union of Nations from Austral Africa with the purpose of ratifying south-south cooperation, while global negotiations in the framework of the Doha Round remain stalled.

Tuesday, December 1st 2009 - 07:33 UTC

Paraguayan Senate “freezes” Venezuela’s Mercosur incorporation

President Chavez loquacity, his worst enemy

The Paraguayan Senate is also turning its back on Venezuela’s president Hugo Chavez Mercosur incorporation request. A leading Senator from the ruling coalition said that under current circumstances, and Chavez latest statements makes it “virtually impossible” to decide on the issue.

Tuesday, December 1st 2009 - 07:31 UTC

Bolivia’s Morales and opposition fighting for control of Senate next Sunday

The first elected indigenous president of Bolivia Evo Morales

Bolivian president Evo Morales is set to win next Sunday’s general election and could even manage 24 of the 36 Senate seats thus ensuring the full control of the future Pluri-national Legislative Assembly, according to the latest opinion polls.

Monday, November 30th 2009 - 12:47 UTC

Hondurans voted on Sunday but legitimacy of results remains unknown

Porfirio Lobo, as was anticipated by opinion polls, garnered the most votes

Honduran cattle rancher Porfirio Lobo apparently won the presidency of the Central American country that is trying to overcome a five-month political crisis and rebuild its economy, according to exit polls and preliminary results released by television and radio stations.

Monday, November 30th 2009 - 12:45 UTC

The Ibero-American summit remains divided over the Honduran crisis

Argentine minister Jorge Taiana said the Honduran elections could become a new way of validating “coups”

The Ibero-American summit of 22 countries began Sunday in the seaside resort of Estoril, Portugal, amid divisions over the elections being held in Honduras. Foreign ministers were unable to reach a common position on the situation where ousted president Manuel Zelaya has called for a boycott of the elections staged by the de facto government.

Monday, November 30th 2009 - 12:43 UTC

United Arab Emirates promises extra liquidity to Dubai’s banks

World markets still recovering from Dubai World request to delay payments

The central bank of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has said it will provide banks with extra liquidity. The news comes days after the state-owned Dubai World said it would ask for an extension on repaying its debts, sending world stock markets tumbling.

Monday, November 30th 2009 - 12:37 UTC

Lucky strike: Brazil supports England’s bid to host World Cup in 2018

President Lula da Silva praised the competence of English football

The world's most successful football country has delivered a fresh lifeline to England's under-fire bid to host the World Cup in 2018. Brazilian President Lula da Silva said the time was right for the tournament to come back to Britain for the first time since 1966.

Monday, November 30th 2009 - 12:32 UTC

China admits “controllable and gradual measures” rises in Yuan’s value

EU and the US claim the Yuan is undervalued and demand action

Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao said Monday a stable Yuan is good for both China and Europe and reiterated Beijing's policy of allowing only gradual and manageable rises in the currency's value.

Monday, November 30th 2009 - 12:20 UTC

PINTA '09 showcases Latin American art from 60 art galleries in Latin America

Mauro Herlitzka, Institutional Director of PINTA.

There were few signs of a recession ridden United States at PINTA '09, the modern and contemporary art fair, showcasing Latin American art from 60 art galleries in Latin America, the United States and Europe. The third annual art fair held at the Metropolitan Pavilion in New York might be a young fair, but upon closer inspection of the high quality of art produced in Latin America, it has become an important player in the global art scene presenting the best of Latin American art not only to the United States, but also to the world.

Monday, November 30th 2009 - 11:51 UTC

Mujica reaches out to the opposition and calls for political agreements

The ruling coalition followers celebrate under rain and wind Mujica’s victory.

Jose “Pepe” Mujica, 74, from the ruling Broad Front coalition was confirmed Sunday as Uruguay’s next president having defeated in the run-off 51.9% to 44.1%, Conservative candidate and former president Luis Alberto Lacalle.


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