Falkland Islands

Falkland Islands
Friday, August 2nd 2002 - 21:00 UTC

Actualización Penguin News

Gareth, el mejor tirador de las Islas / Exoneran
al acusado en Juicio de inmigración / Auto accidentado
en North Arm / Paracaidistas de patrulla cerca de Stanley

Wednesday, July 31st 2002 - 21:00 UTC

RAF Falklands expertise in US Mid-East role

Famous as the RAF unit providing a transport life-line from the United Kingdom to the Falkland Islands via Ascension Island for nearly 20 years, Number 216 Squadron based at Brize Norton in Oxfordshire, is now engaged on military operations in the Middle East providing unique support to the United States Navy.

Wednesday, July 31st 2002 - 21:00 UTC

Gareth Goodwin heading for record score

22 year old Gareth Godwin, continued his impressive form at the 2002 Commonwealth Games in Manchester. In the 2nd stage of the Individual Full-Bore rifle event, he scored an excellent 148 from a possible of 150, to leave himself in 21st position, and 4 points behind the leaders. There are 44 competitors in the event.

Tuesday, July 30th 2002 - 21:00 UTC

Good day for Falklands Shooters

22 year old Gareth Goodwin, in his first ever Commonwealth Games hit a magnificent 103 from a possible of 105, in the First Stage of the Individual Full-Bore competition.
This is the highest ever score recorded by a Falklands shooter in the First Stage, since the Islands entered the Commonwealth Games in 1982. There are two stages remaining in this event.

Monday, July 29th 2002 - 21:00 UTC

News from Punta Arenas

Sheep farming still leads; Perishables shortage in Magallanes Region; Casino in Punta Arenas?;
More Carabineros;
Controversy over oil deposits; Animal Health Chief sacked;
Leucosis Enzootic eradication; “Not enough”; Pizza and salmon skin

Monday, July 29th 2002 - 21:00 UTC

Falklands shooters establish new record at Commonwealth Games.

Falklands full-bore (7.62mm) rifle shooters Gareth Goodwin and Derek Pettersson established a new Falklands record in the Pairs event at the 2002 Commonwealth Games in Manchester. Their combined score of 560 broke the previous record by a massive 22 points - previously set in Victoria, Canada 8 years ago by Ken Aldridge and Sue Whitney.

Friday, July 26th 2002 - 21:00 UTC

Weekly Penguin News

Preparing for disaster; Gibraltar calls
Referendum; Stock market slump: little effect on Islands;
Argentine navy to buy Task Force's Fearless?; Public meeting; Lan Chile

Friday, July 26th 2002 - 21:00 UTC

Gibraltar chief complicates Britain-Spain talks on Rock

By calling a referendum on the fate of the peninsula, Gibraltar Chief Minister Peter Caruana has again complicated matters for Britain and Spain, which appear eager to come to terms on the future of the disputed colony.

Thursday, July 25th 2002 - 21:00 UTC

2002 Photographic Exhibition

The Photographic Exhibition is an annual event, intended to be a quality photographic exhibition with high standards of work and presentation. This year there will be two elements to the show, to be held at the Jetty Visitors' Centre in Stanley during summer 2002/03 ? the now traditional exhibition and also a competition section sponsored by the Falkland Islands Tourist Board.

Wednesday, July 24th 2002 - 21:00 UTC

Uncertain future for Falklands troopship

Press speculation that Brazil has shown interest in buying the ageing Royal Navy assault ship, HMS Fearless, has caused surprise.


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