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MercoPress news agency has been in the World Wide Web now for fourteen years and has since become a reliable source and reference for affairs in Mercosur, Common Market of the South, and the southern Atlantic.

MercoPress was born as an initiative of several independent journalists from Mercosur country members interested in cover ing the increasingly globalized economy and ongoing regional integration efforts.

MercoPress has basically two main areas of expertise equally important, one focused on the South Atlantic, specifically the Falklands and other South Atlantic islands plus Antarctica, and Mercosur, so far an incipient customs union with four full members, but with the rest of South American countries as associated members, a powerful voice in world affairs.

MercoPress operates from Montevideo, the capital of Uruguay, which has a double advantage: it’s the administrative head quarters for Mercosur and historically since Spanish colonial times, has performed as the great port of access to the South Atlantic and the vast marine and mineral resources of an area locked by Africa, America and Antarctica.

Besides hard news, tourism has proved an area of significant interest for MercoPress navigators particularly those wishing to visit Patagonia (Chile and Argentina), Falklands Islands and Antarctica that since the nineties have experienced a cruise boom.

Since 2004 MercoPress has a complete news archive, easily accessible by date and item, a very popular feature extensively consulted by our readers.

The agency has correspondents and stringers in Uruguay, Argen­tina, Brazil, Chile, United Kingdom,United States and the Falklands Islands.

Website Advertising

MercoPress covers South Atlantic and Mercosur events with daily news updates, from fisheries issues in the South Atlantic to political events in Buenos Aires, Montevideo, Santiago and Sao Paulo.
The website has been growing steadily since 1996, and in 2004 reached a milestone 65.000 visits in a month, which jumped to 320.000 in January, 2007 and growing.

For a much focused news website these numbers represent a highly prized user base.

Besides the daily updating traffic, MercoPress offers an e-mail weekly newsletter service. Users can subscribe through the website to the weekly digest which they will receive every Friday in their mailbox.

Visitors of MercoPress website and weekly e-mail newsletter subscribers are distributed by country and region as can be seen in the below graphics: United Kingdom plus Falklands make up almost a third of the visits, followed by strong Argentina, United States and Chilean presence.

MercoPress is currently opening an opportunity for new clients to advertise in our website, and for a unique targeted audience with our Weekly Newsletter.

We welcome any inquires and will provide more details for interested parties.

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