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Montevideo, February 29th 2024 - 01:41 UTC


  • Monday, February 26th 2024 - 10:39 UTC

    British Ambassador in Argentina takes sides ahead of football derby

    Ambassador Hayes must have celebrated Sunday's 1-1 draw at the superclásico.

    British Ambassador to Buenos Aires Kirsty Hayes took sides ahead of Sunday's edition the most important football derby in Argentina. In fact, she took both sides between River Plate and Boca Juniors in a video she posted on X, quoting UK Foreign Secretary Lord David Cameron that it was possible to agree to disagree on the condition that it was done politely

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  • Friday, February 23rd 2024 - 06:00 UTC

    Beyond borders: The global impact of Crypto on the future of betting

    Cryptocurrency is rooted in cryptography and decentralization. Photo: Unsplash

    New cryptocurrencies hoping to benefit from the increased hype around Bitcoin launch every day. Most of these coins collapse completely within hours of existence.

  • Friday, February 23rd 2024 - 03:26 UTC

    The art of bluffing in Poker

    Photo: Unsplash

    Anyone who has ever played Poker knows that it’s as much a “game of skill” as it is of luck. That’s because there’s no way to win it without using a good mix of strategy, psychology, and, of course, holding Lady Luck’s hand. Those who are exceptionally great at this game, however, have mastered one thing– the art of bluffing. Mastering this mind game is essential and often separates the amateurs from the veterans.

  • Tuesday, February 20th 2024 - 15:17 UTC

    Exploring the strategic expansion of iGaming brands into diverse international markets

    Photo: Unsplash<br />

    Due to global integration and rising interest in diverse entertainment options, numerous regions worldwide are embracing iGaming. This trend opens up opportunities for operators and businesses to tap into the lucrative multibillion-dollar market.

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  • Monday, February 19th 2024 - 10:55 UTC

    Uruguayan orchestra plays concert at Antarctic Artigas Base

    Maestro Britos and 16 players traveled to the Artigas Base

    Uruguay's Official Service of Broadcasting, Performances, and Shows (Servicio Oficial de Difusión, Representaciones y Espectáculos - Sodre) National Youth Orchestra (OJS) offered the so-called concert “For Peace and Science” at the South American country's Artigas Base in Antarctica

  • Thursday, February 15th 2024 - 12:14 UTC

    The magic of football: for China Falklands are British and no longer Argentine

    The Beijing Football Association reacted to the alleged sight by cancelling both of Argentina's friendly matches as part of a tour of mainland China next month.

    Disgruntled Chinese football fans, blaming Argentine top star Lionel Messi, are now advocating that the Falklands are British, --certainly not Argentine--.Messi failed to play in an exhibition match in Hong Kong, for which the Chinese public paid a considerable sum, and furious frustrated fans are calling the captain of the Argentine World Cup winner a “thief” and contradicting Beijing's official stance that the Malvinas are a relic of British colonialism and that the Islands belong to Argentina.

  • Thursday, February 8th 2024 - 15:42 UTC

    India releases detained pigeon after 8 months amid espionage allegations

    The pigeon that was held captive in India for 8 months. Photo: EFE/ PETA

    In a bizarre turn of events reminiscent of a Hollywood (or Bollywood) plotline, India has released a pigeon that was detained by authorities for eight months on suspicion of espionage. The peculiar case unfolded when the bird was intercepted in May 2023 in the port of Bombay, drawing attention due to two rings tied to its legs containing messages in Chinese.

  • Monday, February 5th 2024 - 10:42 UTC

    Argentina: Milei's passionate kiss on stage makes headlines

    Presidents are entitled to personal relationships

    Javier Milei made the headlines this weekend for his unpresidential kiss on stage with his romantic partner Fátima Florez at a Mar del Plata theater, where the entertainer was performing before celebrating her birthday.

  • Saturday, February 3rd 2024 - 00:17 UTC

    Uruguayan surgeon dies meters away from Buenos Aires before completing River Plate swim

    Leal, 56, embarked on his journey from Colonia del Sacramento beach at around 4:30 a.m, closely followed by two boats, including one with his son Octavio.

    In a daring attempt to swim across the Rio de la Plata from Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay, to Argentina, experienced Uruguayan swimmer and surgeon Gonzalo Leal tragically lost his life. Leal, from the Uruguayan department of Salto, suffered a cardiac arrest shortly after reaching the shore of Buenos Aires, according to El País.

  • Thursday, February 1st 2024 - 10:00 UTC

    Silent shores: The art of finding peace in the Philippines

    Photo: Unsplash

    In 2023, around 5.45 million international tourists visited the Philippines, and numbers continue to rise. Given its white sand beaches, crystal clear waters and stunning coral reefs, it’s no surprise that the Philippines has fast become a favourite with sun-seeking holidaymakers