Falkland Islands

Falkland Islands
Sunday, September 7th 2003 - 21:00 UTC

Honours for Malvinas pilots.

The Argentine Air Force honoured last Friday nine officers who lost their lives during the 1982 Falklands/Malvinas South Atlantic conflict.

Saturday, September 6th 2003 - 21:00 UTC

HMS Sheffield became “Almirante Williams”

The Chilean Navy officially took possession this Friday of the decommissioned British frigate HMS Sheffield purchased to the United Kingdom and which will now be identified as “Almirante Williams”.

Friday, September 5th 2003 - 21:00 UTC

Hepatitis in Punta Arenas.

Eight cases of hepatitis have been confirmed in the last two weeks in Punta Arenas. The Regional Officer of the Epidemiology and Statistics Unit Eduardo Velasquez said that so far this year 13 cases of hepatitis A have been reported compared to 17 during the whole of 2002.

Friday, September 5th 2003 - 21:00 UTC

UVR red and yellow “lights”

Punta Arenas Regional Public Health Ministry Office reinstated this week the ultra violet radiation, UVR, forecast to protect local residents and keep them away from harmful solar exposure.

Friday, September 5th 2003 - 21:00 UTC

Penguin News Friday 5th update

Headlines: Falklands albatross ?endangered' species; KEMH irregularities; NVQ problem solved; MPA bully victim ?snaps'; Summer time begins.

Thursday, September 4th 2003 - 21:00 UTC

Budget axe reaches Punta Arenas

Magallanes Region in the extreme south of Chile is targeted to suffer a significant budget support cut in the coming fiscal year. Local officials have been informed by Santiago authorities that according to national budget estimates, in 2004 Magallanes Region will be receiving almost 15 million US dollars less.

Wednesday, September 3rd 2003 - 21:00 UTC

Breaking News

Lan Express under investigation;
Joint naval exercises in Beagle Channel;
Flights to Europe fully booked.

Tuesday, September 2nd 2003 - 21:00 UTC

Regional News from Pta. Arenas.

Market niche for Corriedale wool.
Promoting sheep farming productivity.
NASA researchs Antarctic ice.

Tuesday, September 2nd 2003 - 21:00 UTC

“Viarsa 1”: Congressional hearing.

The long liner “Viarsa 1” incident and the three weeks hot pursuit in Antarctic waters that attracted world attention have reached the Uruguayan Parliament.

Monday, September 1st 2003 - 21:00 UTC

Councillors “don't anticipate a visit” from Argentine President.

Elected Falkland Islands Councillor Mike Summers bluntly disassociated himself from the remarks made by ”the recently visiting gentleman from the Foreign Office about the possible visit (to the Falklands) from the President of Argentina“ for the unveiling ceremony of an Argentine Memorial to be built in Darwin. Nevertheless Mr. Summers said he hoped ”the monument is built relatively soon and I hope this is a successful project”.


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