Energy & Oil

Energy & Oil
Friday, April 30th 2010 - 01:16 UTC

Repsol YPF Plans to Raise Cash to Keep Expanding in Brazil

The Spanish company CEO Antonio Brufau

Repsol YPF S.A. (BMAD:REP), Spain’s biggest oil company, is considering the sale of about 40% of its Brazil assets in an initial public offering as early as this year, company executives said Thursday on a conference call.

Wednesday, April 28th 2010 - 03:22 UTC

Falklands Military Base to be Powered by Wind, Following on Stanley’s Success

Falklands’ Power Station Manager Glenn Ross (Picture FIG)

Authorities at the Falkland Islands Mount Pleasant military base (MPC) have confirmed their interest in developing a wind farm that could bring the Falkland Islands Government (FIG) considerable benefits.

Tuesday, April 27th 2010 - 23:09 UTC

Paraguayan Press Blasts 37 Anniversary of Brazilian “Imperial Itaipú Treaty”

A request from Paraguay to Lula da Silva: “Mr. President gives us what belongs to us”

Paraguay’s president Fernando Lugo said he is looking forward to the coming meeting next May 3 with his Brazilian counterpart Lula da Silva because he would be coming back with “good news” referred to the shared power from Itaipu, the world’s second largest hydroelectric dam belonging to both countries.

Saturday, April 24th 2010 - 07:34 UTC

US Navy Celebrates Earth Day With Flight Test of “Green” F/A Super Hornet

The multi-role fighter jet powered by a 50/50 blend of conventional jet fuel and camelina aviation bio-fuel

The United States Navy celebrated Earth Day April 22 by showcasing a flight test of the “Green Hornet,” an F/A-18 Super Hornet multi-role fighter jet powered by a 50/50 blend of conventional jet fuel and camelina aviation bio-fuel.

Friday, April 23rd 2010 - 23:06 UTC

Falklands: Desire still upbeat on prospects

DESIRE Petroleum, the oil exploration company in which many Falkland Islanders are shareholders, has said it is hopeful of making a discovery, despite posting a £2.5 million pre-tax loss for the year ending December 31 2009.

Friday, April 23rd 2010 - 06:21 UTC

Gulf of Mexico Rig Explodes and Sinks; 11 Workers Missing; Fears of Oil Leak

The semi-submersible rig was working on contract for BP (US Coast Guard photo)

An oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico that caught fire after an explosion on Tuesday night has now sunk, the US Coast Guard has said. A search is continuing for 11 missing workers after the blast at the Deepwater Horizon rig. The other workers on the rig, off Louisiana, were evacuated to the US.

Friday, April 23rd 2010 - 03:25 UTC

Panamanian president announces oil has been found in the Darien area

“Even if you don’t believe me”, President Ricardo Martinelli

Panamanian president Ricardo Martinelli announced Thursday there was oil in the Darien jungle and he planned to expand the mining industry in Panama while protecting the environment.

Wednesday, April 21st 2010 - 03:29 UTC

Brazilian government awards bid to build controversial Amazon dam

Belo Monte is set to become the world’s third largest hydroelectric complex

The Brazilian government accepted bids Tuesday to build what would be the world’s third-largest hydroelectric dam in the Amazon. Officials proceeded with the auction immediately after a judge overturned another magistrate’s injunction blocking the tender and revoking the environmental permit for the 11,000 MW Belo Monte complex.

Saturday, April 17th 2010 - 03:21 UTC

IDB promises 3 billion USD annually to finance renewable energy

IDB President Luis Alberto Moreno

The Inter-American Development Bank, IDB, announced Friday its intention to increase its financing for renewable energy and climate-related projects to 3 billion US dollars a year by 2012.

Saturday, April 17th 2010 - 03:04 UTC

Exxon-Mobil claims to have drilled the longest extended-reach well offshore

The drilling extends horizontally for more than 9.7 kilometres

Exxon-Mobil has completed an extended-reach well offshore southern California, which it claims is the world’s longest extended-reach well drilled from an existing offshore fixed platform drilling rig.


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