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Ecuador’s Correa forecasts the end of OAS and promotes the Group of Rio

Monday, June 1st 2009 - 13:22 UTC
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Pte. Correa; Sanctions on Cuba promise to be at the heart of OAS assembly’s debates Pte. Correa; Sanctions on Cuba promise to be at the heart of OAS assembly’s debates

Ecuadorean president Rafael Correa said the Organization of American States, OAS, has “no longer a reason to exist” and forecasted it will be replaced by the Group of Rio, arguing it was time that Latinamerican issues ceased to be discussed in Washington.

“It’s time we discuss our own affairs, it’s not possible that Latinamerican affairs should be discussed in Washington” said Correa currently in Honduras for the OAS two day general assembly which begins this week.

Correa met with his Honduran peer Manuel Zelaya and signed cooperation agreements in tourism and planning, an area where apparently Ecuador has been playing a leading role.

“It’s time for a true independence of our region, it’s time for a Latinamerica that is a representative democracy”, said Correa standing next to Zelaya who then added that the successor of OAS is already almost a fact, “it’s the Group of Rio”.

Correa and Zelaya condemned the sanctions imposed on Cuba by OAS in 1962, an issue which promises to be at the centre of debates this week at the organization’s general assembly.

“All the steps we are taking are to create a big Latinamerican motherland, which our peoples are demanding”, said Correa.

Zelaya said Honduras had the shameful task of being the first country to vote for the suspension of Cuba in 1962, “so now we are vindicating that sin by proposing the annulment of sanctions against Havana” in the OAS meeting.

However the presence of Correa in Honduras has had its reactions since Mr Zelaya has proposed calling a national assembly to review the current constitution, which the opposition believes could be an attempt for him to remain in office.

Correa in Ecuador recently finished a very controversial constitutional reform process which handed him a document drafted on his intentions and later confirmed in a referendum, as well as his election as president according to the new rules.

Honduras returned to democracy in 1982 and is still much divided, as much of the area, by the liberal-conservatives on the one side who promote the private sector and lesser government interference and on the other, the Socialists who are mote tempted if not by Cuba or Venezuela, by other pragmatic leaders of the region, such as Lula da Silva from Brazil and Ms Michelle Bachelet from Chile.

Correa from Honduras flew to El Salvador for Monday’s taking office ceremony of Socialist president Mauricio Funes.

On Tuesday the OAS assembly officially opens in San Pedro Sule and a police force of 3.000 will be responsible for the safety of the announced 27 Foreign Affairs ministers and at least three presidents.

United States will be represented by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton

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  • cacho

    Presidente Rafael Correa is absolutamente correcto, en que la OAS no es un organismo efectivo para latinoAmerica, nunca lo fue, Si fue una organizacion titere de otros gobiernos fuera de nuestras tierras.

    LatinoAmerica tiene que defender sus propios ideales y buscar consenso para defenderlo, o nos tragaran como lo an hecho hasta el momento.

    Una de las acciones mas acertadas y caballerosas deberia ser, el apoyo para que se levanten en su totalidad, las sanciones economicas impuestas, 59 años atras a la Patria soberana de Cuba.

    Y los cambios tienen que efectuase inmediatamente, no dentro de 2, 5 , 7, años pues quizas para ese entonces, sea demasiado tarde para realizarlos.

    Jun 01st, 2009 - 03:19 pm 0
  • Masud

    Why should Latin American countries apologize for Cuba's embargo? Cuba demonstrated the will to attack another OAS member during the Cuban missile crisis in 1962, and so had to be embargoed to prevent an atrocity, which ALL Latin American countries would have done had they been in that situation. The Cuban leader hasn't (really) changed until now, so why should the embargo change?

    Jun 01st, 2009 - 03:30 pm 0
  • Pablo

    Correa is an idiot who is squandering all the money of the State on the poor. Of course, he is popular but now that the oil revenues are down he is seizing control of the pension funds and the bank accounts of the middle class. Frankly, I don't understand why the local entrepreneurs don't stand up to this clown. He will be downfall of them all!

    Jun 01st, 2009 - 09:13 pm 0
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