Stories for February 2013

Wednesday, February 27th 2013 - 01:52 UTC

Argentina’s industrial production marked a modest 0.2% rise in January

Auto  sales to Brazil remain crucial for industrial production

Argentina's industrial production started the year with a modest improvement rising 0.2% in January from a year earlier after output shrank 1.2% in 2012 as a whole, government data showed. Factory output rose 0.6% in January compared with December, seasonally adjusted.

Wednesday, February 27th 2013 - 01:49 UTC

Repsol sells package of LNG assets to Shell to cut its debt and hold to credit rating

The Spanish company received a blow when Argentina seized control of its majority stake in YPF last April

Spanish energy giant Repsol SA said Tuesday that it agreed to sell a package of liquefied natural gas assets to Royal Dutch Shell Plc in a transaction valued at 6.65 billion dollars. Shell will pay 4.4bn in cash and assume 2.25bn in debt, Repsol said in a regulatory filing.

Wednesday, February 27th 2013 - 01:22 UTC

Fish discard clash in Brussels; NE Atlantic has highest discard rate, says UN

Fisheries Commissioner Damanaki: politicians must listen to the public and they “don’t want fish to be just thrown away.”

Europe's fisheries ministers may dilute plans for a total ban on the practice of discarding fish at sea, as they meet in Brussels. An outright discards ban was widely welcomed when backed by the European Parliament last month, but it is being resisted by France, Spain and others.

Wednesday, February 27th 2013 - 01:14 UTC

Italy fears knock world stock markets; US recovers on Bernanke’ defence of stimuli

Berlusconi and Grillo campaigning against austerity managed 55% of the vote

World stock markets and southern European government bonds sank on Tuesday on fears that political stalemate in Italy would leave its economic reforms in tatters and reignite the Euro zone's broader debt crisis.

Tuesday, February 26th 2013 - 19:26 UTC

Sea adventure of a lifetime: crew member of a schooner along the Brazilian coast and across to South Africa

Larissa Clark: “ No sailing experience is required”

Want to run away to sea? Two incredible Dutch classic tall ships are seeking training crew for an around-the-world sailing voyage following historic trade routes on an epic adventure. Last minute Voyage Crew places are available on a historic journey to sail the old trade routes around the world and the three southern capes during March & April 2013.

Tuesday, February 26th 2013 - 10:46 UTC

Brazil: current account deficit outpacing FDI expected to continue for two months

Maciel: FDI flows usually slow at the start of the year, but pick up throughout the year.

Brazil’s current account deficit surged to a record high in January, outpacing foreign direct investment for the third straight month because of the widening trade gap according to central bank data.

Tuesday, February 26th 2013 - 10:13 UTC

Ecuador/Chevron dispute enters a new chapter: Correa calls for Latam support

Correa blasted the ‘scandalous attitude of the international tribunal” which ordered him to suspend the ruling of an Ecuadorean court

President Rafael Correa said he expects the regional groupings Alba and Unasur to meet urgently and address the “legal aberration” committed by a UN trade law arbitrage tribunal against Ecuador in a case involving US multinational Chevron and decades of environmental damages.

Tuesday, February 26th 2013 - 09:27 UTC

Tolerance of bribery and violation of the law in the Americas

Bribe justification is a strategic response to citizens’ expectations of corrupt behaviour on the part of state actors, says the report

Where disregarding the law is normal rather than an aberration, citizens are more likely to see paying a bribe as in their best interest and where obeying the law is the norm and disobeying it constitutes deviant behaviour, citizens are more likely to reject bribery, is one of the foundations for understanding the phenomenon, according to the Americas Barometer Insights in one of its latest papers titled, “tolerance of bribery and violation of the law”.

Tuesday, February 26th 2013 - 08:12 UTC

Italy rejects EU sponsored austerity measures leaves country in political deadlock

The gladiator of the day, Beppe Grillo and the protest vote

Italy faced political deadlock on Tuesday after a stunning election that saw the anti-establishment 5-Star Movement of comic Beppe Grillo become the strongest party in the country and left no political group with a clear majority in parliament. The protest vote is also a clear signal of the failure of the EU-German sponsored austerity measures which were implemented by the government of the non-elected technocrat government of Mario Monti.

Tuesday, February 26th 2013 - 07:42 UTC

Monsanto legal battle on Roundup Ready patent expected to reach Brazil Supreme Court

The US giant wants its patent rights to conform to the 2014 term in the US

Monsanto Company announced plans to file an immediate appeal of a recent ruling by a single judge of the Brazilian Superior Court of Justice, relating to the company's request for term correction of a patent covering its Roundup Ready soybean product.


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