Stories for November 1st 2012

Thursday, November 1st 2012 - 23:33 UTC

Euro-scepticism spreading in the British political system

Deputy PM Clegg fears EU debate could lead to marginalization of the UK

Britain faces a crisis that could end with the world's sixth largest economy leaving the European Union, Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg warned ahead of a showdown over budget spending with other states in the 27-member bloc.

Thursday, November 1st 2012 - 23:28 UTC

Argentina tightens ‘dollar-clamp’: end to mortgage loans in US currency

The booming real estate and construction industries have suffered a severe blow

Argentina tightened the ‘dollar clamp’ a further notch by including mortgage credits, which means people wanting to become home owners will not have access to the US currency.

Thursday, November 1st 2012 - 23:07 UTC

Cristina Fernandez criticizes US court and promises all debt bonds will be paid in dollars

”We are going to pay and with dollars because we have them” pledged CFK  (Photo: TELAM)

President Cristina Fernández returned to stage on Thursday and assured that Argentina's dollar-denominated debt bonds are to be “paid in dollars” whilst criticizing the New York judiciary for its latest ruling against Argentina, in a speech at the Government House.

Thursday, November 1st 2012 - 16:29 UTC

September industrial production down 1% in Brazil; 12.4% in nine months

Machinery and transport equipment, the hardest hit by the slowdown

Industrial production in Brazil contracted more than expected in September. According to a release from the government stats office IBGE output from Brazilian factories and mines shrank 1% in September from August on a seasonally adjusted basis.

Thursday, November 1st 2012 - 07:15 UTC

Unasur planning in-situ mission to follow political situation in Paraguay

Salomon Lerner said the next steps will be decided at the end of November during the Unasur presidential summit

The special Unasur group for the monitoring and assessment of the political situation in Paraguay will recommend country members naming a mission that evaluates ‘in situ’ the electoral process in the landlocked country.

Thursday, November 1st 2012 - 07:10 UTC

Brazilian minister in Caracas to discuss Venezuela’s Mercosur adaptation process

Patriota will meet his peer Maduro to address a long bilateral and regional agenda

Brazilian foreign minister Antonio Patriota is scheduled to meet on Thursday with his Venezuela peer Nicolas Maduro to discuss a bilateral and regional agenda which is expected to emphasize on current issues related to Mercosur, the coming December summit and Paraguay’s situation.

Thursday, November 1st 2012 - 07:06 UTC

Argentine 16 to 18year olds will be voting in next year’s mid term election

The bill is approved at the Lower House

Argentina’s Lower House of Congress approved the government-sponsored teen suffrage bill that allows 16-18 year olds the chance to vote in national elections. The Upper House of Congress had preliminary approved the bill with 52 votes in favour and only three against.

Thursday, November 1st 2012 - 07:00 UTC

Mexican president-elect pledges a tax reform bill in his first year in office

Peña Nieto takes office next December first marking the return of the PRI after twelve years on the sidelines

Mexico's president-elect, Enrique Peña Nieto, will present a tax reform bill during his first year in office, his top aide said on Tuesday, without providing any details on the plan.

Thursday, November 1st 2012 - 06:54 UTC

Fears the African Swine Fever outbreak in parts of Russia is out of control

In the first nine months of the year, half a million pigs have been culled and destroyed

According to official data from Moscow veterinary services, for the first nine months of 2012, in total 500,000 pigs were slaughtered in order to stop the spread of African Swine Fever (ASF) in Russia.

Thursday, November 1st 2012 - 06:47 UTC

Leading Argentine corporation claims the economy is in ‘very fragile situation”

Paolo Rocca, a businessman all the financial community listens to

One of Argentina’ leading international corporations, Techint, made public a 200 pages report sent to the Buenos Aires stock exchange with a devastating picture of the country’s economy which “continues in a state of fragility”.


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