Stories for January 30th 2013

Wednesday, January 30th 2013 - 15:34 UTC

US economy contracts in fourth quarter, first time since 2009 global recession

The fourth quarter period was dominated by the “fiscal cliff” clash between the White House and Republicans in Congress

The US economy unexpectedly shrank at an annualised rate of 0.1% in the fourth quarter of 2012, initial official estimates indicate. If confirmed, it would be the first contraction logged by the US economy since the 2009 global recession. The world's largest economy grew 3.1% in July to September.

Wednesday, January 30th 2013 - 15:18 UTC

Timerman taking the Falklands’ dispute to London in an event with EU figures

The Argentine Foreign minister and Ambassador Castro

Foreign minister Hector Timerman will be taking the Falklands/Malvinas sovereignty claim to London where next week he is scheduled to meet outstanding figures from 18 European countries that have been calling for a resumption of negotiations, according to a release from the Argentine embassy in UK.

Wednesday, January 30th 2013 - 08:52 UTC

Brazilian economy creates the least payroll jobs in 2012 since 2003

Unemployment still remains at an almost historic low of 4.9%

The once-booming Brazilian economy created the fewest new jobs in a decade during 2012 as struggling manufacturing industries and mining companies hired fewer workers, according to Labour ministry data. Latinamerica’s leading economy added 1.3 million payroll jobs last year, the worst result since 2003 and way below the 2 million jobs created in 2011.

Wednesday, January 30th 2013 - 06:50 UTC

Obama pushes immigration initiative but ‘Gang of Eight’ insists on first securing Mexico’s border

Hispanic Republican, Senator Marco Rubio, warned Obama not to ignore his party's concerns about border security

US President Barack Obama pushed Congress on Tuesday to overhaul the country's immigration system but disagreement with Republicans over securing the border with Mexico has already begun to sour bipartisan efforts.

Wednesday, January 30th 2013 - 06:48 UTC

Paraguay suspended from Mercosur has requested Pacific Alliance observer status

Fernandez Estigarribia: Paraguay has the right to promote its foreign trade and look for new markets

Paraguay has formally requested to become an observer of the Alliance of the Pacific, revealed Foreign minister Jose Felix Fernandez Estigarribia, The Pacific group is made up of Mexico, Colombia, Peru and Chile, and actively promotes foreign investment and the private sector.

Wednesday, January 30th 2013 - 06:47 UTC

Pacific alliance pledges to liberalize intra-trade for 90% of products by March 31

President Santos: the most ambitious and important integration process

The Alliance of the Pacific, Chile, Peru, Colombia and Mexico have agreed to liberalize 90% of products traded between the group before the end of March 31, a decision which runs counter to the growing protectionism implemented by some of the region’s largest economies on the Atlantic.

Wednesday, January 30th 2013 - 06:44 UTC

IMF informally briefed on Argentina and on Friday will address possible censure

Managing Director Christine Lagarde talked about Argentina at her first press conference of the year

The International Monetary Fund’s board of directors was informally briefed on the economic situation in Argentina, which has refused to undergo an annual assessment since 2006.

Wednesday, January 30th 2013 - 06:41 UTC

Argentine organized labour anticipates fierce wage talks despite controversial tax relief

Union leader Venegas: “the President believes she lives in Wonder Land”

Argentina’s organized labour CGT confederation led by Hugo Moyano came on stage on Tuesday to make clear that Monday’s income tax floor 20% rise announced by President Cristina Fernández “is not enough” and anticipated fierier wage talks with a clear 25% raise demand.

Wednesday, January 30th 2013 - 06:39 UTC

Brazil committed to CELAC and to all regional and subregional integration groups

Foreign Minister Patriota, strength resides in what unites and in the enormous diversity

Brazil said Latinamerica and Caribbean cohesion does not only mean strengthening CELAC (Community of Latinamerican and Caribbean States) but also advancing in the other integration processes of the region.

Wednesday, January 30th 2013 - 06:36 UTC

Kingmaker of Argentine soccer stepping down in 2015 after 36 years

Grondona came to AFA in 1979 and since then has presided over the 1986 World Cup, a record six world Under-20 titles and two Olympic gold medals

Argentine Football Association (AFA) chief Julio Grondona will step down in 2015 after 36 years in the job, he said on Tuesday. The 81-year-old senior FIFA vice-president, widely criticised for the way in which he has run the AFA, will not seek re-election for the first time since he came to power in 1979.


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