Falkland Islands

Falkland Islands
Wednesday, January 23rd 2002 - 20:00 UTC

Fishing and South America News.

Tuesday, January 22nd 2002 - 20:00 UTC

Green light for the F16

Monday, January 21st 2002 - 20:00 UTC

South America News.

Saturday, January 19th 2002 - 20:00 UTC

The Falklands: The Complete Guide To The Falklands.

Since the war ended 20 years ago, the Falklands have been sold as a tourist destination. The campaign for travellers' hearts and minds intensifies with the first guidebook to islands that are so far away - 8,000 miles - yet so familiar.
The Independent - United Kingdom; Jan 19, 2002

Monday, January 14th 2002 - 20:00 UTC

Carrasco Airport recovers. Cannabis in Falklands bound reefer.

Uruguay's main airport, Carrasco, which for the last few years was condemned as a hub supplier for Sao Paulo and Buenos Aires, could begin recovering as a direct consequence of the Argentine situation.

Sunday, January 13th 2002 - 20:00 UTC

Gibraltar: “indefinitely shared sovereignty”

Representatives from the British and Spanish governments that are holding conversations on Gibraltar's future, are considering a formula that could allow both countries to share sovereignty “indefinitely”.

Thursday, January 10th 2002 - 20:00 UTC

South America News


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