Stories for December 7th 2012

Friday, December 7th 2012 - 17:43 UTC

Overseas Territories reaffirm self determination and call for de-listing from Decolonization Committee

BOT Joint Ministerial Council meeting in London

The British Overseas Territories Joint Ministerial Council this week agreed a joint statement underscoring a shared commitment to self-determination. The Falklands were represented at the council by lawmakers Jan Cheek and Sharon Halford.

Friday, December 7th 2012 - 17:38 UTC

UK says “no options should be ruled out” in defending Gibraltar territorial waters

Foreign Secretary Hague will lay a written statement to the House of Commons on the issue of Gibraltar waters on Monday

The British Government said on Thursday that “no options should be ruled out” in defending the British sovereignty of Gibraltar’s territorial waters, reports the Gibraltar Chronicle.

Friday, December 7th 2012 - 17:33 UTC

IATA forecasts 3.6 billion passengers for 2016; a 28.5% increase over 2011

China expected to account for 193 million of the 831 million new passengers over the forecast period

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) released an industry traffic forecast showing that airlines expect to welcome some 3.6 billion passengers in 2016. That’s about 800 million more than the 2.8 billion passengers carried by airlines in 2011.

Friday, December 7th 2012 - 17:31 UTC

A record one billion tourists will travel to other countries in 2012

David Scowsill, president of the World Travel & Tourism Council

A record one billion people will travel across an international border as a tourist in 2012, according to the World Travel & Tourism Council. That means that one in seven people on the planet will participate in world travelling this year, an activity that just a few decades ago was exclusively for the wealthy.

Friday, December 7th 2012 - 17:24 UTC

FAO food prices index down in November except for dairy

Compared to November 2011 meat prices are 3.5% lower says the FAO report

The FAO Food Price Index averaged 211 points in November 2012, down 3 points (1.5%) from October and the lowest since June 2012. Except for dairy, international prices of all the commodity groups included in the Index fell in November, with sugar undergoing the sharpest dip, followed by oils and cereals. The decline puts the November index value nearly 3% below one year ago.

Friday, December 7th 2012 - 17:04 UTC

Chavez back in Venezuela after ten days in Cuba: “where’s the party”

The Venezuelan leader unaided walks down the steps from the plane that brought him from Havana

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez returned from Cuba on Friday following cancer-related medical treatment, walking and joking at the airport in a first public appearance in three weeks that quashed rumours he might have been at death's door.

Friday, December 7th 2012 - 15:21 UTC

Argentine government appeals to Supreme Court the conflict with Clarin Media group

The Cristina Fernandez administration demands the Court applies ‘per saltum’ which requires a ‘swift, definitive solution’

As part of another chapter of the bitter conflict over a controversial Media Law the government of President Cristina Fernandez called on Friday for the annulment of a ruling from the Civil and Commercial Court of Appeals, which on Thursday extended an injunction placed by the Clarín Group on Article 161 of the Media Law.

Friday, December 7th 2012 - 14:23 UTC

Falklands & Southern Oceans Department re-established at the Foreign Office

Martin Longden, who has visited the Falklands, will head the Department

The reestablishment of a Falklands Department at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office has been announced by Peter Hayes, Director of the Overseas Territories, on Wednesday.

Friday, December 7th 2012 - 05:50 UTC

Argentine Executive and Judiciary clash over Media Bill and intimidation of Judges

President Cristina Fernandez obsessed with ‘democratizing’ media and dismembering the Clarin Group

President Cristina Fernandez and the Argentine Judiciary branch are on a collision course after a federal court, despite all kinds of pressure and threats, decided on Thursday to extend an injunction referred to a controversial media bill which seems targeted to dismember the powerful Clarin Media Group, which has become to the eyes of the regime enemy number one.

Friday, December 7th 2012 - 05:46 UTC

Brazil confirms Venezuela’s Chavez will be absent from the Mercosur summit

“God willing”, Chavez promised he would be at the December summit, the first with Venezuela as full member

Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez will not be attending the Mercosur summit on Friday as had been previously announced, announced on Thursday the Brazilian Foreign ministry which is hosting the event.


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